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Rural Republican Chosen to Lead the State GOP

Estela Hernandez Challenged to Bring Payroll Records to Sunday’s Meeting and Fire Any Illegal Workers and Hire American Citizens in Order to Retain her Vice Chair Position

Video Shows Estela's Job Siteand Illegal Alien Worker

unable to Speak English

Infamous Tape of Estela Hernandez Combative and Hateful

Attack on State GOP Chairman

coming later tonight or early in the morning

Tomorrow, Sunday October 11th at the Oklahoma City Community College over near South May and I 244 at 1:30 pm at the general dining area.  Only GOP County officials get to vote but come express your outrage with your own county GOP leaders and support Robert Hubbard for the next GOP State Chairman


Yes, I just told the future, Robert Hubbard is going to win the State GOP Chairman election tomorrow.  How do I know?   Because I believe in the decency of rural citizens and I also believe that the 77 county GOP leaders will vote in the best interests of their own County as they should.


You see we have a chance to fix a real problem facing the Republican Party in Oklahoma.  We just saw a popularly elected State Chairman hounded out of office and we in the Party look like complete idiots to the average Oklahoma voter.  Electing the next chairman is going to require electing someone from outside Oklahoma City or Tulsa so that we gain some credibility back.   Not only that, we all have seen Oklahoma City and Tulsa dominate the election of GOP leaders to the detriment of the rural Republican groups.   This is a rare opportunity to gain parity for the smaller, less populated counties and these rural GOP officials are sharp enough to grab hold of the opportunity.


This is not unlike the  Electoral College, a way of distributing power and ensuring the smaller GOP entities are treated fairly and get their fare share of campaign support and resources for THEIR county.


But there are other reasons for electing Robert Hubbard that make self interest pale in comparison.

First let’s look at Estela Hernandez.  She sure is a pretty woman and all, much nicer to look at than the other two.  And she is also a minority which is good for increasing the reach of the GOP.    And when she speaks you would swear that butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth!  What a nice and kind woman was my initial impression.

Now we all have heard that Estela was "attacked" by someone by someone mass mailing a couple of post cards and Estela responded on the McCarville Report. I want to be fair and share what Estela wrote the other day.  I emphasized a few lines in bold text  and underline that I would ask you to read:


From Estela Hernandez:

"It has come to my attention that an anonymous attack mailer has landed at the homes of State Committee Members across the state.  This piece which conveniently does not have anyone claiming authorship questions my views on the important topic of illegal immigration.

Let me (be) clear.  I do not support amnesty.  I, like the vast majority of Republicans, believe that the first step to solving this national problem is to protect and seal the border.  It is a national security issue, it is an economic issue, and it is simply the right thing to do.

I came to this country when I was six years old.  My parents immigrated here legally, so I know the hardships and challenges that the legal immigration process can take.  When I was eighteen, I sought the privilege and honor of calling myself a citizen of the United States.  I went through the process, the tests, and one of the proudest moments of my life was when I stood and took the oath to become a US Citizen.  As a part of that oath, I pledged to defend our Constitution, and I will continue to uphold and defend our Constitution and my God given conservative values for all long as I have breath.

Going through the citizenship process and studying our nation’s Founding Fathers, our Constitution and our Christian Heritage helped instill in me the understanding that I was a Republican.  I have made it a practice to go to our naturalization ceremonies in Oklahoma to share that passion and conviction with new citizens and help them embrace their conservative values within the Republican Party.

As a naturalized citizen, I have often been asked my views on immigration issues and I have always striven to discuss the issue openly, honestly and passionately.  I have spoken at a number of forums and events on this topic including some in Washington DC that also featured Pam Pollard.  On Monday night, I conducted a tele-town hall with Steve Fair for State Committee Members and the question of illegal immigration was brought up, I answered it then as I have today, I do not support amnesty.

Whether this attack piece was generated out of a dislike for me personally, a fear of naturalized citizen holding the Chairman’s position, or because they are backing a different candidate remains to be seen.  But whoever sent this has demonstrated the depths they are willing to go to try and silence me.

I will not be silenced.  I will continue to advocate for our Party’s principles and beliefsAs a party we reaffirmed at this year’s convention that, “we welcome immigrants who want to legally seek freedom and opportunity, who want to work and who will embrace our values, learn the English language and respect our Union’s border and State’s sovereignty.”

As State Committee Members see this piece, I hope rather than believing the distorted attacks on the page, they will remember that we must unite as a Party, unite behind our principles and come together to elect Conservatives in 2016.  I humbly ask for your support in that endeavor."

End quote:


Wow, I’m voting for her, unfairly attacked and all, right?  Estela promised us that she supported the GOP  Party Platform and said “…the first step to solving this national problem is to protect and seal the border.  It is a national security issue, it is an economic issue, and it is simply the right thing to do.”.  She went on to say she would “continue to advocate for our Party’s principles and beliefs”. And she also said that she agreed with this year’s convention statement on immigration that immigrants should be here legally, and “learn the English language, and respect our Union’s border and State’s sovereignty.”


However the mailer DID correctly state that Estela Hernandez voiced supported for Senate Bill 744 and that bill did call for the legalization of 11 million illegal aliens.  If that is not support for illegal alien amnesty then what is?


Click on this link to find out what Estela legislation was supporting.


Estela Hernandez’s letter to the online Okie website shows her support for the issue:

At a time when so little gets done in Washington, I hope passing this legislation remains a priority for Oklahoma’s Representatives in Washington. We haven’t seen a genuine opportunity like this in decades, and we have to seize this chance to make a lasting impact for the good of all our citizens.”


Click on this link to read Estela’s entire letter to the editor supporting the legislation 


So yes, some words were parsed in both Estela’s letter to the editor and in that mailer but Estela Hernandez almost certainly employs illegal aliens and most of us would agree that is even worse than advocating amnesty!  


