PST presents Rick
Huddle in ON SALE NOW!

Hello friends and fans of Portland Story Theater,

You’re sitting in front of your computer. Maybe you’re super busy. Maybe you’re tired of looking at those emails. Maybe you’re bored.

Whatever the case, this is a good time to treat yourself. Take a little break and take yourself shopping!

Give the gift that gives twice. First- you get a break today, as you buy your ticket ( or as you make your reservation ( Might as well actually buy the ticket- it’s all pretend money, anyway...

Second, on the night of the show, you (and a date, if you’re into that sort of thing) get to sit in a lovely space, listen to stories, and see a performer that Just Out calls “an engrossing presence”.

That’s “engrossing”, not “gross”.

Treat yourself- you deserve it!

And don't forget to forward this to all of your friends who need a break, too.

                -the "Rick Huddle Needs to Quit His Day Job" promotion crew

Portland Story Theater presents "On Sale Now!"

Hipbone Studios
1847 E Burnside St
Studio #104
Mar 7- 15th, Fri & Sat nights @ 8pm
Need tickets? Write or call 503-720-0397
Or buy online at www.portlandstorytheater or
Today’s consumer faces big questions: Were my jeans made in a sweatshop? How much gas did it take to bring this kiwi to Portland? If I don’t shop at a Big Box store, where do I buy my tube socks? ... Will this make me happy?

Interactive, humorous, and refreshingly honest, ON SALE NOW! tells the extraordinary stories of everyday people to see how they’re affected by, and affect, our world economy.

A six-year old boy finds identity in a pair of green tennis shoes. Two brothers imagine a better life while looking at a Sky Mall catalog. A university student ponders the value of humanity while mopping the floor of a quickie mart. Storyteller, humorist, and physical comedian Rick Huddle engages the audience and journeys with them to explore the answers within us all.

“He made the most of the possibilities of one body onstage.”
– San Francisco Chronicle

"Rick is a warm, natural performer committed to discovering the real truth of the world and ourselves." - Mike Daisey, monologist

Special Guest Stars:

the Tuesday Group (Fri, Mar 7th & Sat, Mar 8th) - Portland's Premier motivational ensemble presents "Stimulus Package: Secrets to Success Lesson #1. How to spend your way out of debt"

Mary Rose (Sat, Mar 15th)- Mary Rose likes to see what happens when she puts herself on a stage with nothing planned.  She likes to think that what comes out is for the good of all, even if it might not always seem like it at first. Contact her at or mary rose in myspace.

ABOUT Portland Story Theater: ON SALE NOW! is the third in a series of sold-out performances for the 2008 season. ON SALE NOW! is PST’s eleventh major production in Portland. Portland Story Theater, brain child of Lynne Duddy, was launched in 2003 to bring the urban community together for a unique performance experience, telling tales that stimulate the mind and rouse the heart. Past productions have included Love, Death, and Other Scary Stuff; All the Wrong Places; Beginner's Luck; Everybody's Got One; Who Am I And Where Is My Coffee?; And Then The Bed Broke!; Always Say Yes; and Licking the Plate, Shackleton's Antarctic Nightmare, and Okage Sama De.

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