North Carolina Governor Calls For Suspension Of Elections
Rick Perry, The Real Story Behind The Texas TSA Bill
Broken Arrow School Bond Election October 11th
State Chamber Owned Representatives Recommend No Immigration Reform
Rural Interests Forming Group To Protect Rural Interests
Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchange Meeting Set For Tulsa
Corporation Commission May Double Phone Taxes
Judicial Corruption In Tulsa, What You Can Do To Help
Tulsa County D.A. Responds To Representative Sullivan Insurance Fraud Investigation

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North Carolina Governor Calls For Suspension Of Elections
Once in a while a career politician actually speaks their mind and reveals what they really think about our Constitution.  Meet Governor Beverly Perdue, the current Governor of North Carolina.  Gov. Perdue got the bright idea that what we need to solve the national debt problem was to suspend the Congressional elections for a few years and hope the current Congressmen would make the tough choices to cut spending.
Is this woman mad?   That is a call for treason, something that one would expect out of a third world country.  Or is this a trial balloon sent up to test the public reaction of such a takeover.   Elections are the only way we can influence our elected officials so giving up the right to vote would be insane.  Then again, so is returning these criminals to office time and time again as our country slides down the tubes.
Rick Perry, the Real Story
Behind the Texas TSA Bill
Rick Perry has been picked by the media as a Republican superstar, in fact if you depended on the national media stories for your information, it would seem that he and Mitt Romney were the only two serious candidates.   Perry has been talking tough about the Federal Government overreach into citizens and state areas of concern but how did he really act as Governor of Texas?   
 There is one excellent example that shows Perry to be little different than the other politicians, the TSA bill that Texas almost passed this spring.   The real story of Perry’s actions will shock conservatives.  Perry publically supported the bill but guaranteed it would fail by his timing of the special session called to address the bill after time ran out in the regular session.  What he did was start the special session one day late to guarantee that the bill didn’t survive.
As a leader in Campaign For Liberty I participate in monthly online training sessions and keep in touch with C4L leaders in other states through the group email list and online meetings.   Several other states also tried to bring the TSA to heel, Texas got the furthest, almost getting a bill signed into law.  Here is a good story about the battle from one of the co authors of the Texas TSA bill.
Last year the Sooner Tea Party was concerned about this issue and asked Representative John Bennett, Republican from Sequoyah County, to sponsor a bill that would address some of the more aggressive TSA methods that were being used to strip 4th and 5th Amendment rights from American citizens.    No one can argue that the use of radiation scanners or body pat downs on women, teenagers, grandmothers or children makes air travel safer.   The purpose was and remains as a tactic to get the general public used to the idea that they can be searched at the whim of a low level government employee.   Remember right after the 9 11 tragedies when some of the movie theaters started checking hand bags and backpacks?    Not because a terrorist had bombed a movie theater but it was a good way to increase snack bar sales by preventing people from bringing in their own drinks and snacks.
Now we see intrusive searches going on at train stations, bus terminals, even entertainment and sporting events.   All in the name of “homeland security” when it makes us no safer but does allow a political correct method of checking those who fit the profile of a potential terrorist.
The Tea Party stance on airline security is that private business has the most to lose in an airline terrorist event so they should be the ones that set the security procedures.   An airline with a good system would draw more passengers than one that embarrassed their passengers, and they would be accountable if they made a mistake.   The Israeli airline has airline security down to an exact science, when was the last time one of their airlines went down?   And they pull this off transporting a lot of Arab passengers; indeed over 20% of Israeli citizens are Arab.  They manage this by profiling travelers that fit security risk patterns, not by feeling up 11 year old girls and 80 year old grandmothers.
So last December, Rep Bennett and I worked together to draft a TSA bill that would have subjected all Federal workers to the same procedures and standards that Oklahoma uses to keep state, county, and local police from abusing citizens.    In police work, an officer doesn’t have the right to touch a person unless there is a compelling reason.   Even if you give them permission to grope you, they can be charged if you are under their control or in custody.  There recently was an excellent example of this, a State Trooper who stopped a woman at night a while back, then followed her to her home for consensual sex.  The law was clear though, the officer was in a position of authority and power over the woman and society has demanded that women are protected from being intimidated by police.  All we asked was that that this same protection be given to airline travelers.  Security screeners could still act if there was compelling evidence or even reasonable suspicion.
