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February, 2017

Editor - Bethany Thompson
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In this issue:

  • Registration for the CLTA 2017 Conference is Now Open - Register online today. Last day to save $50
  • A Friendship Activity for Valentine's Day
  • Grant to Study in Cuernavaca
  • Teach and Travel in China - a Unique Cultural Experience
  • Summer Language Institute in Angers, France, and Cuernavaca, Mexico
  • AP Speaking Portions
  • Language in the News
  • Tech Corner
  • YouTube. Clip of the Month
  • Spanish Corner
  • French Corner
  • Podcast
  • German Corner
  • Job Openings
  • ACTFL Position Paper on Coding and World Languages


The Linguistic Growth Mindset: Cultivating a Future of Global Innovators

  • Find out about the pre-conference workshops & the conference at http://www.clta.net/conference.
  • Access the Registration Materials and read about the great workshops available for implementing Common Core as well as new technologies in your classroom.
  • Register on line with a credit card or download the paper registration form and mail in a check.
  • Register at the Hyatt Regency Monterey, the official CLTA Conference hotel, at aws.passkey.com/event/14752321/owner/4475/home or call 888-421-1442. Be sure to mention CLTA when you call.
  • Stay over on Sunday for conference rate of $169!!
  • Register online at https://www.tfaforms.com/447661 before February 8 to save $50.
  • Conference Package with meals: save $15.00.
  • Register on line until February 8, 2017 with a credit card. If you want to pay with a check, it must be postmarked by February 1, 2017.


A Friendship Activity for Valentine’s Day

Students LOVE This

I give each student 10 peel off address labels.  They come 30 to a sheet.  I project a list of the names of students in the class on the screen. 

On each label, each student writes the name of a student and a compliment in the target language for the 10 students whose names follow his on the list.  Then they write a compliment for each person and sign their name.  I have on the board phrases in the target language that they can use.  “I like you because…”  “You have pretty hair.”  “I like your eyes.”  “I admire you because…”   

When the students have finished writing the compliments on the labels, they go to each person on their list, read the compliment, and then they stick the label on the student’s sleeve or back.

After they have all of the compliments distributed, I give each a colorful piece of paper where they can permanently stick their compliments. Some of the papers are pink and have Valentine designs on them and some are other colors and have other designs.  The students who do Valentine’s Day usually will choose the Valentine design.  Those who don’t do Valentine’s Day can choose another design.  It’s a friendship activity and all students can participate.  The paper is three hole punched so that they can keep it in their binders. They love this activity and keep the papers for the whole year.

Grant to study in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Still no applicants....

CLTA, the California Language Teachers Association of which MCLASC is your local affiliate, wanted us to let you know that the Cemenahuac Cuernavaca grant, fully covering two weeks of study in Mexico, is still available.

They have extended the application deadline to February 11.

You must have been a CLTA member for two years, 2015-2017, to be eligible.

All information can be found at:


Application Deadline: February 20 - only two weeks. There are still 35 spaces available. Apply today.

Teach and Travel in China – A Unique Cultural Experience

  • Established in 2004, this program is a non-profit intercultural and educational exchange program sponsored by the Chinese schools in China.
  • Participating teachers provide twelve days of English instruction (six 45-minute sessions daily) for K – 8 students.
    • The participating teachers will be provided with the followings by the Chinese schools:
    • International round trip airfare reimbursement from LAX to China, hotel housing, meals, and tours of 5 cities in China (hotels, meals, admissions, transportation all paid for)
    • First-hand cultural experience through 10+ days of free tours, Chinese culture and language workshops on campus, local excursions, and interactions with Chinese staff, students, and local people
  • This program including the tours is for participating teachers only.
  • All teacher candidates are required to hold a valid teaching credential in the K-12 range in the US. Please visit their website for eligibility requirements. http://www.sctntp.org

2016 Tentative Program Schedule: June 24 – July 22, 2016

Contact Information:
Sally Lowe

Application Deadline: February 20, 2016.

For more details regarding the program, please visit our website at
Or http://www.sctntp.org.