The video below was taken at one of her job sites on this Saturday morning.   How do we know that the guy is an illegal?  Because he admits he knows no English and is obviously of Mexican descent.  In the past others have driven by Estela Hernandez’s house on Friday afternoon and confirmed a line of illegal aliens waiting for their paycheck.  I personally have seen three of these workers waiting for their check, looking like casting central chose them to star in a Hispanic gang movie.

 Click on this link to view the two minute video of Estela's husband Zeke Hernadez chuckling at the private investigator's attempt to communicate with what surely is an illegal alien worker on one of Estela's job sites.

And how do we know this was Estela Hernandez’s job site?  Because Estela’s husband Zeke can be heard talking on the video, smoozing what he thought was a prospective customer, and he was nice enough to write their business name, his name, and phone number on the back of an envelope that he found in his truck.  We also have numerous photos of the job site along with pictures of Zeke Hernandez’s truck and of course his tag number.


Folks, let’s put aside Estela Hernandez’s sordid acts over the past five months as one of the ringleaders of the pack of dogs that hounded a good and decent man out of elected office.  Let’s put aside the fact that Estela Hernandez lied about Brogdon screaming at her and belittling her then getting caught on KFAQ lying to defend herself.  If you doubt that Estela was the aggressor then please listen to the audio tape of that meeting that we will be sending out later tonight.  It is in our possession but audio files are massive and it is going to take some time to upload the file to Youtube and we might have to break the file into several parts if it is too large.



What I want you to focus on right now  is that Estela Hernandez just lied to all of us about her support to stop illegal immigration when in fact she most likely  hires illegal aliens and thus is part of the reason the illegals come here.  Estela’s worker can’t understand or speak English; he says so with his own mouth with Estela’s husband standing four yards away and chuckling about the attempt to communicate!   Zeke is probably thinking “Stupid Ameriano woman!  It should be obvious that the man is still wet from the Rio Grande River”..    The odds of that worker being here legally are slim to none, we all know that.  


So we call on Estela Hernandez to bring that worker along with his green card and other ID cards, and bring her payroll records for the past three years, names, social security numbers, I-9 forms, W2 forms and the year end transmittals.  She like all employers has this filed in banker's boxes or already gathered into payroll folders.   A team of us can sit down with laptops and quickly learn if Estela’s workers are here legally or if they are gaming the system with a stolen identify.  The E Verify system merely reports if the social security number is active and belongs to the name it is reported with but it doesn’t say that that social security number has been used fifty times that week to apply for a job.  But a little online research and some phone calls will verify if they are genuine citizens or hold a green card.   And if Estela Hernandez wants to remove all doubts she can bring her bank records and annual profit and loss form from her income tax filing so we can see what her reported revenue was and if she actually paid payroll taxes on her employees.



Now Pam Pollard….   I’m sorry but Pam Pollard is easily the most hated woman in Oklahoma politics.  Most of the grassroots, the Tea Party types, the 912 Group types, and the Ron Paul types hate Pam Pollard with a passion and for good reason after watching her abuse the process to exclude them since 2008.


Pam is a caricature of a political hack, nicknamed the “Tammy Faye Baker” of Oklahoma politics for her frequent over the top crying jags and emotional appeals at Party functions and meetings.   Hated and disrespected, not a good combination for someone that is to pull the Party factions together.  Let’s not forget that nationally spread scandal where the group she was leading got caught posting a poster of a black man’s lynching on their Face book page.   I would join you in decrying our political correct society that made such a “scandal” possible but my point is that Pam Pollard’s judgment and leadership was sorely bruised and questionable afterward.  Pam Pollard should have known that such a poster would cause unwarranted scandal and negative publicity and she should have secured their account to prevent such a scandal from occurring.

Some say that Pam Pollard has paid her dues through hard work for the GOP but you know, there are Matt Dillons' on Gun Smoke and there is Festus.  Sometimes the second in ommand will always be in second place.


Now Robert Hubbard wasn’t my first choice for Chairman, I would have preferred that we not let some evil and vindictive individuals orchestrate Brogdon’s ouster through intimidation, bullying, and then by cutting off the flow of donations.   None of those involved, and we know that Estela was involved and anyone that is aware knows that Pam Pollard was working behind the scenes, have clean hands in this matter.   I do not like that we rewarded evil by allowing either Estela or Pollard to run for office.   But, Hubbard stood up and while he isn’t a Tea Party guy, isn’t a 912 Group guy, isn’t a libertarian or a Ron Paul guy, he is a decent man that has good character and honesty.  So Hubbard is not only the only candidate with “clean hands” he is also from rural Oklahoma, from a smaller county, and would be accepted by almost all of the various factions.


So yes, I think that the majority of the County officials will elect Robert Hubbard on Sunday.  To do otherwise will simply stiffen opposition and spark an all out grassroots war on Pollard or Estela if they are elected.   We have a huge chance of seeing illegal immigration as the keystone issue in the 2016 presidential election, we have a huge chance that Donald Trump will be our nominee, so the last thing we need is a tired political hack or a supporter, nay, an enabler of illegal immigration, to lead our party and make us into the laughingstock of the country.


Or collectively we can be stupid and guarantee a continuation of conflict within the party by electing Pollard or Estela.  Oklahoma County recently lost a House seat that had been in our hands for 60 + years because the Oklahoma County GOP, Estela, and Pam Pollard were focused on bringing down a popularly elected Chairman instead of working to keep a key legislative seat.  Imagine the possibilities if instead of focusing on causing division and strife these same people do the hard, thankless work that is require to win elections.


I can’t vote tomorrow but if I could I would vote for peace and integrity.