But the Chair of the Judicial Committee, Representative Fred Jordon, refused to hear the bill.  Not sure if he acted alone or by the order of House leadership, but the carefully crafted bill did not even get a hearing in committee.   Representative John Bennett’s constituents were disenfranchised by not allowing him to pursue a bill to change Oklahoma law.  Do we have representative government if a handful of people can pick and choose which bills get heard?
You can bet that we will have another TSA bill fight next February when the legislative session opens up.   On opening day of the legislative session last year, the OCA umbrella group was stabbed in the back by leaders of the John Birch Society (not the general members) and Charlie Meadows of OCPAC when the two rogue groups quietly set up a competing umbrella group,   Other groups dropped out of the OCA to support the new group after being promised amazing gains in the coming session  but the new group fizzled out quickly and accomplished absolutely nothing the entire session.   Not surprising as they refused to elect a leader of the new organization.  
The Sooner Tea Party led OCA was amazingly successful in the 17 months of its life in 2009 and 2010.  We got four bills to the Governor’s desk, Open Carry, the Firearms Freedom Bill, an anti Obama Care bill, and a bill that outlawed RFID chips in drivers licenses.   Yes, Brad Henry vetoed the bills, but during the 2010 Governor’s race, Mary Fallin pledged to sign all four bills if we got them to her desk.   But by taking down the OCA on opening day, the political muscle we needed in early February to force House leadership to hear the anti TSA bill was gone.
That was on February 7th, but by February 9th the Sooner Tea Party went into battle alone using robo calls, hundreds of thousands of robo calls, into House districts where the Representatives refused to vote for the Charles Key amendment on HR 1008 that would have allowed all bills to be heard in committee.   The Sooner Tea Party learned an important lesson:   To not depend on the leaders of the other groups to do the right thing but to spend our effort developing our own group’s power.  Too many of the other group leaders are practicing access based lobbying so they dare not put pressure on legislators.  The sad thing is that those groups have been losing the fight for decades in some instances and their leadership is just too hardheaded to learn how to fight effectively for freedom.
Have we developed our power?   Well, the other day a story was told of one of the legislators that we had exposed on our newsletter.   The legislator was grumbling about the newsletter exposing their alleged illicit affair with another married legislator.   The person recounting the story told them “Don’t you poke the Sooner Tea Party.   Better leave them alone!”   And the Representative responded, “Poke them?   I want to be their friend!”
And if that particular Representative is readying this article, our friends sign the HR 1004 discharge petition.   That bill is the dividing line between those who represent their constituents and those that slavishly follow the State Chamber of Commerce’s bidding.
That is normal political behavior folks; you don’t mess with those that can shine a spotlight on your voting record or your character.   The political reality is that you HAVE to deal with those groups with power, either kill them or accommodate them.  You can’t blow them off or trust that listening to them and allowing them to vent will keep them from hurting you politically.
So this coming legislative session, things will be much different.   We have worked on softening up those legislators that refuse to represent their constituents, started the election season on February 9th rather than waiting for 2012.   The precinct walks, the website, and the exposure that Representative Dan Sullivan received have given the Sooner Tea Party the reputation of the “most dangerous group in the state” according to one politician.   We stand a good chance of getting HR 1004 through early next session and a good chance of getting a recorded vote on an anti TSA bill if not passing one outright.
But the key to everything is the political pressure that we put on the RINOs, precinct walks, mail pieces, robo calls, websites, and sign plantings.  Politicians fear their reputation being tarnished by their voting record and their actions.   They know that $500 spent by the Tea Party can destroy a $50,000.00 House political campaign.  Help us keep the pressure on!
Broken Arrow School Bond Election October 11th
On October 11th Broken Arrow is holding another massive school bond election.  This time $73,000,000.00 in bonds are to be sold at up to 10% interest.   It would be insane to sell bonds at 10% interest when home mortgages are in the 3% range.    These bond issues are just another way that the establishment feathers the nest of their supporters, a welfare program for wealthy investors.
Please spread the word about this bond issue election to friends and family in the Broken Arrow school district so this massive bond issue fails.

State Chamber Owned Representatives Recommend No Immigration Reform
They say that a dog biting a man is not news but a man biting a dog is news, so no news there I suppose, but this is a story that needs told to get people to put pressure on their Republican legislators.
