Andrew Collins's emerges from the Snake Pit at Karahan Tepe.
A N D R E W  C O L L I N S
Hi, everybody.
Hope you are having a great festive break. I am still trying to complete my current book project, which is a special Egypt book I'll bring you details of in due course. In the meantime I want to bring you news of a tour I doing with Hugh Newman and JJ Ainsworth to Gobekli Tepe, Karahan Tepe and many more ancient and religious sites in Turkey. This is scheduled for Sept 4-16, thus 13 days/12 nights, and will take in not just the these sites but also
the ancient city of Harran, the Neolithic city of Çatal Höyük, Konya, home of the Whirling Dervishes, the Bronze Age/Hittite sites of Alaca Hoyuk and Hattusa; Sanliurfa, the birthplace of Abraham, the ancient city of Mardin, and various so-called Tas Tepeler sites (Pre-Pottery Neolithic sites with 11,000-year-old T-pillars). This is the traditional area of the Garden of Eden, as well as the home of the Watchers and Nephilim of the book of Enoch, and, of course, the Annunaki of Sumerian and Babylonian mythology. We will also visit the huge underground city of Derinkiyu as well as the Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia.
All details are outlined below.
Obviously, some of you may know that I have had some problems in Turkey, but I believe I have over come these now. Plus the discoveries being made right now at Karahan Tepe are too great for me to ignore. I have to get back out there whatever the cost. In 2022 I shall be writing extensively about Karahan and so will need to get back to a place I first visited as far back as 2004 and have continued to visit periodically since that time. I have done various articles on the subject, such as the following:
See also:

Andrew Collins at Göbekli Tepe in May 2015 (pic credit: Andrew Collins).
and, of course, from 2004:
See also my first video on Karahan Tepe following the announcements of the new discoveries:
Also, if you want to study the incredible celestial alignments myself and engineer have been working on in connection with Karahan Tepe see the following video:
Okay, here all all the tour details.
Why not join myself Hugh Newman, JJ Ainsworth at Karahan Tepe, Gobekli Tepe and the Tas Tepeler T-pillars sites of southeast Turkey in September.
Göbekli Tepe and Karahan Tepe Tour
September 4-16, 2022 (13 days/12 nights)
Explore the Mysteries of Turkey
with Andrew Collins, Hugh Newman and J.J. Ainsworth

Hugh Newman, left, and Andrew Collins, right,
with Graham Hancock at Gobekli Tepe.

Hosted by Andrew Collins, author of Gobekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods, with Megalithomaniac Hugh Newman, author of Earth Grids and Stone Circles, and special guest from the USA, JJ Ainsworth, a leading authority on ancient symbolism.

The breathtaking plains and steppes of eastern Turkey, the traditional Garden of Eden or terrestrial Paradise, was the setting for the Neolithic revolution and the rise of civilization.
We visit some of the world’s most exciting archaeological sites including Göbekli Tepe, the oldest stone temple complex and now a World Heritage Site, and Karahan Tepe, a newly excavated site from the same era, as well as numerous other Tas Tepeler sites that are currently under excavation.
The new Sanliurfa Archaeological Museum has hundreds of artefacts from Göbekli Tepe, Nevali Çori and other Pre-Pottery Neolithic sites.
We also explore the ancient city of Harran, and Çatal Höyük, the world’s first city. We visit the city of Konya, home of the Whirling Dervishes; Alaca Hoyuk and Hattusa that have incredible megalithic polygonal masonry similar to Peru, along with Sanliurfa, the ancient Christian city of Edessa, birthplace of Abraham; and the traditional area of the Garden of Eden, home of the Watchers and Nephilim of the book of Enoch, and the Annunaki of Sumerian myth and legend.
We will also visit the huge underground city of Derinkiyu as well as the Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia.
Andrew, Hugh and JJ will be presenting evening lectures throughout the tour, and discussing new theories and research on many of the sites visited.
Turkey Tour Costs:
Main Tour: $4995 USD (meet Istanbul)
based on double occupancy
Single occupancy supplement: $700 USD
(tour deposit: $400 USD)
Please email for more info
See below for more information on all the sites
featured on this comprehensive tour of Turkey

Hittite warriors at Yazilikaya, near Hattusa.

