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Another Violent Attack Brought to the Discussion of Reasonable Force in Encounters Between Police and Citizens
By now you have probably seen these three videos of a South Carolina deputy flipping a young girl’s desk, slamming her to the floor, then dragging her until she is out of the desk and then throwing her to the front of the classroom.  The incident began after the young woman refused to surrender her phone after being caught texting in class.  A school administrator was brought in to speak with the child, who once again refused to surrender the phone or leave the class, then the school resource officer was called to deal with the child.
The local Sheriff handled things properly, dismissing the officer from duty pending an investigation and the Sheriff did not discount the violence used, saying the video made him “sick to his stomach”.   The FBI and Justice Department were called by the Sheriff as he considered the video evidence to be excessive force.
Three separate cell phone videos quickly surfaced showing the officer choking the girl, flipping her and the desk backward, tossing her to the front of the classroom, and handcuffing her.   Some allegations were made that the girl resisted or tried to hit the officer but a careful viewing of the videos shows that the girl was merely reacting to being thrown backward.

A second student was arrested after she spoke up in defense of the arrested girl.   Apparently the girl had stood up to video the confrontation and when ordered to put her cell phone away she refused.   Both girls are facing charges of disrupting a school.
The race baiters were quick to jump to conclusions but the incident does not appear to be racially motivated.
Witnesses say that the entire episode was caused when the girl pulled out her phone and glanced at it.  The student quickly put the phone away and apologized, begging even, but the teacher escalated the situation and called in the school administrator.
The issue is whether or not cops should be allowed to intervene with disobedient students.  These aren’t criminals, they are disobedient children.   Cops were inserted into the school systems after the Columbine shootings but they ought to be restricted to dealing with criminal activity and guarding the school but one understands that school administrators will use a hammer if they have one available.  The officer, Ben Fields, has other abuse cases filed against him and has been sued several times over excessive force.
Lots of blame to go around on this story.  The silly kid ought to have not taken out her phone, her teacher ought not to have escalated the situation, the school administrator ought to have defused the situation or simply dragged the student’s desk out into the hall.  The cop ought not to have gotten involved at all as this was a school discipline issue, not a criminal incident.
Authority… both school officials and police like to protect their authority to the point of being foolish.  Friends that are cops or are retired cops tell me the job is much safer if they maintain their authority and respect and no doubt that is true.  However there is a point where the line is crossed and a stupid student’s disrespect snowballs into a criminal case and the one that loses the most is the police.
If you are in your fifties and sixties or older you remember how schools dealt with disobedient students.  Discipline was instilled from elementary school by threat of paddling and for the most part students respected the rules and the teachers.  Once you got into junior high and high school there was the occasional student who was big enough and tough enough to try to make a stand but a couple of male teachers, usually with one of the coaches, would drag the idiot into the office to administer one heck of a butt whooping using a leather shoe sole.  One once occasion the student also got beat up a bit  after he threw some punches, but no one complained because the kid more than had it coming after resorting to violence against the teachers.
These days the teachers are terrified of standing up to the kids so discipline has broken down completely so they feel that they are forced to over react and escalate the situations.  That needs changed but it ought to be up to teachers and administrators, not taking the coward’s way out and getting law enforcement involved.  Make sure we have laws in place to hold teachers harmless if they use reasonable force but lower the boom on those teachers that cross over the line.
This cop will get what is coming to him, probably by the feds.    More than one cop will throw a fit and promise dire consequences if cops are held accountable for excessive force but the good ones will quietly go about doing their job.   Suddenly they are being held accountable, just like a builder is accountable if a building collapses, just like a truck driver is held accountable if he is distracted and plows into a line of traffic, just like a doctor or lawyer is held accountable if they violate the law.  As the pendulum swings back to sane behavior those that train policemen and the civilian administrators will begin to provide discipline within the force until the bad cops are driven out of the profession and public confidence returns.
Comrade Yen Will Save us from Ourselves
State Senator Yen has made a lot of enemies in the state with his attack on parental rights and forced immunizations for children.   Despite having expertise in anesthesiology he has appointed himself as a medical expert in immunizations and is advocating forced immunizations of all children and is writing Op Editorials for any rag that will publish them.