Last Thursday there was a meeting of the Illegal Immigration Reform interim study committee.   Several conservative legislators banded together and demanded the meeting be recorded.   As you listen to the recording, one thing that drove home the point of just how serious the State Chamber of Commerce is about making the illegals feel welcome was when Rep Charles Ortega broke into Spanish around 45 seconds into the tape to warn an illegal alien to move away from the microphone.    Now it might be possible for an Oklahoma citizen to not understand English if he was born here and never learned but isn’t that highly unlikely? 
Only two House members, Representative Ortega and Representative Holland, were present but there were a couple dozen speakers or groups present.
 Here is a little background on this committee:
 Representative George Faught, Republican from Muskogee, stepped down as committee chair to run for the Boren Congressional seat.   Representative Faught is a notorious RINO so he was the obvious choice to chair the interim committee to protect illegal alien workers until he decided to run for Congress.  Representative Faught also was the author of the bill HB 1446 that would have allowed illegals amnesty if they were assisting in the prosecution of some sort of crime, would have prevented police from using race, color, or national origin in investigating someone’s legal citizen status.
 Representative Charles Ortega is another notorious RINO and an original member of the Short Bus Republican Caucus, so named for their attacking the Tea Party during a Republican Caucus meeting at the capitol.   Representative Ortega was also one of the House members that were caught having an affair which lead to his being forced out of the deacon position at his church in Altus.  Representative Ortega was appointed to the Chairmanship of the Illegal Immigration Reform Committee after Faught stepped down , something that led Senator Ralph Shortey to say this was like asking Osama Bin Lauden to  run Homeland Security.  Should we start calling Representative Ortega Osama Bin Ortega?   Or Ortega Bin Lauden?
One of the speakers was an owner of a janitorial service speaking of the loss of business caused by other janitorial services using illegal labor.   The owner states that his business has dropped by one third since 1999 from being undercut on pricing due to illegal alien hiring firms.    They guy lays out a really good case of why E Verify should be required of all employers in Oklahoma.
The owner of Western Lawn spoke next about losing half of his workforce in one day after INS raided their business.    He spoke of the HB1 program for guest workers and how it works.    His point was that the HB1 program was working and had safeguards to protect workers and to insure their return after the work visa expires.   The owner made a valid point that his company went through all the work for the HB1 visa workers was because they were dependable, they would show up every day.  He laid out the search for American citizen workers using rescue missions, day labor firms, and training programs but that they had to hire far more workers than they needed just to be sure they had enough workers on any given day to accomplish their work.   Illegal competition paid with cash also cost his business work buy undercutting his price.
Next up was Labor Commissioner Mark Costello speaking of his organization’s compliance with HB1804, the bill passed a few years ago to stem the tide of illegal immigration.  Costello stated that his organization ran into an occasional illegal applying for a license for welding but they don’t have a real mandate from the legislature to go after illegals.
A woman from DHS went over how her agency interacts with illegals but she claimed they don’t serve illegal or undocumented aliens but she spent ten minutes going over the loop holes that allow illegals and their children to qualify for programs including emergency medical care.  Representative Ortega seized upon her comment about not serving illegals and had her repeat her comment.   
 Next was a lady from the Education Department stating that they weren’t allowed to track illegal alien costs because of Federal law.   Again Representative Ortega seized upon her comment and asked her to repeat it, somehow smug in the fact that no one could “prove” that illegals cost the state school system money.
A variety of other state and local organizations spoke on the impact of illegal immigration.  Most down played the cost to the state.   A good story was told by the Chief of Police organization about an illegal that was a registered sex offender that had been in and out of the system since 1995.   They arrested him; the Feds turned them loose, with ICE turning them loose.   The registered sex offender never served a lick of time for probation violations by the Federal judge and was returned over and over again to the community.  Another great story was a Hispanic Pastor group that is giving illegals fake driver’s licenses that are nearly identical to Oklahoma drivers licenses.  The church group sends as many as 40 protestors when one of their members is pulled over and caught with fake ID and pressures law enforcement officers to accept the fake ID.
An interesting comment from Representative Holland asked if the cops had biometric systems to identify illegals, laying the ground work for pushing for increased biometric data from Oklahoma citizens.   A Tulsa deputy said that over 13,000 illegals have been processed through their illegal alien program with over 140 countries being represented.
