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There are four Action alerts in this newsletter.  A precinct walking project in the Moore area, a request for donations for the Senator attitude adjustment project,  calling Attorney General Scott Pruitt, and emailing the Representatives that refuse to sign HR 1004
Al is Back and there is Going to be Trouble!
Last January I was chosen as the State Director for the National Ron Paul 2012 Campaign and had to drop out of writing and editing for the newsletter.   The writers stepped up and took control over the stories and the editing, keeping the STP newsletter going and keeping the fight going at the Capitol.  I also had to honor my commitment to stay silent on controversial matters and not speak to any media.
Some of the stories of the campaign were reported in this newsletter and believe me it was a wild ride on occasions such as the Oklahoma County convention where I had to march down the aisle calling “Point of Order!” to stop the massive corruption being perpetrated on the Ron Paul activists.   Over 40 of the Ron Paul delegates had been singled out for exclusion, leading to a nearly five hour wait while the Credentials Committee tried to defend their decisions.  It ended with the Credential Committee being forced out into the hallway to fill out delegate tags for the thirteen Ron Paul delegates that had been excluded. 
At that battle I had the Ron Paul community united and fighting as one, well, nearly so.   The grassroots leaders were extremely resistant to outside leadership and it galled them to no end that an outsider from Campaign for Liberty was chosen to lead so as has happened in previous Tea Party battles, we learned again that the greatest threat to a group is always from within.  In all movements some leaders will have other agendas, some will be co opted, others will be plants inserted in order to steer opposition away from certain targets in order to provide controlled opposition.  The Ron Paul community proved to be no more resistant to this than the Tea Party and the veteran political hacks did influence how things went down.
Along the way I got to witness some acts of true generosity and unselfishness, some horrendous acts of naked disrespect for our candidate, and some of the most brutal examples of dirty campaign tricks and character assassination that I’ve yet witnessed in politics.   There were some fun times too like forcing State Treasurer Ken Miller to back down from a public involvement in the Romney campaign.   Miller had stepped up to be a Co Chair for the Romney campaign but quickly dropped out of sight after I collared him in the hallway of the Capitol on opening day of the legislative session.  All it took was to remind him that he would be ripping the scab off what he and I had going back in 2010 and that the Ron Paul activists were itching to bring out the signs  (you don’t really think that those went away did you?)   We didn’t see hide nor hair of Miller after that and the other Co Chair, State Auditor Gary Jones was always grouchy when I ran into him.  Go figure….
But with the primary election over it was time to begin winding down the campaign here in Oklahoma so I spent the last month doing that.     Around 40 counties had been organized, with leaders identified and  given access to supporter lists,  and I quickly learned who was in the fight for the right reasons and who was on an ego trip.   
Now it is time to begin the process of feeding those local leaders into the fight at the Capitol, where we can truly make a difference in stopping corruption, the theft of tax dollars, and stopping the erosion of our freedom and constitutional rights.   I will be returning to Campaign for Liberty and bringing as many of the Ron Paul troops as are suitable for that sort of organized effort.  As before we will continue to use Campaign for Liberty on those tasks that it excels at and the Tea Party for those tasks that C4L can’t do like confronting politicians directly and endorsing good candidates.
I met some really great patriots during the presidential campaign and I will be bringing them into an organization where they can be trained in the real nature of politics so they can be effective activists.   C4L has an excellent organization and even better training, and as a national organization they are very good at what they do.   If you are serious about making Oklahoma a better place to live, about stopping the madness that Obama and the progressive Republicans are forcing upon us, I encourage you to join Campaign for Liberty and take the training and get involved.
But now it is time to pick up the fight at the Capitol.  We have the three Senators that need a good political beating, a good number of good conservative candidates that need our help, and lots of voter education to ensure that a bunch of RINOs is forced away from the public trough and into honest work.  Get in touch if you want to help.  Just reply back to this email and we will put you to work.
Alright Dang It.   Send Us Some Money!
When I got back in the saddle I noticed that our donations for the Senate fight were lagging.   Only around 6%l or the targeted goal has been brought in so far and I blame that on the timid  request for donations.    I know our readers better than to be timid when asking for donations, you guys are solid conservatives that understand that the best investment for your political donations is with the Sooner Tea Party.  You know that we will stretch those dollars in inventive ways and club our targets without mercy.   You also know that we pick our targets very carefully, if we go after them we are going to hurt them politically and make them think twice about acting up again.  We don’t have to defeat them, we just have to teach them a lesson.
So donate some money to the effort to expose the voting records of the three Senators that either voted no on the ALAC bill (American Law for American Courts), Mazzie, Jolley, and Newberry.    The political donor records are being assembled and  people are volunteering to address envelopes and provide postage to inform their donors on just how their politician has been voting.    Choking off the political donations is our goal, and re directing those donations to honest politicians will happen if we do our job.  We still need to fund the printing, robo calls, and a literature drop into all three Senate Districts.   We are talking about hitting 120,000 homes if we cover all three districts so there is going to be some major cash needed.
You can donate by:
 Sending a check to the Sooner Tea Party, 358 North Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City, OK, 71327
Using Paypal with your credit card or bank account using as the email address to send the payment.
Or click here to be taken to the Paypal portal to donate right now.
If you have a business you can advertise in our newsletter or ask about the newspaper that we are working on.  Yes, the project got stalled without my involvement but it is going to go forward.
Or you wish you can drop off envelopes, stamps, or copy paper for printing at my shop during business hours.
But donate, dig in your pocket and put your money where your mouth is or quit calling yourself a conservative.  Forwarding emails to friends and family isn’t going to win this fight for our liberties, making big plans isn’t going to do it, nor is attending political meetings going to do it.  What is going to stop them butt cold is the hard, ugly, political work needed to punish the bad politicians, it is the only way to stop them.  I’ll repeat the best advice I ever received in my life “If you want something then pay for it and take it”. 
These are exciting times, the Ron Paul community has all but taken over the GOP here in Oklahoma and the politicians are seeing their very political base threatened for the first time in recent history.  Now is the time to strike at their hearts by getting involved.  You saw Glen Mulready credit the Sooner Tea Party and two other allies with the defeat Obama Care in Oklahoma.  You saw us predict that Speaker Steele would be emasculated and then saw it happen.  We have new allies striking at their very political base and the RINOs know that their days are numbered if we keep the pressure up.
