Hi Cat Lover!

As you may remember, the gift page is coming down by Jan. 1.
If you haven't had the time to go there yet, there's only a couple
of days left to get the free stuff. Visit:

For cats: http://www.theproblemcat.com/giftpage/giftpage2013/

For dogs: http://everypetmatters.com/gift/

And then I have to take them both down by midnight on Dec. 31.

But before that happens, here's just one more gift:

It's a coupon from Purina. Save $5.15 on Purina's Best Dry Food, if
you use Purina.

http://bit.ly/18iU6Pq (Choose dog or cat)

As with my gift page, this offer is good only until 12-31-13.

The coupon is for $5.15 off any one (1) package of Purina® Pro Plan®,
Purina ONE®, or Purina ONE® beyOnd® brand dry Dog Food or dry
Cat Food. Offer valid until 12/31/2013. Limit 1 coupon offer per email address.

They require you to sign up for their newsletter, but you can unsubscribe
from it whenever you like, such as right away...unless you want to keep it.

Thanks to Judy, who sent in a new video for the Kitty Times, but I had
already put a video on my website. However, this one is so cute, I had to
show it to you before the Christmas season was completely over. So, this
will stay on the page until Jan. 7, when I usually send out a new newsletter
anyway. Just click here: http://www.theproblemcat.com

Thanks for reading to my newsletter this past year. I hope you had a good
year in '13 and an even better one is coming for '14.

Your happy Cat Lady!