That's becoming "an old saying" in today's shelter communities, as the concept of no-kill becomes more widespread and the population of cats in shelters is burgeoning.
In today's youth-oriented society, even pets must conform to this attitude. In other words, more people want kittens (and puppies) than adult pets. Thus, kittens move out of shelters very quickly - as if "flying" out of there - while adult cats often must wait months for an adoption, if not years.

Those left behind may even find themselves as permanent residents of the no-kill facilities while those who end up in traditional shelters and humane societies are euthanized after a specified time to make room for others. This system is not perfect, no matter how it's handled. The no-kill places may find themselves full with the same cats year after year, and therefore must turn down any new ones in need. No matter how you look at it, no one can help them all, or save them all.

What can we do? Besides changing attitudes about pets as disposable commodities, we need to educate everyone about the importance of spaying and neutering.

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It's spring time again. Time for flowers to bloom, grass to turn green again, time for leaves to come out on trees.

It's also time for the bugs to begin their annual renewal. Until relatively recently, we have all been taught that the only way to prevent fleas, worms, ticks, mites and other pesky parasites that literally steal your pet's nutrition right from its blood is by using lethal toxic chemicals.

We have been taught that a drop of something lethal will keep fleas from bothering your cat or dog for at least 30 days. We are bombarded with ads touting how well a shot of this or that chemical will spare your pet from the various parasties for a long time.

Ever wonder how truly safe such a lethal dose is if it lasts for 30 or more days? Guess what: These shots and drops are NOT SAFE. What they do is poison your precious pet almost to the point of death in order to kill a measly little parasite that actually could be eliminated safely if only you knew how. can you keep these parasites at bay and your pet healthy at the same time?

You now have the two tools that can eliminate all kinds of blood sucking parasites safely without ever taking a chance of harming your pet in any manner.

Parastem---a liquid added to your pet's water that forces the parasite to loosen its grip on the tissue to which it is clinging, and the healthy body flushes that parasite from the system. This includes flushing out giardia and protozoa of all type.

Worm-Out---a powdered glacial deposit of diatoms that is added to your pet's food on a daily basis all during the parasite season. This also adds trace minerals to your pet's diet which enhances its overall health and well-being.
This can also be sprinkled on your pet's coat (or feathers) to help with external parasites, too.

If your pet means the world to you, then stop listening to those who are killing your pet and think about this with the common sense that only pet lovers can have. Use Mother Nature's proven safe methods of getting rid of parasites.

Check this web site for more information. They have some wonderful products that are completely safe and effective for pet care.


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