Donate now and help us drive the RINOs from Oklahoma!
Action Alert
Precinct Walks Starting This Week
Now this is going to come as a surprise to many but there is a local politician that needs our help.  It will be a surprise because the two of us haven't always seen eye to eye on several issues but I have become convinced that the fact that the estabishment is attacking him is proof enough that he is a genuine threat to their plans.  That politician is Representative Randy Terril.
Terril is running for a Cleveland County Commissioner slot, not for his House seat.   He has done a lot for the conservative movement and for the fight against illegal aliens and what better way to thank him than to help him canvas his precincts?  Even better will be knowing that the other politicians are watching us help out a fellow conservative, perhaps they might get it through their thick heads that opposition earns pain, doing the right thing earns respect and support.
Contact us at if you want to pitch in.  Walking precincts is fun actually and great exercise.   Help out after work till dark or till you are worn out or on weekends.   You don't talk to a lot of people, just drop flyers and push cards on door steps and on to the next house.
Pork barrel Pat Ownbey
Spends Millions on Pork
While the Capitol Crumbles
Representative Pat Ownbey lived up to his nickname of Pork Barrel Pat with the passage of his bill to strip $15 million dollars out of the trust fund that was created to pay for capital improvements at parks.    The money comes from royalty payments for oil and natural gas rights from Alabaster Caverns, Robbers Cave, and Lake Murray and this money was set aside by the legislature in 2000 for capital improvements at state parks.
The existing lodge at Lake Murray was built in the late forties and is deteriorating.   Occupancy rates can be calculated from the alleged 16,000 overnight guests in 2011 and divided by the number of rooms (52), assuming two guests per room, gives an occupancy rate of 42%, explaining why the lodge can’t afford to pay for upkeep on itself.   Local Chamber of Commerce groups have searched for private developers to renovate and operate the lodge to no avail as normal banks won’t finance the project.   That ought to tell you something…
Supporters of the new lodge claim that an additional 5,000 guests would stay at the new lodge, boosting the occupancy rate to a whopping 55%, far below profitable occupancy rates for private hotels.  Let’s face it, this is nothing more than a corporate welfare scheme for the Ardmore area Chamber of Commerce.  Eventually these projects get shuffled off to an Indian tribe or a private company, which is probably why they are spending the millions of dollars in order to make a gift to some lucky well connected businessman.
Wiser legislators tried to amend the bill to transfer the trust fund money toward repairing the state Capitol but the amendment authored by Representative Mike Reynolds was defeated.   This bill will become one of the 2012 RINO index bills using the vote on 4/12 at 10:27 am. 
Here is a link to the video if you want to watch the fight.
 Here are the votes cast on the issue.
 Here is the list of liberal votes:
     Casey              Hickman            Mulready           Sanders           
    Condit             Joyner             Ortega             Sears             
    Denney             Kirby              Osborn             Thomsen           
    DeWitt             Liebmann           Ownbey             Trebilcock        
    Dorman             Lockhart           Peters             Vaughan           
    Enns               Martin, Sc.        Quinn              Watson            
    Glenn              Martin, St.        Richardson         Wright            
    Grau               McDaniel, J.       Roberts, D.        Mr.Speaker        
    Hardin             McNiel             Rousselot         
Later Representative Randy Terrill made a motion to table an amendment that would have cut off debate and forced a vote on the bill.  Here are the liberal votes that wanted to cut off debate:
    Armes              Hardin             Nelson             Roan              
    Coody              Kirby              Newell             Sanders           
    Cox                Liebmann           Ownbey             Sears             
    DeWitt             Martin, St.        Peters             Wright            
    Grau               McDaniel, R.       Peterson           Mr.Speaker        
    Hall               Moore              Richardson  
2011 Oklahoma Constitution
Conservative Index Corrected
We have been critical of the 2011 Conservative Index since it was released last year due to the poor choice of bills used to calculate the conservative votes of legislators.    The list of bills was selected by OCPAC members after vigorous debate and in the face of opposition by some conservative legislators present at the meeting where the bills were chosen.    That fact alone speaks volumes, if OCPAC leadership won’t heed a man like Representative Mike Reynolds, someone that was intimately aware of the details behind the issues and who understood the actual votes on the bills, then it is obvious that little conscience thought went into the selection of the bills.  More importantly, one has to know the votes themselves, sometimes a procedural vote is the best vote, not the final vote on an issue as chamber rats try to knock down debate on a bill or knock down good amendments made to protect Oklahomans.
Here is a list of the six major bills that were missed in the 2011 OCPAC/Oklahoma Constitution Conservative Index, bills that provide a clear cut divide between RINO and conservative legislators:
HB 1397, the transvestite birth certificate bill
HB    1647 Open Carry
HB 2130 Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchanges
HB 1446 illegal immigrant bill 
HR 1004/HB 1004 All bills get heard in committee
SB154 Quality Jobs bill
We could understand missing one, even two, of these bills but to miss all six was negligence and poor leadership on the part of the OCPAC leaders.   The Conservative Index has been a useful tool up until last year but now it is giving aid and comfort to those that support the State Chamber of Commerce over civil liberties and our constitutional rights.   Several conservative legislators like John Bennett and Mike Christian had their conservative reputations sullied while RINO after RINO got high rankings. 
In short, the 2011 Conservative Index is absolutely useless and damaging the conservative movement beyond anything that happened last year.  It simply must be corrected before RINO legislators use their 2011 high ranking to defeat truly conservative opponents.
And we know that it isn’t enough to complain, we must also act so we took the 2011 Conservative Index and corrected it, calling the new index the 2012 Oklahoma RINO Index.
Interestingly enough, 24 of the top fifty conservative rankings were actually Democrats and 44 of the lowest ranking were Republicans!    And the worst 16 were all Republicans!    If that doesn’t show you that this isn’t about one party over the other, it is about good and decent men over the State Chamber whores that currently control the Capitol.
Here is a listing of the bills used in the 2012 Oklahoma RINO Index:
HB 1397  The notorious transvestite birth certificate bill   
The votes are taken from the March 8th 11:16 AM vote which was after Representative Faught pointed out that the provision for birth certificates to be changed after a sex change operation.  How in the world could this bill have failed to been used?   You have a list of a dozen RINOs voting to allow transvestites and transsexuals to change their birth certificate from man to woman and another dozen completely liberal Democrats doing the same.    Look for the vote on 3/08/11 at 11:16 am, this is the vote right after Representative Faught caught the birth certificate detail buried in the massive Health Department bill.   Later votes occurred after the offending language was stripped out.