Comrade Yen brings up measles and whooping cough; both considered eradicated back in 2000 by federal health officials but now on the rebound thanks to illegal immigrants flooding into the country.  Still the risk is quite small, with 300 measles cases in 2014, a one in 533,333 chance of contracting.  The the mortality rate for measles is said to be one or two per thousand so make that a one in chance of 5,330,000,000 or round it off to one chance in five billion.  But it is more complicated as the mortality rate was computed using only the serious cases of measles, the ones with severe complications.  Turns out these mortality rates were set in the 1950’s when 90% of the population had caught and survived measles.  The real rate at that time was more like one in ten thousand.
Whooping cough is more prevalent, around 40,000 cases occurred in 2012 along with 18 deaths.  It is a lung infection mostly in infants however adults can spread the disease as the vaccination is only 70 to 80% effective and the vaccination tends to wear off after a few years.   Some studies claim that the vast majority of recent whooping cough cases were spread by the vaccinations, not from natural causes.  Animal studies have shown that even vaccinated animals can harbor the disease and spread the infection.
Comrade Yen though places the blame squarely on parents who refuse to have their kids vaccinated.  He claims that even though 90% of all school children are vaccinated it requires 92 to 95% to be effective.  So Comrade Yen has conceived SB 830 that would force parents to allow vaccination, claiming that allowing unvaccinated children to attend school exposes them to highly contagious diseases.
Comrade Yen’s logic fails though.  If vaccination is effective and as safe as he claims, then sending a child to school is perfectly safe even if other kids are not vaccinated.   He would have us believe that vaccinated children can catch whooping cough when the reality is that an unvaccinated child is at risk to catching the disease from the vaccinated children.
What Comrade Yen doesn’t tell is is that between October 1, 1988- October 1, 2015 there were 1,172 deaths recorded through the Vaccine Injury Court with 4,272 paid compensation cases equaling to $3,006,109,394.75.  And yes, under current law you can’t sue the pharmaceutical company in a regular court, you have to go to the vaccine court to press your claim.  The special courts came about after a book was published in 1985 linking vaccinations to autism and calling for more studies.  Congress passed a law in 1986 to protect the vaccine companies.
Bottom line is that we live in  a free country were we are in control of our own bodies or we live in a fascist/communist country where Comrade Yen can force vaccination.  Comrade Yen thought he found the perfect cause for legislation, one without opposition, yet he is facing a buzz saw of opposition that he dismisses as ignorant. 

Now is it just me or is Senator Hobson showing more confidence in the second mug shot?  Firmly grasped  instead of the two finger thing, a hint of a smile, I think he is getting used to the drill down at the drunk tank
Recycling Gone too Far

Oh I miss the days when a disgraced politician was required to crawl off into a hole somewhere instead of the current procedure of jailed one week and back in public the next week.  I’m talking about former state Senator Cal Hobson of course who wrote an Op Ed in the Oklahoman last week telling us how Queen Boren’s penny sales tax would pass despite conservative opposition.
Hobson was the author of the 2003 state lottery legislation that was to fund education for all time and the author of the dollar per pack cigarette tax and the tribal gaming compact that was also sold as funding education for all times.     Hobson called those “tax enhancements” instead of new taxes, being a Democrat who helped engineer the current mess we call the educational system.
But the point is that the educational system would stoop so low as to use Hobson as one of their leaders after being arrested multiple times for drunken driving and other felonies.
It wasn’t but last year that Hobson was arrested TWICE for drunk driving, enhanced with a $50,000 bribe offer to a Noble police officer.  In the late afternoon no less in broad daylight.  He was facing three felonies, one for the bribe, two for drunken driving, had a 9 p.m. curfew, allegedly had to wear an ankle monitor, and by the way it wasn’t that they boy was staying up late carousing….he was drunk before nightfall according to the arrest report.
Hobson was arrested after blowing a .27 on a breathalyzer, three times the legal limit for driving.   Back in 2005 fellow Democrats forced Hobson to vacate the President Pro Tem after Hobson’s alcoholism became an issue.  Hobson refers to his alcoholism as a “disease”, no doubt granting him victim status in his own mind.  His pickup truck was spotted weaving from lane to lane and crossing into oncoming traffic prior to running into a ditch.
