Exciting new repertoire for Helene Eriksen's upcoming Bay Area ANAR DANA training project 2013-14

Places are still available!
Hi friends,
At our project intro weekend we chose a great new repertoire for this year's ANAR DANA Bay Area training project. We still have room for more dancers so please consider working with me and telling your friends and students about this opportunity.  If you would love to join us but feel you can't afford it, please contact me to ask about work study opportunities.  I would like to make this opportunity accessible to everybody!

Here is our repertoire for the coming year complete with Youtube links so that you can see what they look like:

Tunisian Dance

Bulgarian dances from Thrace

Henna Night Suite from Elazığ, Turkey

Georgian Mountain dance

Persian Classical dance from the Qajar Dynasty

Uzbek Dance from Feghana

There are still places available for the group...so if you couldn't make it to the intro weekend but would like to join the project, please don't hesitate to contact me!

You can see the Seattle Channel's documentary the first year of ANAR DANA in Seattle here.

The ANAR DANA Bay Are Facebook page is here: ANAR DANA Bay Area FB 

To the right are photos from previous ANAR DANA projects performing the dances we will do this year in ANAR DANA Bay Area thanks to Chris Yetter and Al Garman (plus one photo of a festival in Bulgaria).

In addition to the weekend dates I will offer in-depth cultural evenings on the Friday evenings before each project weekend.  These evenings are designed to explore the cultures of our project’s dances in more depth, including costumes, films, music and more.  The cultural evenings are open to the public  and cost $15 for general public.

Training weekend dates:
November 16-17, 2013
February 1-2, 2014
March 29-30, 2014
June 21-22, 2014
September 27-28, 2014
November 15-16, 2014
plus three additional training weekends and a recital weekend in early 2015, which will be posted as soon as we have them.
(Dress rehearsal and recital weekend is free of charge).

The project itself will then be a series of 9 intensive weekends of 12 hours each. The repertoire of 7 dances was decided upon in the introductory weekend. 

We will learn the techniques of each of the dance styles decided upon, do dance technique training and yoga, learn about the cultural and historical backgrounds for the different dance styles, learn about choreography, staging, stage make-up and costumes. 

There is a certificate of participation for all who complete the program. 

Best regards!

For more information about other ANAR DANA projects in Seattle, Germany and Argentina contact Helene!!!