Summer Language Institute in Angers, France, and Cuernavaca, Mexico

Offered by Southern Oregon University, this program enables you to earn in Master's degree while immersing yourself in the culture of France or Mexico while working as a practicing teacher. Session 1: June 25-July 14, 2017. Session 2: July 16-August 4, 2017. Application Deadline is March 3, 2017. Only 4 weeks left to apply. For information and application.

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AP Speaking Portions

Beginning this year, all AP speaking submissions must be submitted digitally.  If you are giving the AP test, please make sure your AP Coordinator and technology support understand the requirements and have made arrangements.  Many schools have Chromebooks, but these are not supported for the AP test.  The College Board administrator page has information about all of the requirements.

Languages in the News

How many words should you teach a day? – This might be the wrong question to ask yourself as you are planning via The Language Gym.  Or alternately, look at these questions that Señora Spanglish asks herself when planning a lesson.

Looking for podcasts to students to learn languages?  Your ultimate guide is here

Are your students stressing out about their assessments?  Maris Hawkins has some great ideas to reduce anxiety.  Read them here.

Have you heard about Interactive Notebooks, but don’t know where to start in your language class?  Here is a complete set-up guide from Lugarparapensar.  Once you’ve set them up, pop on over to PBL in the TL for more ideas.

Brain Breaks for the Language Classroom-  Brain breaks are exactly what they sound like.  Here are some examples for Spanish and an explanation of why we need them via Edutopia.

“How learning language increases tolerance”
Planning To Study Abroad? Here Are The Top 5 Cheapest Cities In The World For Students"


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Tech Corner

This month’s tech product is Adobe Spark.  Adobe Spark is a free service that allows teachers and students to create posts, web pages and videos.  You can use a variety of images (pre-filtered for re-use) or your own images.  There are many built in themes that you can use and customize.  What can you and your students create?

YouTube Clip of the Month

Here’s a great video to be used with the body parts.
You can’t beat the commercial for the McBaguette to talk about French culture!

Spanish Corner

“8 Spanish movies currently available on Netflix.”  From Fluentu.com.
What’s in the Museo del Prado right now?  Explore expositions online.

Via CASLS: Here’s a series of suggested activities for talking about daily routines, based on a short video showing the daily routines of two girls, one in Spain and one in Colombia. The video could additionally serve as a great opener for a discussion of stereotypes about different countries.  See the suggested activities and access the video at http://www.habla.pl/vidas-parelelas-un-cortometraje-para-practicar-la-rutina-diaria/

Tú v. La Gripe – Infographic

Listening Activity Walking Students through the Ciudad de México.

Looking for OER (Open Education Resources) for Spanish for Spanish speakers?  Teacher-authored lessons are available through the Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning. https://heritagespanish.coerll.utexas.edu/resources/activities/

French Corner       

Online French film festival!  Les courts-métrages sont gratuits!

Les Nouveaux Sports de Neige

Des cafés à Paris pour lire les BDs

French happenings in Los Angeles:  French born artist Lionel Sabatté has an exposition entitled “Please do not enter” through February 28.  Visit the French Culture Website for more information.


How non-verbal communication impacts your teaching from the Cult of Pedagogy.

German Corner

From the American Association of Teachers of German listserv (via CASLS)
Are your students looking to improve their German and experience life in Germany this summer? How about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with the AATG German Summer Study Program! High school students spend 3 weeks in Germany, attend classes at a Gymnasium, live with a German host family, and explore the country firsthand.

Students can apply now. The application deadline is April 12, 2017. Find full program details, eligibility requirements, application materials, and scholarship information at http://www.aatg.org/?page=SummerStudy.

Looking to go to Germany this summer? AATG is seeking qualified members to serve as chaperones for the Summer Study Program and the AATG/PAD Prizewinner Study Trip. Chaperones live with a German host who provides room and board. AATG covers round-trip airfare to Germany from the group departure airport and professional liability insurance. Find more details and application materials online: http://www.aatg.org/default.asp?page=ChaperoneAppInstruct

Hemphill, A. [AATG-L] For you and your students: 2017 Summer Study Program for high school students. AATG-L listserv (aatg@list.iupui.edu, 10 Jan 2017).

Job Openings

Looking for a job? Go to http://www.la-stars.net/jobs/

ACTFL Position Paper on Coding and World Languages

ACTFL has released two position papers on coding and world languages.  Read the statements here.

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