HB 2130 Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchange bill 
Are you serious, Charlie Meadows missed this one?    OCPAC leadership failed to include this bill in the 2011 Conservative Index bills?  That is insane!    Obama Care turned the political landscape upside down from 2009 forward and has been the rallying issue behind the Tea Party and Town Hall protests.   
You have State Chamber rats lined up on one side and conservative Republicans and Democrats on the other side defending our rights to choose our own health care.   The Chamber rats tried three times to ram this down our throats in 2011, spent all summer trying to “educate” Oklahomans on the issue, then were beaten down again in 2012 as conservatives lead the fight to defeat  the first leg of Obama Care once and for all.    This bill has an excellent vote to be used,  the final vote which was taken on 3/17 at 4:03 pm.
HR 1004/ HB 1004 All bills get heard in committee
This issue was the very first battle on opening day of the 2011 legislative session, one that we initially won until House leadership whips went to work on the freshmen legislators.   The divide clearly marked who was representing their constituents and who was a State Chamber whore.    After the defeat on opening day, the Sooner Tea Party fought all session long to punish those that had refused to support representative government because we knew that this was the pivotal bill of the entire session.   Without the chance to get a bill heard in committee then it was impossible to get our bills heard on the House floor.  Bad politicians don’t like making public bad votes that can be used against them so they prefer that a handful of people have the power to kill the conservative votes that they don’t want to get caught voting against.
So many of the social conservative and liberty bills were killed in committee without a single vote being taken and it was because of the defeat of Hr 1004.  It simply boggles the mind that someone like Charlie Meadows could have missed the significance of this issue and not have used it in the 2011 Conservative Index.  At what point does negligence or ignorance stop and thoughts of sabotage of the conservative movement begin?
The votes for HR 1004 were taken off the opening day fight  and again using the discharge petition later in the session.
HB 2171 Highway bonds 
This bill was included on the OCPAC/Oklahoma Constitution Conservative Index.    Excellent choice on their part as this bill allowed the stripping of 100 million dollars from our gasoline tax road fund, spending it on tax credits and entitlement programs, and then borrowing 80 million dollars at high interest rates to spend on roads and bridges.     This is like taking the mortgage payment and blowing it on a vacation, then borrowing more money to pay the mortgage.  The vote used was taken at 5/13 2:45 pm
HB 1953 Quick Closing Fund
Another excellent choice by OCPAC/Oklahoma Constitution Conservative Index.   The vote was taken on 5/16 at 5:25 PM
HB 1593 collective bargaining
While this was a good choice, it wasn’t a perfect choice as we lost a couple of outstanding conservative legislators on this bill.   Most likely they voted wrong because they had an issue with the constitutionality or the effect on law enforcement.    Still this was a decent choice.  The vote used was taken at 3/16 at 10:11 pm
HJR 1002 Property tax limit
Another excellent choice although we lost one conservative somehow.
The vote used was taken on 3/16 at 5:38 pm
HB 1446 illegal immigrant bill
Charlie Meadows, are ye daft man?   How in the hell could you fail to include the main illegal alien bill of the entire session?    I understand that the final recorded vote has gone missing as well as the House video of the debate and vote but there were procedural votes that clearly delineated who is a State Chamber whore and who represents their constituents.
Even better, this was an good bill at one point until it came through the Conference Committee after the bill passed the Senate with some changes.  One would think that a bill that was an “8” after passing the House and a “7” after passing the Senate would come out of Conference Committee as a “7.5” or at least a “7” but instead the State Chamber whores turned it into a “2” by making the bill an amnesty bill for illegal aliens.  This bill was a prime example of how the system works at the Capitol, where good bills are corrupted by a select few in House leadership.
The vote used was taken  3/10 at 12:43 pm  suspend House rules
HB 1647 Open Carry     
The OCPAC/Oklahoma Constitution Conservative Index used HB 1652, a bill that allowed concealed carry permit holders to store a weapon in their car on VoTech campuses.  This was a nearly useless bill, a tiny, teeny step toward doing something right.   HB 1647 was the bill that would have brought back our full 2nd Amendment rights, a bill forced on House leadership using the discharge petition process.   
OCPAC leadership failed their members, the conservative movement, and Oklahomans in general by allowing this watered down bill to be used in place of the highly visible HB 1647 that was rammed down House leadership’s throat.  Yes, the bill ended badly as an amendment was allowed that corrupted the bill but if you look at what our true purpose is with these conservative rankings you will see that all that really matters is that we get a recorded vote that clearly marks a divide between a true conservative and a liberal.    The vote used was taken at 3/16 AT 11:38 AM  
SB154 Quality Jobs bill
This is another instance where Charlie Meadows failed to lead his members into making a good choice.  SB 154 was nothing more than a corporate welfare scheme to provide tax credits to companies moving into Oklahoma for other reasons.
The vote used was taken on 5/19 at 3:48 pm
And what bills were used instead of these sterling examples of good versus chamber rats?   They were an anti discrimination bill, an art in public places bill, a tire recycling fee increase, and a piss poor “tort reform” bill.   The only choice that I had a difficult time being critical of was the abortion bill and although I personally believe that abortion is murder, the issue is complicated by being intertwined with liberty issues and constitutional right to make your own decisions.  For those reasons and only for those reasons the Tea Party rarely takes a stand on abortion.
The anti discrimination bill was a typical do nothing bill on public employment, education, and contracting.   The art in public places bill suspended the previous law of spending 5% of a public building project on art, a good idea but far from being as important as the bills that they missed including on the Conservative Index. 
 And the tire recycling fee increase was a worth bill but one that pales in comparison to stopping Obama Care, restoring our 2nd Amendment rights, preventing special rights to transsexuals,  sustaining representative government, solving the illegal alien invasion, or stopping corporate welfare with tax dollars.
Here is the 2011 Oklahoma RINO Index ranked from highest to lowest.  The higher the number the more conservative the politician.
