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Recall Oklahoma County Clerk Carolynn Caudill Petition
Let’s try this again…
Last week we started an online petition to recall Oklahoma County Clerk Carolynn Caudill after she admitted to driving drunk and information came out about a previous accident where she evaded police and was most likely drunk on that occasion as well.   The petition is gathering signatures but it isn’t returning email addresses so we can contact the petition signers to bring them a copy of the petition.  Opps!  All we have is a list of names, date they signed, and comments.
Some have signed anonymously by clicking on a check box in the signature webpage that hides their name, which is okay, that just hides their name from the online petition itself but we get their name in our data base.   
So now that we figured out how to make some of the data fields private, we would like to ask everyone to go back and sign the petition again.  There is a new email box marked private that no one but us can access and a new private comment section if you wish to send us a message.  And if you prefer to keep your name off the public online petition be sure and click that box on the page where you sign to keep your name private online.
Dave Weston says:  Join the GOP and Promote Republican Values!
Republican Values Take a Step Back
under GOP Chairman Dave Weston’s Tyrannical Rule
The story had been circulating for weeks about how Oklahoma GOP Chairman Dave Weston had chastised Republican Party leaders for not supporting the RINOs despite their unwillingness to follow the Party Platform of the Oklahoma GOP.   But we waited till someone had the courage to step out and call Weston out for his treachery.
That happened last week when Karen Cuellar sent out an email requesting support for a protest against Common Core at Governor Fallin’s campaign kickoff event in Tulsa.   Cuellar called out both Fallin and Superintendent Barresi for implementing Common Core in Oklahoma.  She pointed out that Fallin is the member of several organizations that are pushing Common Core and had this to say about both Fallin and Barresi:
“Both women are serving these interests rather than the interests of Oklahomans and our children. The GOP has very strong, very clear anti-Common Core language added to its national platform, as well as our state platform, yet both women refuse to change their course – partly because they know leadership will let them get away with it.”
But what Cuellar did next was the most encouraging thing I’ve seen this year.  She rightly laid the blame at the feet of the GOP state chairman, Dave Weston:
“ I personally pleaded with GOP leadership at the State Committee Meeting in September to hold them both accountable by refusing to run them on a Republican ticket until they change their course and abide by our platform regarding Common Core. The Chair made it clear in his explanation during the meeting that any kind of dissent or criticism of Republican leaders would not be tolerated by the GOP on any of their media pages, so in short, no accountability. We should all be a “team player” even if they aren't following our platform or rules.”
Several accounts of that meeting got out including a warning that any GOP county or precinct leader that tried to enforce the Party Platform would be expelled from the GOP by Weston himself.   Cuellar went on by explaining why the GOP was damaging itself:
“ I should spend my time/money and effort fighting Common Core, then turn around and do my duty to the GOP and vote someone in office that is implementing it and deceiving the public, or risk being ostracized for not being a “team player.” And we wonder WHY we lose elections? We are not to say anything that might look upon the GOP as unfavorable. It is very important that the GOP rid itself of this type of thinking if it’s going to survive. We must hold our leaders accountable and force them to do what we say. The only way to do that is to bring to light in the public arena what they are doing behind closed doors.”
Ms. Cuellar nailed the problem, it isn’t Fallin and Barresi, the problem is that around 54% of the Republican Party activists that showed up at the 2013 GOP State Convention elected a RINO like Weston to run the GOP.  This was no accident that Congressman Tom Cole sent his flunky back to Oklahoma to run the GOP.  Winning by a slim 4% showed them that Weston had arrived in the nick of time to prevent the real Republicans from gaining control of the GOP Party.  But Weston’s actions to crush debate and dissent are going to backfire on him and Tom Cole, we have seen the rumblings and the initial movement;  this will occur and in 2014 Oklahoma Republicans will get a chance to throw Weston out of office.
But ask yourself who is really to blame?  Fallin?  Barresi?  Tom Cole?  Weston  himself?  The answer is none of them are responsible.   They are just politicians that can be predicted to work in their own favor.  The people that are to blame are those who tried to run an unsuitable candidate to oppose Weston, picking a well known religious bigot who’s own group had clashed with the GOP Party Platform when the state questions on the 2012 ballot were under discussion.  The candidate had admirable qualities for research and had done a lot for the liberty movement but she would have been a disaster as a GOP chairman.