The other arrest was around 8:30 am, once again proving that they boy was an early riser if he was snookered that early in the morning.  The third arrest was on misdemeanor DUI in 2013 and you just have to wonder how many times over the years he talked his way out of arrest due to his political status.
The donor class must surely believe that Oklahomans are really that stupid and have such short attention spans that we don’t remember Hobson’s multiple arrests.  Or is there a shortage of paid shills willing to step up and push a massive tax increase through?  Either way let’s hope that our fellow Oklahomans reject the new tax and start rejecting disgraced politicians as well.
The Real Reason Oklahoma County Clerk Tim Rhodes is Resigning
By the Watchman
We were caught off guard by the sudden announcement of the Oklahoma County Court Clerk Tim Rhodes without an indication of why. We found out in this article Oklahoma County court clerk resigning | News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOKH.   Time to start digging for the truth.
The first article we found of interest was this Home - Oklahoma County Court Clerk. This article goes into some detail as to the amount of the workload they handle in that office. It really is an extensive workload.
The next article of interest we found was his campaign site from 2012. You can see that site here timrhodescourtclerk.com. He basically ran on his record and nothing else. He claims that experience counts, and we would tend to agree, so why the sudden departure?
The next article of interest we found of interest was this Oklahoma Courts Record Keeping Fiasco. According to this report there were 77 different ways sealed records were being tracked in the state. It appears that each county had their own separate way of doing so. Deputy Clerk Tim Rhodes indicated they had to compile the information after a request from the Tulsa World. They were one of three counties in the state able to do so.
Now we found this next article to be extremely disturbing OMES: Human Capital Management (HCM) - Statutes - Oklahoma Personnel Act 5. Now we accept the fact that it has a nice fancy name to it. Where it goes terribly wrong and where it shows what your government truly thinks of its employees, it also refers to state employees as human capital. In short, the people are slaves. That just doesn’t cut it in our book.
The next item of interest we found was this www.ok.gov/obndd/documents/Property072015.pdf. This is a copy of a court document filed on July 7, 2015 that is essentially a civil asset forfeiture case. Admittedly this is going to the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, yet there are a few documents lacking from the file. In fact there are no supporting documents with this filing at all. That is a little under handed in our books. Where are the notifications that the owner of the vehicles was ever notified of the seizure of these vehicles? This is some sloppy work.
The next item of interest we found was this Court Clerk Tim Rhodes - Oklahoma City OK - South Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce - Government Offices. Here we have to ask why a County Employee needs to be a member of a Chamber of Commerce. The easy answer is he needed the endorsement to be elected to his position as Court Clerk. The correct answer is he’s a sellout. We’re not sure he can be trusted in the position he accepted.
Speaking of that next job, the first article we found about it was here New Administrator Named at Oklahoma Corporation Commission - Oklahoma Energy Today. Strange how the energy industry gets the word before any of the lame stream media. It was then reported simultaneously here Oklahoma County Court Clerk Tim Rhodes takes new job at state Corporation Commission | News OK and Tim Rhodes Joins Corporation Commission | The McCarvillReport. What would entice a man of his experience to change jobs so suddenly? We believe we found out.
If you’ll remember we said earlier that it all comes down to money. As the County Court Clerk Mr. Rhodes had a salary of just over $8,500.00 a month. That comes to just over $102,000.00 a year. By going to the Corporation Commission he’ll actually be taking a cut in pay, unless some arrangement has been made. You can see the salary of the Court Clerk on line 1133 here Payroll on Oklahoma County Clerk. You can see the salaries of the Corporation Commission here CORPORATION COMMISSION | Oklahoma Watch | State Salaries.
As the position of County Court Clerk is an elected position we went to www.ok.gov/ethicscommission to look at his campaign finance reports. He did have a lot of individual donations. The one item that stuck out was that he accepted no donations since the end of 2012. This would indicate that he had no intention of running for re-election.
The Corporate, Political Action Committee and Union donations was a different matter. The second largest law firm in Oklahoma and the  largest law firms in the nation donated to his campaign. Many big supporters of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce made the list. We must ask with this type of backing can we get a fair shake at the Corporation Commission. We think not.
In closing we can honestly say that this is not going to go well for the citizens of Oklahoma. We would urge the Corporation Commission to take a second look at this man and his supporters and the decision to hire him. Anyone who takes a job and a cut in pay is not to be trusted.