Left, stone gateway at Hattusa. Right, Hattusa's green nephrite omphalos.

Left, the Sphinx gateway at Alaca Höyük. Right, polygonal wall at Alaca Höyük.
We visit the ruins of the Hittite centre of Alaca Höyük. See its polygonal walls, similar to those found at archaeological sites in Peru, Easter Island and Egypt. See the pre-Hittite royal graves of Alaca Höyük's founding Hurrian elite, and learn of their possible origins beyond the Caucasus Mountains on the Russian Steppe. Also visit the immense ruins of the Hittite capital Hattusa. See its incredible stone walls and gateways, as well as its omphalos stone of polished green nephrite. Visit also the nearby rock shrine of Yazilikaya, famous for its carved reliefs of Hittite kings and deities.

Left, the Red Valley, Cappadocia. Right, fairy chimneys near Goreme.

Left and right, Derinkuyu's underground city.
Visit the mysterious underground city of Derinkuyu, thought to be as much as 13,000 years old, and see the area's famous fairy chimneys and lunar-like landscape. Optional balloon rides will be available when staying there.

Upper left and right, rock chimneys and churches near Goreme. Below left, Templar crosses on rock church at Goreme.

Below right, shamanic birdman in Gorome rock church.

Left, the archaeological site of Çatal Höyük. Right, the Whirling Dervishes at Konya.
See the 10,000-year-old Neolithic city of Asikli Höyük(if open to visitors) and also the 9,000-year-old city of Çatal Höyük on the Konya plain. See the areas of excavation and visit the local museum. At Konya see the Whirling Dervishes' mesmeric dance display.

Left, Nimrod's Castle, Sanliurfa. Right, the Pools of Abraham, Sanliurfa.
Journey on to the ancient city of Sanliurfa, traditional birthplace of the prophet Abraham and seat of the biblical tyrant Nimrod, where we begin part two of the tour.

Left, Göbekli Tepe's Enclosure D. Right, Enclosure D's Vulture Stone (Pillar 43).
We visit Göbekli Tepe, officially the world's oldest temple complex, built by the founders of civilization nearly 12,000 years ago. We visit also the ancient city of Harran, the birthplace of astrology and hermetica.

Left, the ruins of the Paradise Mosque, Harran. Right, beehive huts at Harran.
Visit the ruins of the Paradise mosque with its mesmeric astronomical tower, the city's Seljik period castle built on the site of the Sabian temple of the moon god Sin, and climb the city's 8,000-year-old prehistoric mound. Visit a local shop and café set within a courtyard surrounded by historic beehive shaped houses.

Above and below, left and right, exhibits in Sanliurfa's new archaeological museum.
Sanliurfa's spectacular museum of archaeology contains breathtaking displays of objects and pillars from Göbekli Tepe, Karahan Tepe as well as other Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman and Arabic era sites in the region. The tour also takes in Sanliurfa's Pools of Abraham close to which is the cave said to be the birthplace of the great prophet. The city's famous bazaar and suq market are a must!
Our journey continues eastwards into the Tektek Mountains where we will visit Karahan Tepe, Göbekli Tepe's sister site, where some of the most extraordinary discoveries anywhere in the world are being made at this time. We explore its astronomically aligned stone enclosures and see its estimated 250 T-shaped pillars. Many of the site's more portable carvings are now on display at Sanliurfa's breathtaking archaeological museum.