Here it is in alphabetical order
Here are PDF files for those of you without an Excel program
In short, the 2011 Conservative Index was an embarrassment to the Oklahoma Constitution and the blame needs laid at the feet of Charlie Meadows as the leader of OCPAC.  Yes, the Oklahoma Constitution editor Steve Byas could have overruled their choice of bills but I can see how he trusted the system that they had used for many years.      People make mistakes and people that actually do things make more mistakes than those that sit on their hind end so there is no shame in admitting that a mistake occurred and fixing it.  But to fail to correct a massive mistake like that occurred with the 2011 Conservative Index, one that damaged good conservatives and supported RINO State Chamber whores, can not go uncorrected.
Steve Byas, please fix this mess before the primary season heats up.    You have offered to allow input from others on the next Conservative Index and that is good that you realize that an anomaly has occurred.   But to avoid fixing the problem just trashes your newspaper’s solid reputation and ruins the reputation of the Conservative Index being a reliable source to educate voters.   It takes a great man to take the heat to fix a mistake of this magnitude and an even stronger one to lay the blame where it belongs, at the feet of a well known leader.  By doing so you will re establish the credibility of the Conservative Index and provide a great service for the conservative movement here in Oklahoma.
RINO Republican Sean Roberts
Draws Challengers
By R. H.
Whenever I find myself writing about a legislator from the northeastern corner of our great state I always find myself talking about a progressive liberal politician.
While spouting conservative language, Sean Roberts’ background is liberal in nature and spurred by his close ties to major players in Democratic politics in the state of Oklahoma. In fact he is the Grandson in-law of the late former Democratic Representative Howard Cotner. So let’s take a look at his record.
HB 2130 Obama care, voted yea 4 times-liberal
HR 1004 Open Rules under certain circumstances, refuses to sign, liberal stance
HR 2171 Obama Highway Bill, voted yea 4 times-liberal
HB 1953 Governor’s Quick Action Fund, slush fund, 13 times-liberal
HB 1593 Municipal Employees Collective Bargaining Act, voted yea 3 times-liberal
HJR 1002 Ad Valorum Tax increase, voted yea 1 time-liberal
HB 1446 Illegal Immigration Bill, voted yea 3 times-liberal
HB 2131 Soft on Crime Bill, voted yea 1 time-liberal
HB 1647 Concealed Carry for Military Personnel, voted yea 3 times and nay 2 times-moderate
Clearly this man went to the House of Representatives with an agenda. That agenda was to further the cause of liberalism and the agenda of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce.
I also went to votessmart but he had refused to take their political courage test, so we have no idea where he stands on the issues. We did get a pretty good list of his campaign contributors though. I’m sure they’ll like to know how liberal he really is. The list was obtained from
As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, Mr. Roberts has some challengers this election cycle. In fact there are three listed on the website previously mentioned. I haven’t got a lot of information on these candidates yet, but I will gather as much as I can and do a report on them. His Republican challengers are Stan Sallee and Paul Nosak and Democrat Jim Massey.
To bring this to an end Mr. Roberts, you have been found out. We know who you are and what your brand of politics are. You need to ensure representation for all Oklahomans by signing HB 1004. Failure to do so will only create more problems for you. The Republican brand stands for small government and less interference. If you can’t live with that, then change parties, or get out of politics.
Seeing the Writing on the Wall
By R. H.
In a move I’m sure designed to thwart any criticism on his liberal record, Representative Phil Richardson announced on April 2, 2012 that he would retire from the House of Representatives. A smart move on his part, but it will not stop us. A copy of the news release can be found here.   He received high praise from his cohort in slime, Speaker Kris Steele.
Mr. Richardson himself said “We’ve used technology and rule changes to allow the public more access to what goes on here. They can now know how their state representatives voted in conference committee and lawmakers have been given more time to examine bills.” Mr. Richardson you are right. You’ve used rule changes to block the conservative bills from ever being heard in committee or on the floor unless they vote the Speakers way. That is why you have refused to sign HB 1004.
Let’s look at a few bills that Richardson voted for or authored:
HB 2917 Requiring Nutrient Management Plan for Poultry Feeding Operations-Liberal
HB 2920 Allowing Certain Traps-removed a total of 4 words -Liberal
HB 1397 Transvestite Birth Certificate Bill, voted yes-liberal
HB 2130 Obamacare, voted yea 5 times-liberal
HR 1004 Open Rules under certain circumstances, refuses to sign, liberal stance
HR 2171 Highway Bond Sales, voted yea 5 times-liberal
HB 1953 Governor’s Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, voted yea
HJR 1002 Ad Valorum tax increase, voted yea 1 time-liberal
HB 1446 Illegal Alien Sanctuary Bill, voted yea 3 times-liberal
HB 2131 Soft on Crime, voted yea 2 times, liberal
HB 1647 Concealed Carry for Military Personnel, voted nay once, yea once and excused twice-liberal stance
Mr. Richardson your voting record speaks for itself. You are a liberal through and through. You chose to run as a Republican because you knew a Democrat stood no chance of winning. Since you have announced your retirement, do your fellow Oklahomans a favor and let their voices be heard. Do away with the tyrannical rule of Speaker Steele. Sign HB 1004. Let the Conservative voice of Oklahoma be heard.
Bureaucracy at Its Best
By Ms PM
Just when I thought it was safe to come out of my box, wouldn't you know, the city of Norman would chase me back in there, intentional or not. I found that a simple garage sale ain't so simple anymore. Gone are the days of cut up cardboard for signs and throwing some stuff all over your yard in hopes that someone can't live without it and you make a few bucks.
I called the City of Norman to inquire. The lady I spoke with was polite and said I had to have a permit which costs $10. I asked if I could get it online. The simple answer would have been sure....I'm thinking with all the smart meters installed, the totally "green" atmosphere everywhere along with whatever this city can do to get people to recycle, even if it blows a hole in the O-zone to pick it up, it was just a formality for me to ask. Well, not so fast. I had to go and pick up the permit. So...I hopped in my hooptie and away I went.
I filled out the form and gave her my check. I was given a piece of thick paper with the words "Garage Sale" on it to place in front of my house. My copy of the receipt stated that "The sign issued is the only sign allowed, all others are illegal. " I inquired about placing signs with arrows to direct people and was told that I could not do that, the city will remove them. I then asked, well...if they're going to remove them why not wait until after the garage sale? No, I didn't get an answer but she did tell me I could advertise.
