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Oct 19, 2018
We're interrupting our normal publishing schedule to bring you a very special edition of "Kat Bytes"! Because today we're introducing a NEW pattern along with a time-sensitive discount coupon & since we know our newsletter subscribers are our most loyal customers we wanted to make YOU aware of this big news FIRST! Just scroll down to get started!
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It's FINALLY Here! - the Packlets pattern
The Packlets pattern and webpage is finally ready for release to the public!
This is actually and 8-in-1 pattern as it includes EIGHT different zippered baglets which are absolutely perfect for carrying & traveling with cosmetics, toiletries, sewing supplies, tech gear, kid's toys and MORE!
Each zippered compartment is completely separate and the inner mesh pockets & elasticized slots will keep your items organized & easy to find!
And since we know that it's you... our Kat Bytes subscribers and our brand new StudioKat Designs FaceBook Group who are our most loyal & responsive customers, we want to make sure that YOU all are aware of its availablility before the general public!
PLUS--- If you use this discount code - PACKLOVE - you'll get $2.99 off the retail price of either the Packlets pattern -OR- the "Pattern + Build-a-Notions Kit"!  BUT DON'T DELAY!!!! This coupon will expire at midnight on 10/24/18... before we release it to the general public on Instagram, Pinterest and our regular FaceBook page the 25th!
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We've got Cat-i-Tude -
It's unusal for us to feature just one collection of fabric in a new pattern release but it just seemed appropriate this time and besides... Ann Lauer's Cat-i-tude collection is so darned cute that I couldn't resist!
And if you think so too, you might be pleased to know that we're carrying a few selections from this wonderful collection on our website sized perfectly for two Packlet exteriors!
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The StudioKat Designs Group page (on FaceBook)
Come & join the StudioKat Designs pattern group on FaceBook!
It's a safe, fun place for you to share pictures, questions, concerns and triumphs in the course of making bags and items sourced from our patterns! It is my intention that this be a positive and constructive place for you to have fun and learn! Click HERE to join us!
Come See Us at a SHOW!
Our Upcoming Show Schedule is as follows:

International Fall Quilt Market- Nov 3-5, 2018 - Houston, TX (note later date)
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 Road to California 2019 - Jan 24-27, 2019  - Ontario, CA
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