Vets For Peace support GI resistance, Chelsea Manning; Action Man: Battlefield Casualties

Last week, over 400 military veterans gathered in San Diego, California for the 30th annual convention of Veterans For Peace. It’s hard to believe, but Courage to Resist has hosted a workshop on military war resisters at nearly a third of those now, beginning in 2005.

vfp conventionOur workshop this year featured current objectors USMC Lt. Jake Bridge and Spc. Robert Weilbacher explaining how they found the courage to resist endless war. Courage to Resist’s Project Director, Jeff Paterson, provided an overview of WikiLeaks whistle-blower Chelsea Manning current situation, and her upcoming appeal before the US Army Court of Criminal Appeals.

$15,000 matching grant challenge for Chelsea's legal fees

This will be Chelsea’s first, and possibly most important, opportunity to challenge of her unjust Espionage Act conviction and draconian 35-year jail sentence. Despite having made huge strides in raising funds to pay for her legal fees in the last few weeks, Chelsea's still about $40,000 short. This week, however, your donation will be effectively doubled, up to $15,000! We're going to get this done, with your help. Please donate today, or click here for more info.

Action Man: Battlefield Casualties

Veterans For Peace UK have produced a fantastic three minute counter-recruitment video, "Action Man: Battlefield Casualties." Watch it now! While their campaign targets the fact that the UK recruits 16-year-olds directly into the military, this video can and should be seen by high school students in the US as well. Not only can it be seen freely online, it can be downloaded as well.

Action Man