I asked her how much it costs taxpayers to have a city employee drive around and pick up garage sale signs and was told, "a lot when people don't do what they're supposed to."
I wanted to completely understand so I stated the facts as my feeble mind remembered. I have to pay $10 to get rid of junk, then take out an ad to advertise it if I actually wanted people to show up. The only sign I can use on my property is their sign. Taxpayers pick up the tab for printing the sign along with the duplicate form to fill out. Then pay a city employee to pick up the signs they don't approve of. Pay for someone to work the garage sale division at the city, someone to keep track of the money and whose grand idea was this revenue generating scheme?
As if I couldn't was the Norman City Council. Those over paid prissy-pots are as cute as an up close and personal date with a tarantula. 
This is but one example of how bloated government takes more of your money by creating rules and regulations simply because some group of people don't have the mental capacity of a goat. They have been around the stench so long they don't smell it. I did a story a while back asking “how dumb is a box of rocks?" I think I need a bigger box. A just punishment would be to shove a lily up their butts, all the while pretending we're the new TSA staff and walk the whole bunch down Main Street. It could be called our latest tourist attraction, The Norman Point and Laugh Parade! What a bunch of goof balls.
Vandalism or More Dirty Tricks from Bobby Cleveland?
Cleveland County Chairman Bobby Cleveland gained notoriety in 2008 for his use of dirty tricks to prevent the 2008 Ron Paul activists from gaining a foothold in his county.   One of the worst examples that circulated was when Bobby Cleveland  supposedly announced a lunch break at the county convention, then after all the Ron Paul activists had went to lunch, he reconvened the meeting and  held the important votes. 
 Another sterling example of Bobby’s character and his disenfranchisement of Republicans was his requirement to “register” in advance before he would give out the date, time, and location of the 2011 precinct meetings.  That one earned him a butt chewing from State Chairman Matt Pinnell according to two sources, and one of them was Bobby Cleveland himself.
Bobby Cleveland is no stranger to controversy according to this website that calls him “Bobby Voter Fraud Cleveland”.   The funny part is their account of Bobby verbally abusing his wife as she begged him not to vote twice in the election, telling her: 
 “Shut up woman, I know what I’m doing.”  
I know Bobby and this is exactly the sort of thing that he is well known for.    It is rare that one hears a Cleveland County resident say anything nice about Bobby but I did hear one left handed compliment the other day when one person said that Bobby was so hated that he would likely be combative at the House of Representatives as he cares little of what people think about him.   Not sure if that is a winning campaign strategy.
So when Bobby Cleveland sent out a photo of a restaurant wall that had been spray painted with “Ron Paul” it didn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that Bobby was up to more tricks.    Bobby Cleveland and the other RINO establishment Republicans are desperate to slow the river of Ron Paul activists that have taken control of the majority of the Congressional Districts in Oklahoma.   He knows that he needs to tarnish the Ron Paul activists in the eyes of the moderate Republicans.
Now I know a lot of Ron Paul activists and they are a mixed bag like you will find in any political movement but the one thing they have in common is their willingness to endure and overcome obstacles.     They are very aware of the need for good public relations and while a few of them can be quite bold with Ron Paul signs during live TV interviews at events, I can’t think of any of them that would be so stupid as to tag a building with spray paint.
Are there disgruntled Ron Paul supporters in Cleveland County?  I would imagine so after the incident where Bobby and his vice chair, Lisa Shrives, lied about giving out a copy of the county convention delegate list as required by State GOP rules, doing so in an attempt to make it harder to find the 42 cases of Ron Paul delegates that were demoted to alternates, added delegates to closed precincts, and outright removal of delegates.  Couple that with the refusal of the local Ron Paul grassroots leaders to expose the corruption and yes, there might be one or two upset Ron Paul activists.   But very few if any would be politically savvy enough to know that that particular restaurant is a regular meeting location But hold the presses, this is a lot more to this than a political hack willing to do or say anything to protect his political base.   Let’s talk about Bobby Cleveland’s judgment and how it leads him into these situations. 
Bobby Cleveland is a candidate for House District 20 and a wise candidate doesn’t make enemies during a campaign.  The old saying is true, friends come and go but enemies accumulate.   Cleveland is facing three other challengers and a general election campaign against a Democrat.
One of the challengers is Paul Maus, who gained our attention in early January when he and his wife were trying their best to keep Ron Paul activists away from their county convention.  After several complaints, I called and asked for precinct meeting information from the Maus and got grilled for info myself.   Paul Maus later called back wanting to know who made the complaints against him and his wife, not a good move!
But the other two men are quite promising.   Gill Hensley and Alon Morrison are both conservatives, either would be an excellent choice.   We reached out  out to both candidates and Hensley responded this afternoon.   He is an impressive candidate according to his flyer and from talking with him on the issues. 
Micheal Schwartz, AKA Number 2
Coburn Refuses to Comment on
Glen Mulready Endorsement
Despite reports from citizens calling Coburn’s office to complain about Congressman Tom Coburn’s alleged endorsement of the notorious Representative Glen Mulready it is still unclear whether or not Coburn actually endorsed Mulready.  Multiple reports claim that Coburn’s staff stated that no endorsement was made and our own contact within the Coburn offices provided the name of a staffer responsible for Oklahoma political activities but the person has refused to contact us with details.
Last week Emily Shipley, the Southwest Oklahoma Field Representative for Congressman Coburn, forwarded our article to one Jerry Morris, the state director for Coburn’s political machine yet after five days Mr. Morris has refused to provide any information on the alleged Mulready endorsement.   It doesn’t take a lot of political experience to get the drift here, Coburn or his staff has put Coburn’s butt in a crack with this horribly wrong endorsement and they are searching for a solution that will save face.   No one usually endorses candidates in primaries because you can’t be sure of who will win and the other candidates will hold a grudge if they are successful.   Endorsing in the general election is fine, it is Republican versus Democrat.
One of our readers provided a likely scenario on who is behind the Mulready endorsement and is most likely pulling the strings to try to avoid the inevitable backlash, one Michael Schwartz, the Chief of Staff for Congressman Coburn.   The word is that Schwartz is a point man for the State Chamber and the lobbyists.    Schwartz was likened to the character that Robert Wagoner played in the Austin Power movies, the eye patch wearing #2.   A bit resentful for being in second place behind Dr. Evil, despite his successful business management of the Dr. Evil empire, #2 tends to get out of line on occasion prompting Dr. Evil to ask “Are you wanting to wear the daddy pants?”  At the same time Coburn is reported to listen to Schwartz and to do as he is told on occasion so it is unclear as to whose idea this ill-fated Mulready “endorsement” was or if there was an endorsement at all.
