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Mar & Apr 2016

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Steven Warwick: NEUTRAL
Current solo exhibition at EXILE, Berlin
Closing: Mar 5, 2016



Steven Warwick: Spirulina's Comedown
Closing reception at EXILE, Berlin
Mar 5, 2016, 4-6pm


Anna Jandt: Your Long Arm
Upcoming solo exhibition at EXILE, Berlin
Opening: Mar 19, 2016



Martin Kohout, Nathalie Du Pasquier & Paul Sochacki
Upcoming art fair, Milan
Apr 8 - 10, 2016



Katharina Marszewski, Nathalie Du Pasquier & Verena Pfisterer
Upcoming art fair, Cologne
Apr 14 - 17, 2016



Aggtelek: 2nd Test Sculpture
Video screening at Volta video wall, NY
On view until 6, 2016



Patrick Panetta: Scale of Rating
Current solo exhibition at Melange, Cologne
On view until Mar 6, 2016


Martin Kohout: Grand New
Current group exhibition at Future Gallery, Berlin
On view until Apr 2, 2016



Katharina Marszewski: Contemporary Art from Poland
Upcoming group exhibition at ECB, Frankfurt
Opening: Mar 17, 2016



Nathalie Du Pasquier: very flat constructions
Upcoming solo exhibition at ASSAB ONE, Milan
Opening: Apr 5, 2016



Martin Kohout: Latent Fiction
Upcoming group exhibition at Sperling, Munich
Opening: Apr 7, 2016



Kazuko Miyamoto: Drawing Dialogues: The Sol LeWitt Collection
Upcoming group exhibition at The Drawing Center, New York
Opening: Apr 14, 2016



Martin Kohout: Apocalypse Me
Upcoming group show at Galerie Emila Filly, Usti nad Labem, Czech
On view until Apr 15, 2016



Kazuko Miyamoto
Upcoming Two-person exhibition with Beatrice Balcou at L’ISELP, Brussels, Belgium
Opening: Apr 20, 2016



Aggtelek: Art Lima
Upcoming art fair in Lima, Peru, China
Apr 21 -24, 2016



Gwenn Thomas: Number Twelve: Hello Boys
Current group exhibition at Julia Stoschek Collection, Düsseldorf
On view until Jul 31, 2016



Gwenn Thomas: Homage to Lee Krasner's "City Verticals"
in: Gulf Coast. A Journal of Literature and Fine Arts. Publication of the University of Houston, Texas
Winter / Spring 2016



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