There are more conservative Republicans than RINOs in the Republican Party but the various faction have not learned to compromise and cooperate enough to push a united slate of candidates to control the GOP.  But every year since 2008 the conservative ranks in the GOP has swelled, we were at 35% in 2008, rose to 40% in 2010, and were at 46% in 2012.  Tom Cole is a lot of things but one thing that he isn’t is stupid.  He saw the threat accelerating and knew that he could split the conservatives in 2012 and knew that his thugs had to drive the real conservatives out of the GOP in order to maintain control but he couldn’t accomplish that had it not been for the leadership of the John Birch Society and the Ron Paul crazies uniting to stand up an unsuitable candidate.  Notice that I said leadership of the JBS and the crazies in the Ron Paul movement; not the general membership who for the most part are liberty loving patriots.  But as Ms. Caellar said, we must hold our politicians and leaders accountable including our party officials.
Oklahoma GOP Chairman Dave Weston needs to go.  He is a cancer that was injected into the Oklahoma GOP on purpose to drive away conservative Republicans, to ensure that Republican elected officials like Fallin and Barresi didn’t have to follow the Party Platform.  He is the turd in the punchbowl at every Republican event and is the biggest danger to our freedom and our well being, far more than Fallin or Barresi will ever be.
The Rascals That Reign
By Ms PM
Fortunately for “We The Peons” there will be no pay raises for state lawmakers.
Unfortunately for us, they are overpaid and continue to pass laws that govern “us” and not “them.”
The former Republican state senator from Tulsa, Charles Ford, seems to think that without an increase in salary “it would be difficult to get someone who is independent-thinking to serve.” What was it that the Founders said about pay? And why did they say it? Lacking smart pills in today’s society it stands to reason that Fords thought process plays a huge part regarding the problems not only for Oklahoma, but for the rest of the country as to why government is so corrupt.
James Madison was one cool dude. When he said, “The truth is that all men having power ought to be mistrusted,” has proven over time to be absolutely correct. There is a reason why a “modest salary”, as our Founders proclaimed, would work. It keeps greedy bastards at bay, and opens the door for those with the real intent of being a public servant the ability to do just that.
We have the super wealthy Representative Katie Henke, a Republican from Tulsa grandstanding by saying the money could be better spent by dumping it into education. This “do it for the kids” routine is getting very old. If these idiots at our Capitol were truly concerned about the kids, then why haven’t they insisted that every school be equipped with a storm shelter and shut it down until it is? Don’t we live where the tornados live? Please!
Then we have Senator David Holt, a Republican from Oklahoma City, saying he “liked the process for determining legislative pay because lawmakers have no say in the matter.” Well Mr. Brilliant, who came up with the law that says the Legislative Compensation Board are the ones to meet every two years to contemplate whether or not you get a raise? Did this just float in off the lake and magically become law? And doesn’t this board, paid for by taxpayers, increase the size of government? Another point, how are we to know if the powers that be got some kind of deal out of it behind those preverbal closed doors? And who was it that came up with the increase from $38,000 to $44,000 to even vote on? Remember James Madison’s words? How about a salary of minimum wage and when you’re done with the session, go home and get a real job like the rest of us footing the bill and living under your laws of intrusion.
So…let us see if we have it correct. Legislators are in session from February to the last Friday in May. That is unless they convolute a special session which means they couldn’t get their job done. Let’s not forget they still have a job, which is quite different from the rest of us because we would be fired for incompetence. We fork out more money because of your lack of ability and need a Compensation Board to tell you all that you’re a bunch of losers. The pay is based on part time for approximately 4 months’ work. Legislators are paid $38,000, divided by 4 or $9,600 a month. Divide that by 4.33 and it totals about $2,217 a week. Not to forget the $147 a day per diem when needed, or the benefits and staff expense thrown into the package. And we wonder, is that $147 at 100% of the $147 or is it 65% of the $147 like other hard workers receive?
The rest of us would be hard pressed to have this compensation package. The million dollar question from this taxpayer funded scam is…how long will you get away with it?
GOP Push Poll Outrages Oklahoma Republicans
One of the political realities that we face is that good men don’t usually rise to the top in politics.  Instead the best liars and the most unethical rise to prominence the vast majority of the time.  Sure, a good man might get his toe in the door, look at Rand Paul, Cruze, our own John Bennett and a few dozen Oklahoma House members along with him, and a handful of Oklahoma State Senators.  Usually the man that will do anything to gain power will win, the ruthless, the deceitful, someone that has no morals or is completely amoral like Oklahoma COP Chairman Dave Weston.
As Machiavelli said, it is all about appearances, not substance.  And it will remain that way until citizens return to precinct party politics to control their elected officials through holding the politicians accountable to the party itself.  Our current system of relying on advertising to promote politicians is one of the roots of our problem.