Schwartz is no stranger to controversy and embarrassed the Congressman with his remarks on eleven year old boys and homosexuals at a 2009 conference on Voter Values.  
  Number 2 making friends or does he doth protest too much?  Actually I can't tell if this is the same guy or not but Google Images says it is.
My money is on this scenario:   Mulready is panicking after the defeat of his Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchange and knowing that this issue is being used against him in the primary race for his House seat and that the issue resonates with voters like no other issue.  Mulready is grasping for support and manages to reach out to Schwartz, getting a vague statement of support from Schwartz and then jumping the gun.   Mulready has been claiming the endorsement on his face book page as late as April 20th but he has been silent since.   Mulready continues to outright lie about his authorship of the Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchanges, claiming that it would prevent Obama care from gaining a foothold in Oklahoma instead of tell the truth that it is the first portion that must be implemented in order to impose Obama Care on Oklahomans.
Another point that Mulready is refusing to acknowledge is that the Obama Care package funds abortion through a tax on all insurance plans.  Again, abortion isn’t normally a Tea Party issue but it is an issue that Oklahomans are deeply concerned about and would be up in arms over a tax funding abortion here in Oklahoma.
And now, Coburn, Schwartz, and Mulready find themselves in a pickle over an alleged endorsement via a post card mailing with little public proof that Coburn actually endorsed Mulready.  Not good  Number 2, looks like you aren’t wearing the daddy pants just yet and royally screwed over your Congressman in the process.
The Sooner Tea Party calls on Congressman Coburn to come clean on this matter.  He either endorsed a primary candidate against other Republican candidates or he didn’t.  If the endorsement was false, the record needs to be corrected including a repeat mailing by Representative Glen Mulready admitting that the endorsement wasn’t true.  For now Mr. Schwartz is coming across as like the Tom Arnold/ Mike Myers scene in the Austin Powers movie, lots of groaning and thrashing around while the rest of us wondering ‘What did that boy eat?”
 And don't forget that there is an excellent candidate running against Mulready, Darren Gantz.   Take a look at his website and get in touch to help the man defeat Mulready in the GOP primary this summer.
HR 1004 Stalled at the Capitol

This session the HR 1004 fight was picked up by a few groups as the Sooner Tea Party was focused on the newsletter.    HR 1004 is the bill where all bills get a hearing in committee, removing the practice of allowing one person to kill a bill.   An unspoken consensus was that we failed last year only because STP was too confrontational and that a kinder, gentler approach would work.  With the Ron Paul campaign Director slot requiring that Al stay out of the fight, the other groups had a free shot at building on what the STP did last session but to no avail.
Two of the Representatives actually went backward on us, Republicans Randy Grau and Dennis Johnson.    Others had already signed last last session including Aaron Stiles, David Brumbaugh, Senca Scott,  and Percy Walker, most of which were either absent on opening day.
There were only two additions to the discharge petition so far this year, Republicans Mike Jackson and George Faught.  But are these two additions the result of patient grassroots lobbying or something else entirely?
With Jackson the facts are unknown but there is a story about Representative George Faught and how he came to sign the petition.    A second hand rendition of the Presidential Primary Watch Party was told, where Al had been approached by the President Pro Tem of the Senate, Brian Bingham, and told of the impending demise of the Senate version of the Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchanges.   Then a few days later the story on Representative Glen Mulready killing his own Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchanges bill came out, with Mulready blaming outspoken activist Dave Bell, his opposing House seat candidate Darren Gantz, and Al as the people responsible for the death of Obama Care in Oklahoma.  But there was another exchange that night at the GOP Watch Party, when Representative George Faught approached Al with a crude attempt to influence the Tea Party opposition on Faught’s Congressional campaign for David Boren’s old seat.
With the crude attempt brushed aside, Al asked Faught if he was going to sign the HR 1004 discharge petition and if not, what his reasons were for not signing.   Faught’s eyes went dead and he stiffened up, he knew that this was dangerous ground, giving the terse reply that he would “think about it”.   Al told Faught that there was one reason why he should sign the bill, that it would “get the Sooner Tea Party off Faught’s a**.”  With that, Faught replied that he would “see Charles Key about it tomorrow”.
And surprise, surprise, Representative George Faught walks up to Representative Charles Key on the next day, Wednesday, and hands him a copy of a signed discharge petition.   Poor Representative Key was so sick that day that I'm told that he remembered Faught approaching him and giving him a paper but didn’t even look at the paper to see what it was at the time.  After being approached to verify that Faught had signed, the discharge petition paper was found.
Now Representative Charles Key has been caught in the middle of the fight for HR 1004.    Outside groups like the Sooner Tea Party have taken it on themselves to lobby for this issue and to punish those that refuse to support representative government.   But Key no more can control what these outside groups do than he control what happens in the Senate but he gets the blowback on occasion.    Our response is tough cookies, this is a good issue, it needs doing, and if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen.
Action Alert!
We remain deadlocked at 49 signers and 52 refusals to sign with 68 being needed to force House leadership to hear the bill on the House floor.   It is far too late in the session for this rule change to matter as all the bills that could have been helped have long since died in committee but the issue will be important again next February when the legislative session starts again.  Below are the names of those that have refused to sign the HR 1004 discharge petition.  Please contact them and demand that they represent their constituents and sign the discharge petition.  Use the mass email addresses at the bottom of this newsletter and contact all of the Representatives.    The ones that have already signed will talk about the support for this issue and help convince their peers to do the right thing.
