The Weekly Hash Headlines from Newcastle Hash House Harriers

The Blackbird, Ponteland
Hash 1341
The Blackbird,Ponteland
Hare: Botany, Artichoke and InnC
“Posh” Ponteland and Darras Hall

Darras Hall is just this large housing estate that's grown and grown, sprawling out of Ponteland. You pay £800,000k - £1.2 million for what is a large house in large grounds, but still surrounded by other houses.   

Given that we’d just experienced a brief blizzard at 4:00pm, a fine turn-out of hardy Hashers gathered at the Blackbird for a bit of pre-hash hydration. The beer of choice being “Strait Jacket” in honour of our very own hasher ……… Speedbump, who should have been restrained in one, having turned-out in a pair of shorts in near sub-zero temperatures (even rough-tough Rectum was wearing three layers!) 

The r*nners left the Main Street, then through Ponteland Park, cross country due WEST towards the setting sun. LHJ stopped for a customary “Jimmy” topping-up the River Pont and then the pack ploughed on crossing farm land with Hash Sab and Pimp unerringly picking every false trail. A fox was spotted (sadly not Jamie Vardy), and encouragingly not wrapped around the shoulders of a footballers wife (we were heading for Darras Hall after all). With Rectum monopolising every FRB and false trail, we reached an old waggonway and headed due SOUTH towards the exclusive mansions of Darras Hall. Briefly through the throbbing arteries and the beating heart of doontoon Darras …… (it was like ghost town ….. no one can afford to gan’ oot man) we left LHJ to shortcut back to the On Inn. 
The pack then headed EAST along the green corridor of the Reivers way for what seemed like miles and miles and miles and …… and at long last the On-Inn was reached after a longish and VERY linear hash.

The walkers arrived at the On Inn, some ten minutes after the r*nners, having had a “proper walk” - set by Artychoke and Botany who inseparable except during hash it was a long one. They’d anticipated this separation by sharing a half of lager and lime in the pub beforehand.

The circle was formed without a GM, RA or deputy in sight (We look forward to Pop’s return from Majorca next week and Magnet is currently in training for the Paralympics), LHJ and Counterfit stepped up to the plate to do the honours. Innconts took a Down Down for being/setting a long straight one and Slippy for being a Rectum lookalike! ... Make of that what you will. We couldn’t possibly find a Babe Magnet looky-likey for multiple Down Downs and with Woof Woof phoning in sick, not a single representative from the Benton enclave was to be seen. A short and succinct circle ensued as the seasonal spring chill was effecting the extremities.

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