 An OBN official spoke of the drug trade from Columbia and Nigeria now moving through Mexico and up through Oklahoma.   The official laid out a serious description of heroin, cocaine, pot, and human cargo being smuggled through Oklahoma City.  He described drug cartels bringing employees to set up car lots, curio shops, and other types of businesses to launder drug money, using family members that were trusted, all here illegally.   There was a story told of an Arizona drug cartel member being ordered to move from Arizona to Oklahoma after Arizona stepped up enforcement of illegals since Oklahoma is known as a safe haven for illegals.   A story was told of marijuana farms here in Oklahoma ran by well armed illegals, some with signs warning that thieves will be killed, one with 32,000 plants found in one area.   Illegals live in caves or in tents in back woods locations for five to six months at a time to grow drugs.
The OBN reported the same problem with the illegals disappearing after being released on bond after their arrest for drug charges.  
Despite the OBN official describing a rural case involving a large barn with midnight visits by semi trucks loaded with drugs, Representative Ortega tried to downplay the number and severity of the drug problem.   Even after the OBN official said it was an embarrassment to Oklahoma that we were considered safe haven, Ortega continued beating the drum of “no problem here”.
A representative from the D.A. offices said that illegals were branching out into stolen property, stolen cars, stolen heavy machinery, and theft. 
A Hispanic immigration attorney lobbied for police to be able to issue visas to illegals for crime victims.  There was some testimony that there were more illegal crime victims than illegal criminals caught, the point being that illegals don’t call police out of fear of being deported.   No mention that the illegal was likely a victim of another illegal!   I have heard that some criminals like to prey on illegals because of their reluctance to report crimes. 
The immigration attorney had a great sob story but wouldn’t all these problems be solved by the illegals not coming here illegally?  He also whined about law enforcement’s latitude in arresting illegals during traffic stops, not getting that the majority of citizens including cops, don’t want the illegals here.
They paraded a variety of illegal immigrant supporters through the hearing including one Mexican upset for getting stopped while speeding for “being brown”.  Boo hoo; if he wasn’t speeding and if the legal Hispanics didn’t support illegal immigration then he wouldn’t get stopped all the time.   I worked a lot of Vietnamese boat people during the middle eighties and they were well aware that ‘their people” needed to behave in order to keep their reputations as a law abiding people that made good citizens.   Perhaps if the Mexicans didn’t over run our state and didn’t bring the drug trade with them there wouldn’t be such a backlash.
A chamber of commerce stooge whined about illegal immigration control hurting business and job creation.   As an employer, I understand that if you got unemployed American citizens off their duffs and into jobs there would be plenty of applicants for all of the jobs including the low wage jobs.  And those jobs would pay better if the illegals weren’t driving down wage rates.   The Chamber stooge talked about the State Chamber suing the state of Oklahoma over HB 1804, proving that the State Chamber is pro illegal immigration.  Once again the State Chamber of Commerce put profits ahead of the vast majority of Oklahoman’s desires that the illegal immigrant issue be solved.  The chamber stooge was kind enough to give his phone number so give him a call at 353-3669.
Hispanics are 25% of the new businesses according to a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce leader.  No wonder when they hire illegals, dodge the sales taxes and worker comp costs.  The most hilarious excuse was that many businesses don’t have internet access to use E verify and the second was that most Hispanics have several last names.  Uh, they might have several middle names but no one has more than one last name!
Throughout the hearing, Representative Ortega pandered to the State Chamber of Commerce agenda by setting up the speakers with soft ball questions or asking them to repeat any points that buttressed their agenda.
Here is a good story on the dog and pony show of a hearing:
Here is another story that quotes Representative Ortega as criticizing Senator Shortey and Representative Terrill for not participating.  The problem was that neither was invited or told of the meeting!
United Rural Animal Industries and Sportsmen Association
Forms to Protect Oklahoma Values
United Rural Animal Industries and Sportsmen Association will be having several meetings across the state with the goal of having one in 9 areas of the state.   They are looking for volunteers with some leadership ability to make the reservations for a location. Contact BL Cozad at 580-246-8027 to discuss available dates to ensure no conflicts with other areas.
First meeting:
Whitefield, OK
15 Oct 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm
Community Center
Second meeting:
Ada, OK
12 Nov 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm
Agriplex, bl
dg #1
1710 north Broadway
Obama Care/Fallin Care
Health Insurance Exchange meeting
Please attend if you are in the Tulsa area.   Activists are being asked to stand in protest of not being allowed to speak.   House leadership is not allowing public comment at these meetings unlike other interim committee meetings.
SUBJECT:                  Second Meeting
MEETING DATE:       Wednesday, October 5, 2011          
MEETING TIME:        9:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.
