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~Woman memorializes dog with cat research donation...
~TV contestant throws cat on boyfriend during argument...
~Survey ends on March 23...
~Getting free pet food samples...
~Cats and Children, important article from a reader..
~New humor site, by The Spice Cats...
~Ugliest cat in the world...
~Latest video...


A Florida woman recently memorialized her beloved English
bulldog when he died, by making a large donation to the
Morris Animal Foundation in Denver, Colorado, on condition
that the funds are spent on cat health research.

Judith Ditfurth, a long time animal lover, said her dog,
Jeremy, and her cat were inseparable pals and that "Cinnamin
is lost without him."

Because cats tend to hide their illnesses, along with the
fact that plenty of dog research has been done, Ditfurth
said cats shouldn't be left out.

Ditfurth thought it fitting to honor Jeremy's love of cats
with a gift to the Happy Healthy Cat Campaign, which is
working to improve cat health.



Well, this story is hilarious, in a way. Did you watch any
of the Project Runway shows last year? If you did, you may
remember Kenley Collins, a brash, crass, loud mouth who
actually made it to the finalist cut. She's a talented
clothing designer, but her personality incurred a lot of
"hate mail" on the BravoTV web site and blog, the company
that sponsors Project Runway.

Seems Kenley "attacked" her fiance, Zak Penley, during an
argument. She not only threw her cat onto him, but also a
laptop, some apples, and a good spritzing with water.

Luckily, no one was hurt. But all I care about is how the
cat is doing. It's very hard to care about her, that's for
sure. I watched the shows she was on. She was the one
everybody loved to hate..

The couple broke up, anyway, and now, at least, she won't
become Kenley Penley.



I've gotten quite a few replies from my survey and it looks
like I won't be making too many changes. I'll tell you more
when the results are all in and I've had a chance to tabulate
the answers.

If you haven't had time to do this survey yet, here's the
It closes at midnight on 3/23/09.

The first Kitty Times of April will reflect any requested
changes. But it looks like they will be mild. The format
I'm using now seems to still be the most popular.

OTHER NEWS - Pet Food News

If you're curious about using some of the premium cat foods,
here is a way to test them out. Go to the company websites
and look for any chances of getting free samples.

Here's one I recently found: Trilogy Online. I got a small
bag of dry food and one can of soft food, for free. However,
they charged me 3.95 for shipping. It's only fair... I am not
complaining. But I have to admit that my cats did not like
the dry food; however, they loved the canned stuff. (They
hate Iams canned food, by the way, but love their dry kibble.)


As I find more, I'll let you know what my cats decide about it.
If you find any, let me know how your cats feel about it, too.


Help Feed Shelter Animals:

Go to this site and click on the purple box: 'fund food
for animals' for free. This doesn't cost you a thing.
Their corporate sponsors and advertisers use the number of
daily visits to donate food to abandoned and neglected animals.

I think this is one of the very few websites of this nature
that's not a scam or a hoax.

WEB SITES to explore

Brand new article on Cats and Children:
Thanks to Al, who wrote this one especially for all of us!
Great job, Al, on this important subject.

A very special, brand new web site from my friend,
Dr. Kary Fournier, a retired holistic vet in Canada:
If you're looking for a daily dose of humor, this is it!
Sign up for her Morning Greetings.

World's Ugliest Cat... of course, they are all beautiful
in the eyes of those who love them:

(Still updating this page, but it's coming along.)

(How to move when you have pets)

(Because every cat deserves to be comfortable!)
I'm in the middle of updating this site, as I've had it a
long time, and now many of the links are old and don't work
anymore. Some of the companies have gone out of business,
for one thing.

(Information about getting pet insurance)

New edition for 2009, How to Make Your Cat Adore You

http://tinyurl.com/cqjfjh = Cat bed made from a computer
Now see the version I made after seeing that one:

cat waking up, video, 29 seconds long

Cat fur handbags: http://tinyurl.com/6th7wd (Some people
think this idea is morbid. I like it, as no one has gotten
hurt, but it also looks like a lot of work! Plus, I would
never pay what these cost!)

------------ LATEST VIDEO ---------

Check out the video on my website, at the bottom of the page.
Watch this cat enjoying an exercise machine (no, it's not a


If you want to see more videos, go to my blog:
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every so often. So there is always a fresh cat video there
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Kitty Times!


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