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September 1, 2010 
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DISCLAIMER: EFT and FREED are gentle  energywork techniques and have produced remarkable results in relieving emotional and physical distress. 
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(1) Surrogate Muscle Testing (SMT) accurately identifies sub-conscious fear blocks that have manifested in physical or emotional issues, no matter where you or your pets are in the world.  No more wasting time with guesswork.  
(2) Stream of Consciousness Energy Work means you get more clearing for your money as you mentally repeat phrases along with Colleen to release those pesky negative emotions and fears.  
(3) Eight Years of Experience & thousands of Energy Work rounds have been successfully conducted by Colleen in private and group sessions.  
(4) You'll Learn Advanced Energy Work methods and tips from a worldwide Energy Worker who's non-judgemental, caring and kind.
(5) Confidentiality is guaranteed via the Client Practitioner Agreement and your records are kept in a secure, locked file.
(6) Session Choices: You can work with Colleen for an hour of sweet relief and fear-busting via advanced Energy Work and SMT. 
Familiar with EFT or other Energy Work Techniques but unsure of the core issues? Colleen will perform SMT on your issues then give you a list of items to clear on your own after the session. 
(7) Wellness Packages are available for clients who want more than one session and a super deal on their energy work!
(8) Referral Bonus entitles you to a FREE SESSION if you refer two adult clients who purchase at least one session each with Colleen.
(9) Help Others and Yourself as 10% of each session fee is donated to charities.  
(10) Post-Session Follow-up via Email for FIVE Days!   Email your questions (1-3 questions in 1 email per day) to Colleen, then receive your answers, energy work tips and/or surrogate muscle testing readings within 24-48 hours (usually same day). 
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Featured Article
Prosperity Empowerment Programming
-- Blast Fears of Loss to Gain Abundance --
* 2nd in a series of monthly abundance articles *
by Colleen Flanagan

What precious things would you give up to receive extreme wealth and prosperity? What is something dear that you would you sacrifice to be RICH on every level?
Maybe you're thinking, "I'd give up ANYTHING to be abundant and create the life I yearn for!" Your conscious mind may believe this. Your subconscious mind may be filled with blocks of fear and resistance, declaring, "I'm not giving up anything to succeed!" 
 How do you know when your subconscious mind is blocking your abundance?  Not having the prosperity you desire in your outer life is a definite indicator of prosperity empowerment blocks inside your subconscious mind.
Note to entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, inventors, anyone in business now or CONSIDERING starting a business: if YOU are procrastinating, not marketing your business, goofing off and not taking action, acting small or hiding -- this information can truly help YOU to empower yourself and move forward. (The voice of experience speaks!) Begin by asking, "What precious part of my life am I afraid of giving up to succeed in business?"
Where does this crazy fear come from? Most of us are taught as kids that we have to work VERY hard long hours to become rich.  We probably watched our parents work at one or more jobs and sacrifice so much of themselves to feed and clothe us, to pay for our schooling. We witnessed that life is a struggle and maybe now believe there's nothing we can do to change it.  Sound familiar? 
Even if NO ONE told you that sacrificing what's dear to you is the ONLY way to earn a living, you likely witnessed it by watching other people struggle.
Are you READY to blast this HUGE block and open your energy system to unlimited prosperity?
SOLUTION Step 1:  Take a moment to write down everything that you'd have to give up to create a life of abundance. If you can't think of anything, consider what would cause the most pain, what's the worst that could happen if you manifested your extreme wealth. What would you have to lose in order to gain wealth?
My list included fears of losing my current lifestyle, privacy, free time, anonymity, and that I'd be expected to look, act, dress, and travel often like other motivational speakers and healers. What if I ended up on the cover of the National Enquirer or other gossip publications, and people recognized me at the grocery store? Surprised
Yes, my fear list was all crazy stuff.  BUT that's how the subconscious mind works - like a rabid, fear-mongering monkey, bent on keeping us "safe"... frozen in fear, shivering in a corner of distrust, doubt and poverty consciousness.
YOUR LIST may include fears of the loss of time spent with family or friends, loss of income to higher taxes or alimony payments.  You may fear the unknown (like most of us do) and be wary of leaving your comfort zone when giving up something you cherish, not even knowing if it will pay off.
SOLUTION Step 2: Below are Prosperity Empowerment Programming statements to release fears that you MUST give up something precious to you to manifest your prosperity.
USE THESE TECHNIQUES AT YOUR OWN RISK! These techniques are not a substitute for a doctor's care or financial expert's advice. 
These statements can be used with any energy work modality, including FREED, EFT, MTT, Reiki, Meditation or whatever you prefer. If you are new to EFT and want to try it, download my easy-to-learn FREE EFT chart .  
 If you're new to FREED, please download the basic instructions here. When you use FREED you may feel an energy rush or warmth in your body.  This response is normal, an indication of the energy moving and clearing.

If you're doing FREED, clear your meridian 3 times as you repeat the appropriate statement 3 times. 
If you're doing EFT/MTT, tap on your reminder phrase points for 3 rounds as you repeat the below; if that is not effective then do complete rounds with setup statements, 9 gamut and reminder phrases.
I now release these fears that to manifest PROSPERITY I MUST give up (insert one of your list items).
I accept that my parents had to give up much to support their family. They told me and showed me about the need for hard work and struggle, but their truth is not my truth. Their life is not MY LIFE.
As I easily and safely release this fear of loss, my subconscious mind feels SAFE to focus and manifest PROSPERITY.
My financial life is prosperous, successful and healed on every level, in every dimension. I deserve prosperity!  I accept prosperity! I manifest prosperity NOW!
TIP 1: All memories that arise when you do this work are CLUES from your subconscious mind about more blocks to release.
TIP 2: Financial fears often are the emotional cause for LOWER back pain and work fears, as illustrated in this article.
Tip 3: Please consider doing energy work at least once a day to keep your energy system CLEAR of fear and instilled with healing, prosperous intentions.
If the financial fears don't subside after several times of applying this technique, deeper emotional issues may be present from  childhood or your DNA patterns inherited from parents and grandparents
Contact an experienced intuitive energy worker (like Colleen) who provides solutions to financial energy blocks and other situations in life where you feel stuck!
* * * Business owners, check your tax laws as this coaching may qualify as a business expense tax deduction. * * *
During your session we will release those fears and pain so you can clearly focus on life's priorities like...
- Finding that perfect new job or sweetheart
- Starting your own successful business
- Getting back your passion for your business or job
- Boosting your creativity for writing or any artistic work 
- Creating ways to help others and make a lot of money
- Feeling happy, safe, and able to face life's challenges
You'll leave each session feeling FREED, renewed, energized and cleared of those fears that blocked your progress and dreams.  You will also have learned how to use the energy work on YOURSELF whenever needed.
With gratitude, love and healing from the desert,
Colleen Flanagan
"The Expert to Call When You're Overwhelmed by It ALL!"

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