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December 2013

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Welcome to the December issue of
We have news and a special offer for you in this issue.
We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy Christmas and
a New Year that will be much better than the old one.
PF 2014
In this edition:
Gefell Smartphone Toolkit
To celebrate 85 years of Georg Neumann & Co., Microtech Gefell have put together a very special toolkit for your smart phone.
This comprises of: a water-resistant case containing an M372 ¼" measurement microphone complete with: mic. holder, cable, stand and a rubber-ended smartphone pen.
This comes at the very special price of
including delivery and VAT.
(This is £245.00 excluding VAT)
To order, please contact Sound-Link.

AETA 4MinX reviewed by
The Audio Production Network
The Audio Production Network is the on-line magazine run by Paul Mac, the former Editor of Audio Media.
They recentlycommissioned Alistair McGhee to review the 4MinX and,
after living with it for several weeks, gave it an excellent review.
He said:- 
"Not only does it sound good, it can record eight tracks at 96kHz.  It can accept AES42 digital mics and has custom monitoring set-ups for the Soundfield system available as an option"
and also
"The audio quality is impeccable. I think the AETA mic amps deserve all the praise they get."
You can read the full review HERE
Improving the Directivity of
Line-Array Microphones
KEM 975 at the Institute of Acoustics
Sound-Link's John Willett and Microtech Gefell's Udo Wagner presented a paper on the new KEM 975 at the recent annual international
"Reproducing Sound" conference of the Institute of Acoustics.
The conference, this year, was held in Manchester and included a tour of the BBC's "Media City" and the University of Salford.
This was a successful conference and the paper was very well received.
We have uploaded the PDF of the paper to the website and you can download it via THIS LINK.
Also on the website is a PowerPoint slide that includes embedded audio so you can hear the effects of the directivity that the microphone and the "Delta" capsule achieves.  This is HERE.
The KEM 975 page on the Sound-Link website has been updated with more information and now includes photos of the control unit that is not on the Gefell website yet.  This is the direct link.
ME-Geithain News
A studio in Norway has been spending several weeks evaluating all the high end nearfield (and mid field) monitors thay can lay their hands on and posting the results on Gearslutz.

Happily, the RL944K1 they have on test seem to be coming out right at the top of the list with a comment posted today (11th December):-

"To me the Geithains manage to give you a much bigger choice in mixing desicions without sounding flattering at all. They are detailed and flat yet very musical and non restricted at the same time. I think that is quite an
achievement in a speaker. ............ My dream setup right now
would be a pair of Geithains 944 or 933"
This unbiased thread on monitors seems to be being very well received.
Sound-Link presents the Gefell Trophy at
the International Recording Contest

Sound-Link have, again, donated a Gefell glass trophy to the International Recording Contest
which was held this year in Baden Baden in Germany.
This year the event was hosted by SWR (Sud-West Rundfunk) and we were happy to note that
almost every monitor in the building was an ME-Geithain
The Gefell Trophy was won, this year, by Stefan Plevo from Slovakia
John Willett (right) presents the Microtrch Gefell Trophy
  Firmware update for the AETA ScoopFoneHD
AETA have released a firmware update for the ScoopFoneHD.
v1.0.3 is now available and downloadable from the ScoopFone page of the website HERE.
Håkan Pop Killer
The Håkan P110 Pop Killers are being very well received - the new gooseneck version is currently being reviewed by Sound On Sound and we will let you know when it is published.
I have already seen a post on the Sound On Sound forum highly recommending the Håkan.

The full range of P110 varients (including the new gooseneck version) can be seen HERE.
The new PDF version of the information leaflet can be downloaded here.
Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter - if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us direct.

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