Representatives that do not support representative government:
Don Armes, Gary Banz, Lisa Billy, Dennis Casey,  Josh Cockcroft, Ann Coody, Marion Cooksey, Doug Cox, David Dank, Lee Denney, Dale DeWitt, John Enns, Randy Grau, Elise Hall, Tommy Hardin, Jeff Hickman, Corey Holland, Dennis Johnson, Fred Jordan, Charlie Joyner, Dan Kirby, Guy Liebman, Scott Martin, Steve Martin, Mark McCullough, Randy McDaniel, Skye McNeil, Glen Mulready, Jason Nelson, Jadine Nolan, Charles Ortega, Leslie Osborn, Pat Ownbey, Ron Peters, Pam Peterson,  Marty Quin, Phil Richardson,  Paul Roan, Dustin Roberts, Sean Roberts, Todd Russ, Mike Sanders, Colby Scwartz,  Earl Sears, TW Shannon,  Kris Steele, Todd Thompsen,  John Trebilcock, Steve Vaughn, Weldon Watson, Harold Wright
Like it or not, confrontational politics is the only way to get politicians to represent their constituents instead of becoming State Chamber whores.  Reason and logic don’t work but slapping them upside the head with a 2 x 4 does get their attention as does exposing their poor voting record to their voters.  It isn’t “nice” but it works and making one or two of them into examples does wonders for the rest of them.
Oklahoma County Corruption Investigation Resurfaces
Last October the Sooner Tea Party newsletter forced an issue to explode into the public view.  Reports had been circulating for over a year on an alleged illegal in kind campaign donation to Oklahoma County D.A. David Prater.   News media reported seeing the affidavit and the accompanying letters but couldn’t verify the facts.   The Sooner Tea Party simply found the restaurant owner and asked him if the affidavit was real.  We kept the name of the restaurant owner out of the public view in an effort to keep his business from being damaged but since then his name has been outed in news reports.  Three days after we outed the story in our newsletter, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt turned the OSBI on the matter.
Wade Starr came across as genuine and sincere in our interview.  Indeed I had started off by sliding a copy of the affidavit across the table to him and asking if it was a forgery.   To this day I remember Starr’s answer and how it made my heart sink.   The idea of having to take on a local D.A. was more than a little disturbing but Starr insisted that the affidavit was genuine and that he signed it.   Starr made the point about the notary stamp not being on the affidavit when he signed it but it turns out that it needed be as long as the notary knew and trusted the person asking for the affidavit to be notarized.
We had heard unofficial reports about a grand jury looking into the matter as far back as early January but nothing could be confirmed until the Oklahoman story this Sunday claiming that the Grand Jury was also looking into the possibility of the affidavit being falsified by political enemies of David Prater.  Attorneys Scott Adams, Ron Wallace, Josh Welch and David Ogle all claim that they and other attorneys paid for the party, something easily proved with a search of credit card records.   Yet Starr told the Sooner Tea Party that Lewis B. Moon had paid for the party by whipping out a credit card.   
A clue as to the tangled web is evident once you realize the connection between the Oklahoma County D.A. office and Adams, Welch, Moon, and Ogle.  Welch and Ogle were implicated in a bribery case involving several police officers.  Scott Adams has been involved in supporting Prater’s investigation of the Leftwich scandal including defending Prater during a Fox 25 interview where he attacked conservative legislators.  Moon was the lawyer that was charged in a DUI at a Whataburger for driving the wrong way through a drive through and for spitting on an officer.  Using these four as character witnesses for David Prater is laughable.  As of late last year three of the four were facing charges from the Oklahoma County D.A. office and several of the cases were being criticized for taking years to prosecute.
The attorney that drew up the affidavit, Joe Brett Reynolds, clashed with Prater during the Jerome Ersland trial and was banned from going into the Oklahoma County District Attorney office.   Prater insists that Reynolds was behind the affidavit in an attempt to tarnish Prater’s reputation before the Ersland trial.
The Sooner Tea Party stands behind our initial story, that the restaurant owner stated that he did sign the affidavit, that the party was paid for by Lewis B. Moon according to the restaurant owner, and that the attorneys that David Prater is using as character witnesses or claiming as payers of the event are hopelessly intertwined in a web of corruption and special influence at the court house.    One hopes that the grand jury reports are being blown out of proportion by the Oklahoman in an attempt to influence the proceedings.    I can tell you that the comment section has been restricted on their story, no doubt afraid of what people might say.
Action Alert!
Contact Attorney General Scott Pruitt and tell him to make sure this corruption isn't swept under the rug.  Scott is a regular STP newsletter reader so he knows about the link between Prater and these attorneys, he just needs the political cover to finish this job without facing blowback from the powers that be.   Use both email addresses as the first one is a campaign email that might not be monitored oftten.  Or call his offices at OKC 405.521.3921 or  Tulsa 918.581.2885
The Imperious “Chambercrats”
            There is a phenomenon that has occurred in the state legislature that is becoming increasingly obvious to watchers of state politics. A new class of politicians has been created. Historically, there have been democrats on one hand and, as a rule, you can count on them to vote to represent their liberal, welfare-state constituency. On the other hand, you have the Republicans, the majority of whom are basically conservative in their view of limited government and responsible spending. Of course, then, you have as well the RINO (“Republican in Name Only”) who masquerades as a conservative by voting the conservative line only enough to be able to wear the fig leaf of a conservative when it comes around to election time and he needs to fool his constituents. Recently, however, a new breed of amoral politician has emerged that is beholden neither to constituents nor to a particular ideology. This new breed of politician worships at the altar of power and money administered by the Chief Priests of the Chamber of Commerce. This new politician is becoming increasingly known as a “Chambercrat.”
            One telltale sign of a “Chambercrat” is his arrogant unaccountability. A Chambercrat is a little it like a liberal in that he thinks he knows what is best for us poor, unsophisticated voters and he intends to take care of us behind the scenes by doing whatever is necessary to create an Oklahoma that is tolerant, cosmopolitan and inclusive so as to attract a wide variety a businesses to our state. If it becomes necessary to “beat the religion” out of Oklahoma in order to attract business, oh well, the greater good of the collective is paramount. And may the Good Lord help anyone who dares to call into question the actions or motives of a Chambercrat!
            Let’s take a look at one Chambercrat case study. As you know, the ALAC bill passed the house on March 17, 2011 and has been dead in the water since then, held hostage in the Senate for two legislative sessions by the bill’s Chambercrat handler, Senator Anthony Sykes. You also may recall that we called Senator Sykes out and exposed his little game in a recent article entitled “Charlie Brown and the ALAC Football.” (use the archives link at the top of this newsletter or click here.)