LOCATION:                Tulsa Technology Center, Riverside Campus
                                    801 East 91st Street
                                    Tulsa, OK 74132
                                    (918) 828-4000
                                    Directions to center
9:00 am – 10:00 am
                 Review of Current Marketplace
                        Mike Rhoades, Deputy Commissioner, Oklahoma Insurance Department
10:00 am – 11:00 am
                 Impact on Employers
                        Mike Rogers, Health Care Committee Chair for the State Chamber of Commerce
                        Phillip Kennedy, MD, President, Comanche Home Center
11:00 am – 12:00 pm 
                 Impact on Insurance Companies
                        Bert Marshall, President, BlueCross/BlueShield of Oklahoma
                        Richard Todd, CEO, Community Care
1:30 pm – 2:30 pm
                 Impact on Providers
George Caldwell, MD, Oklahoma State Medical Association
Craig Jones, President, Oklahoma Hospital Association
2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
                 Impact on Insurance Agents/Brokers
                        Janet Trautwein, CEO, National Association of Health Underwriters
3:30 pm – 4:30 pm
                 Impact on Private Health Care
Jonathan Small, CPA, Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs
                 Other Business
Senate Appointees:                                                     House Appointees:                                                                              Senator Gary Stanislawski, Co-Chair                                   Rep. Glen Mulready, Co-Chair                      
Senator Cliff Aldridge                                                 Rep. Doug Cox                                              
Senator Bill Brown                                                      Rep. Randy Grau
Senator Sean Burrage                                                Rep. Danny Morgan                                      
Senator Brian Crain                                                    Rep. Jeannie McDaniel                                             
Senator John Sparks                                                  Rep. Jason Nelson                                        
Senate Staff:
Jennifer Mullens, Legislative Analyst
Alicia Emerson, Legislative Analyst
Lori Block, Staff Attorney
Andrew Messer, Staff Attorney
Anthony Sammons, Fiscal Analyst
Darrell D. Washington, Administrative Assistant
Tulsa Judges Need Citizen Rankings
We are going to take a break from whipping on Representative Sullivan this week, not from lack of material, we could write about him every week for the rest of the year and not cover all the dirt that people have sent us, but just to give us a break to reflect on what a reflection Representative Sullivan is on House leadership.   There is another article below on a letter we received from the Tulsa County District Attorney last week.   But there is something that you can do this week  to help spread the word about judicial corruption in Tulsa.
Below are links to where lawyers, litigants, and interested citizens can give judges a ranking based upon their qualities as a judge.   Judge Barcus, one of the corrupt judges featured in last week’s newsletter has a ranking of only 4.6 out of 10 with only five others lower ranked.  Please re read last week’s newsletter and Barcus using the form.  
 Looking through the rankings, it seems that sycophants have given several rankings to some of the judges so a good amount of Tea Party members ranking them according to their actions in the Sullivan divorce case ought to balance things out.   This website is a great idea, will come in handy around election time.
Here are the pages for Barcus and Funderbunk, the two judges in the Sullivan divorce case.
Oklahoma Corporation Commission Meets To
Raise Universal Service Fund Tax
On Tuesday October 4th the Corporation Commission members will consider doubling the taxes on our cell phone and land lines.  Their goal is to increase the tax on cell phones to subsidize rural land lines.

It seems that there are already so many small taxes on cell phone bills already, we don’t need another %50,000,000.00 pulled out of Oklahoma family pockets in this economy.  Please call all three Corporation Commissioners early Tuesday morning and warn them not to raise our taxes if they want to be re elected.
Call Dan Murphy at 405-521-2267
Call Jeff Cloud at 405-521-2264
Call Bob Anthony at 405-521-2261


Tulsa County District Attorney Responds to Representative Sullivan Insurance Fraud Documents
Late last week we received a letter from the Tulsa County District Attorney office.   One could look at their position in two ways:
1.       They passed the buck but covered their …
2.       Or they are really interested in seeing where the story leads
One thing is certain, they are taking us seriously enough to cover their tail and thought there was enough evidence to warrant sending the info to the Insurance Commission for investigation.   Things like this are only possible because of all the Tea Party members like you that take the time to call and email in response to these newsletters.   All it takes is a dozen or two concerned voters calling to make the politicians and government officials pay attention.
Don't forget the Wednesday night work parties starting at 6 pm.  Call 4105-412-6233 for more info.
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