Karahan Tepe's Structure AD, also known as the Great Ellipse. Note its extraordinary elliptical geometry, first noted by chartered engineer Rodney Hale and Andrew Collins in 2021.
Karahan Tepe's alignment towards the summer solstice in 9000 BCE first noted by Rodney Hale and Andrew Collins in 2021.
Both Hugh Newman and Andrew Collins have been visiting Karahan Tepe for many years and have developed a strong knowledge of its Pre-Pottery Neolithic culture, in particular their interest in the cult of the serpent and celestial alignments involving the sun, Milky Way and Cygnus constellation.
The ancient Turkish city of Mardin (Credit: Wiki Commons Agreement 2021).
After leaving the area of Sanliurfa the tour group will journey onward to the beautiful ancient city of Mardin, where we visit various sites of historical and mystical importance. It will be a chance to comtemplate and reflect on what has been seen and experienced across the past two weeks before finally heading out to Nemrut Dag mountain in Adiyaman province.
On the way we visit the Atatürk Dam and see the Euphrates river. We visit also the Karakus tumulus, built by the Commagene king Mithridites II for his mother Isas. We inspect its strange columnal gateways and pillars, and view its alignments into the local landscape. Continue to Hotel Euphrates and before a sunset journey by vehicle to the base of Nemrut Dag. Climb its steps to reach the mausoleum of Antiochus III built in 62 BC.
See its amazing pyramid of pebble stones and the strange stone heads of eagles, gods and kings that eternally gaze out over this mysterious landscape of the dead.

Left and right, the mountaintop mausoluem of Antiochus III on the summit of Nemrut Dag (Mount Nimrod).
The final journey will be to Adiyaman airport and the return flight to Istanbul.
Turkey Tour Costs:
Main Tour: $4995 USD (meet Istanbul)
based on double occupancy
Single occupancy supplement: $700 USD
(tour deposit: $400 USD)
Please email for more info
Buy Andrew Collins's book
Göbekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods
For more information on Göbekli Tepe:
Andrew defines Göbekli Tepe's cosmic blueprint, showing that it is aligned to the Milky Way's Dark Rift and the bright star Deneb in Cygnus.

Fig-mulberry tree marked the summit of Göbekli Tepe.
Also, don't forget ...


Origins of the Gods: The Qesem Cave, Skinwalkers, and Contact with Transdimensional Intelligences
Foreword by Erich von Daniken
A detailed examination of the role played by shamanism and communication with non-human intelligences in the development of civilization
• Shares supporting evidence from the spiritual and shamanic beliefs of more than 100 Native American tribes
• Shows how the earliest forms of shamanism began at sites like Qesem Cave in Israel more than 400,000 years ago
* Explores how our ancestors used shamanic rituals at sacred sites to create portals for communication with non-human intelligences
* Provides scientific answers for human interactions with transdimensional intelligences using the latest cutting edge discoveries in quantum realities
From Göbekli Tepe in Turkey to the Egyptian pyramids, from the stone circles of Europe to the mound complexes of the Americas, Andrew Collins and Gregory L. Little show how, again and again, our ancestors built permanent sites of ceremonial activity where geomagnetic and gravitational anomalies have been recorded.
They investigate how the earliest forms of animism and shamanism began at sites like the Denisova Cave in the Altai Mountains of Siberia and Qesem Cave in Israel more than 400,000 years ago. They explain how shamanic rituals and altered states of consciousness combine with the natural forces of the earth to create portals for contact with otherworldly realms—in other words, the gods of our ancestors were the result of an interaction between human consciousness and transdimensional intelligences.
The authors show how the spiritual and shamanic beliefs of more than 100 Native American tribes align with their theory, and they reveal how some of these shamanic transdimensional portals are still active, sharing vivid examples from Skinwalker Ranch in Utah and Bempton in Northern England.
Ultimately, Collins and Little show how our modern disconnection from nature and lack of a fully visible night sky makes the manifestations from these ultraterrestrial intelligences seem random. If we can restore our spiritual connections, perhaps we can once again communicate with the higher dimensional beings who triggered the advancements of our earliest ancestors and may still be providing knowledge and insights to humanity today.
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Watch this very special podcast discussion between Erich von Daniken, author of groundbreaking book Chariots of the Gods, and Andrew Collins on the true nature of extraterrestrial intelligences and their impact on the rise of civilization. We are not just talking about the Pyramids of Egypt or Gobekli Tepe here, but the impact on our world of transdimensional beings since the genesis of shamanism and the first use of altered states of consciousness at places like Israel's Qesem Cave as much as 400,000 years ago.