Newsletter 5
April 2016

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Dear reader,
This is the final newsletter from GLaSS, hope you enjoyed them!
GLaSS has officially finished February 2016 with a nice workshop in Stirling. We also celebrated the Sentinel-3 launch of course!
With this newsletter we inform you about our lastest results (the training material) and a list of items that remains from GLaSS, for you.
We have very much enjoyed the project, and the collaborations we had with many of you!

Best regards,
The GLaSS team

Training material

The GLaSS training material builds on the global lakes use cases of GLaSS. It allows students and professionals in fields as aquatic ecology, environmental technology, remote sensing and GIS to learn about the possibilities of optical remote sensing of water quality, by using the Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 satellites as well as Landsat 8.

Lesson outline for download (Pdf) This file also contains the permalinks for downloading the lessons

GLaSS legacy
Most of our results are publicly available. This list gives an overview:
  • In situ (validation) data: most of our in situ optical data are or will be submitted to the LIMNADES database
  • In situ measurement protocols for inland waters: technical document available for download
  • Results of atmospheric correction and in-water component retrieval algorithms tests: reports available for download
  • Validation results (in situ versus satellite and satellite versus HYPE models): reports available for download
  • Core system for S2 and S3 on lakes: two demonstration cases will soon be publicly available via the interface
  • Optical pre-classification (OWT) and predictor tool: available as plug-in in the BEAM software and soon in the SNAP platform
  • Reports on global lake use cases, demonstrating what can be done with EO data on lakes:reports available for download
  • Training material: lesson, data packages and answer sheets available for download
  • You will also find GLaSS in scientific literature and on the Living Planet symposium
  • GLaSS will still exist as part of ESA Sentinel-3 Validation Team
More information and contact
If you want to read more about the content of the project, check out our website, follow us on twitter (@glass_project) or simply reply to this email.