Following the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals decision striking down the “Anti-Shariah” Constitutional Amendment, a measure supported by 70% of the voters, the ALAC bill was introduced in order to correct the legal problems with the Anti-Shariah Amendment and Senator Sykes agreed to carry the ball in the Senate. What we didn’t know at the time, however, is that Senator Sykes’ handler, the Chamber of Commerce, didn’t want the bill passed because this “Islamophobia” stuff isn’t the kind of image that attracts business to our state. Consequently, Senator Sykes allowed the ALAC bill to die what he thought was going to be a quiet death by not fighting for the bill or doing his homework while claiming plausible deniability all the while. Welcome to “Chambercrat Politics 101.”
            What Senator Sykes didn’t count on, though, is that we were watching.  In the Book I read there is a verse that says “light casts out darkness.” As we reported earlier, following the calls that swamped his office after we blew the whistle on him, Senator Sykes cried “Uncle!” and back-peddled just as fast as his fancy, wing-tipped shoes would carry him. According to Senator Sykes, he supported the ALAC bill despite the fact that he didn’t do the work necessary to win support of the six Republican Senators who failed to support it and actually rejected an amendment intended to fix some of the bill’s perceived problems. Senator Sykes voted for the bill but, when you are the sponsor of a bill, your responsibilities go far beyond the fig leaf of a vote. That dog won’t hunt. You need to count noses before the vote and do whatever it takes to get the bill passed, especially when 70% of the voters support the idea. One basic rule of politics is “Don’t listen to what a politician says. Watch what he does.” Senator Sykes did not do his job – the job he gave his word he would do.
            As you might imagine, after we called him out and exposed his deeds to the light, Senator Sykes was hopping mad. Bob Dani, Moderator of the High Noon Club, called Senator Sykes to ask him politely if he would be willing to come to the HNC to discuss what happened with the ALAC bill. By way of background, the “Charlie Brown and the ALAC Football” article was floating around among HNC members and it is my understanding that a number of the members actually called Sykes asking him to get the bill passed.  In response to Dani’s request, not only did Sykes refuse to come speak to the voters, but SENATOR SYKES ACTUALLY THREATENED TO SUE DANI AND THE HIGH NOON CLUB FOR DEFAMATION because they had circulated the article.
            At this point, it is necessary to explain a few things to put the actions of Senator Sykes into proper perspective. First, there is no possible way that either Dani or the HNC could ever be held liable for defamation as a result of what they did. I’ve spoken to a lawyer and, not only do the statements not even begin to constitute defamation, but Sykes is a “public figure” as a politician and is held to a higher standard in defamation cases. Second, members of the HNC (some of which are constituents of Sykes) truly wanted to know what happened with the ALAC bill, especially after Sykes had given his word to see the bill through, but Sykes took the approach that he was above answering questions about his record. “How dare you, a mere voter, think to question me an, imperious State Senator, about any matter!” Does any of this remind you of what happened between members of Congress and Tea Party members before the last U.S. election? Third, Senator Sykes is an attorney himself and should know full well that his threat of defamation is nothing more than a tooty-fruity poodle poot.  Why, then, would he make such a ridiculous legal threat? Forth, the most logical explanation for Senator Sykes’ threat is that he thinks that Dani and the concerned voters at HNC are nothing more than stupid, red-neck Okies who can be intimidated. Guess again, Senator Sykes. The time has come for “We the People” to hold you accountable for your betrayal of the voters of Oklahoma.
            But wait, there’s more! At the HNC meeting on Friday, April 13th (Good Friday, no less) Dani recounted to those in attendance what had transpired with our good Senator Sykes and gave a rousing speech about his arrogance and unaccountability that lasted virtually the entire luncheon. You’d think other politicians would have taken note. Nope! There were four Republican Senators who voted against the ALAC bill (Senators Anderson, Brannan, Fields and Newberry) and two others who skipped out so as to avoid having to go on record with a vote (Senators Jolley and Mazzei).
As an insert, let me just shoot down any “plausible deniability” argument Jolley and Mazzei might try to make. The ALAC bill was one of the most important bills pending this legislative session and, to do your job representing your constituents, you need to do whatever it takes to make arrangements to be there to vote. No fig leaf available here, boys. Besides, the word is that Sykes and Jolley are the “Co-Leaders of the Senate” for the Chambercrats. Further, Jolley is locked in a tight re-election race with Patriot Pastor Paul Blair and could not afford to be on record against the ALAC bill. Dani invited all of these Senators to come to HNC to explain to the voters what happened with the ALAC bill. None of them took him up on his offer. Said Dani, “This is an outrageous example of the arrogant ‘Imperious Chambercrats’ trying to duck being accountable to the voters! That time has past.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. Watch out for this Dani guy. He’s running for office because he wants to do what’s right, he doesn’t care if he gets re-elected and he can’t be bought off by the Chambercrats.
            A postscript: last week we did an article entitled “Did Anybody CAIR (Part II)?” in which we cited a quote from one of the documents in evidence in the U.S. v. The Holy Land Foundation trial which reads: “The Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their (our) hands…” We then pointed out that the phrase BY THEIR HANDS describes the government, law enforcement, military, church and business leaders who have been deceived and co-opted into doing the Muslim Brotherhood’s “dirty work” for them by instituting and enforcing changes in our society that make it difficult or impossible to identify and confront our declared enemies who have infiltrated every level of our society in order to overthrow our government and replace the Constitution with Shariah law.
What you have seen happen with the ALAC bill is a first-hand example of what BY THEIR HANDS means. Whether the Chambercrats realize it or not, they are working for the Muslim Brotherhood when they work to defeat legislation like the ALAC bill. Oklahoma doesn’t want Shariah law. What I’d like to know is whether CAIR’s Muneer Awad or any of those really sharp, friendly, reasonable CAIR representatives from D.C. in their thousand-dollar suits convinced the Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce boys that they aren’t like the “radicals,” that their Shariah is the “good Shariah” and that this “Islamophobia” stuff will drive away some REALLY wealthy businessmen (who can’t be identified just yet). If our Chamber of Commerce friends bought into that lie, then THEY are the ones who are the “stupid, red-neck Okies” (at least that’s how they are probably described back at CAIR headquarters). Regardless of how it came to be, however, the Chamber of Commerce needs to realize that, in opposing the ALAC bill, etc., they are putting their Chambercrats on the same side as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing trial in the history of the U.S. Even if their Chamber handlers don’t see it, the Chambercrats need to ask themselves, “Is that where I really want to be?” Let’s see what happens in the elections before you answer.
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