NEWS & ADVENTURES of a Philosophical Folk Songstress Musician Mama                    ~ November 2013
Dear Ones,
I just got home from my first Halloween evening out as the mother of a little trick-or-treater! Alas, Pete couldn't fully share the experience, being from England and all, where they carve turnips instead of pumpkins, he still doesn't understand Halloween.
That said, I'm not sure I really do either...
What I DO sense in these days, is a reverent recognition of the turning of time. And so, it felt timely today, that my uncle, who has been fighting cancer for the last three years, made his final transition out of this world. He was a deep thinker, had a beautiful mind, and was an inspiration for the "philosophical" in my "folk." Perhaps in his honor, you can question something about humanity, reflect on a part of your life, or engage your mind in good conversation with a friend...
I am sending the November newsletter just a tiny bit early, as I wanted to let you know about the two relevant shows of the moment:

1.) I will be opening at a house concert in Santa Cruz THIS Saturday (Nov 2nd), for New Zealand singer-songwriter Jackie Bristow. I've never seen her before, but I've heard she's awesome. If you'd like to come, please write to Darrel at  for reservations and directions. I'll be playing this one solo, and thinking I might play some songs I don't often perform.

2.) A week from Sunday, on November 10th, I'll be sharing a show with two of my favorite other women singer-songwriters in town: Ariel Thiermann and Leah Ray Mendez (now of the band Silver Mendez). I hope you will come join us at the new Treasure's Roadhouse in Watsonville/Corralitos. It's gonna be an amazing evening! Details on the shows are below.
Sending you love & songs for these potent days of costumes, sugar skulls and whispers in between the worlds...
your philosophical folk songstress mama,
~ Amanda

U P C O M I N G    E V E N T S :

Saturday November 2nd @ 6pm
House Concert | Santa Cruz, CA
Opening for New Zealand Singer-Songwriter Jackie Bristow (
For reservations & directions please contact  Darrel at:
This will be a special solo show by Amanda and she may break out some often un-heard songs.

Sunday November 10th @ 6pm
Treasure's Roadhouse | Corralitos, CA
 with Ariel Thiermann ( and Silver Mendez (
An evening with three of Santa Cruz's favorite female folk musicians! ~ We play first, so don't be late. You can also visit the facebook event for it HERE
** for more upcoming shows & events please visit: **
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