Last week the emails flooded in with copies of a very self serving, deceitful GOP push poll sent out under the guise of a “survey” to Republican donors and activists around Oklahoma.  The email was sent out by Greg Walden of the National Republican Congressional Committee.
As further proof of just how bad the Republican Party leadership has sunk, let’s  look at this “survey” they sent out to Republican activists last week.  Political insiders will recognize what it really is; a push poll designed to direct public opinion to align with RINO sensibilities, not the GOP party Platform.
Looking at the “survey” it doesn’t take long till the rigged questions start up:
Question #1 is to establish a fig leaf to cover their naked intent, it is a multiple choice answer. 
Question #2 gives you a yes or no choice, one that they know you will agree with the.  Now they have you saying “yes”, time to go in for the kill.
Question #3 tries to get you to say “yes” to raising the debt limit as long as it is coupled with spending cuts that we all know will never happen.  But you just gave them cover to raise the debt limit instead of cutting spending to keep us under that debt limit.
Question #4 sets up the Republican vote to raise the debt limit as “saving” Social Security and Medicare, programs that you have paid for most of your life, then it ends with saving grandma from eating dog food.   Got you saying yes again, didn’t they?
Question #5 is to rile up the base, focus the anger on the Democrats while ignoring that the Republicans have done exactly the same when they were in control of the House of Representaives.
Question #6 continues on in the same vein, scaring you with the boogie man that will increase taxes, increase federal spending, increase red tape, implement Obama Care, increase energy prices, increase funding for Planned Parenthood, increase restriction on our 2nd Amendment rights, and increase unemployment.  But again they neglect to mention that all of that except for the Obama Care had increased under Republican leadership from the mid nineties till 2008.
Question # 7 throws red meat to the lions, don’t pay the elected officials if they won’t pass a budget.  Notice that they didn’t say don’t pay them if they refused to follow the Party Platform…..
Question #8 sets the hook a little deeper by getting you to agree with them on something that no one in their right mind would disagree on, should captured terrorist be given a citizens constitutional rights?  Idiots, or at least they think that we are all idiots….
Question #9 continues the set up, they know that a solid 70% or more of Americans are anti abortion.
Question #10 asks if you support a repeal of Obama Care without bothering to say that it was Republicans including Mary Fallin that tried to push Obama Care down the throats of Oklahoma.
Question #11 is designed to split any hope of unity in the Republican Party by listing a dozen or more role models for the GOP and putting the conservatives at the bottom of the list.  Hey, people are lazy, they won’t bother to scroll down….
Question #12 asks if you want more spam from the GOP instead of real change or following the Party Platform.
Question #13 is time to beat on Obama, like he is the problem and not our own Republican leadership.
And the entire goal of this self serving push poll is question 14 where they explain how all of this is being done for your own good.  And you can choose to blindly follow without questioning their lack of support for the party platform or agreeing that Obama should have complete control of our lives.
So are we generally so stupid that we will fall for such an obvious manipulation?   Maybe so because you can bet that political consultants carefully scripted every word to increase the “survey” results and to maximize the donations the email brought in.
His Tear Said It All
By Ms PM
He is old and his memories are what he has left. He feels alone as he sits in his wheelchair, even when he is surrounded by people. His thoughts come from his head, but his feelings come from his heart. He wonders how to make sense of it all when his thoughts and feelings collide. Never did he ever think he would be a victim of the circumstance he just endured. He is proud, or was, until his visit to Washington, when he saw first-hand what his government is capable of.
You could tell he was uncomfortable as he spoke into the microphone. It isn’t every day you see someone from the greatest generation break down, after all, what he went through in WWII would be enough to make us all step back and finally realize what we have. As the tear rolled down his cheek and he tried to brush it away, his message was clear; it came from his heart and he wondered why his government shut down his memorial. He knew there was no need for this action and it became clear as to why he felt as though his service was no longer appreciated. He was met with barricades and it was indeed, a slap in his face. To comprehend what he felt, leaves us with the empathy toward these forgotten heroes. My heart is broken…is yours?
These vets are almost gone; age has played out as it always does. We wonder what it will be like when this kind of patriotism is gone. We know there are few that will come close to walking in those boots. Time changes perceptions of what it takes to be free. These men and women have walked through what most can’t imagine. This is a sad day when a great nation can’t find the time to stand ready, hold his hand and walk him through a time in his life that is dear.
Is there any reason why the streets were not over run with Americans intent on one common goal? Seeing these vets, surrounding them all that made the journey, and insistent on helping those who can no longer help themselves as they complete one last journey. At the least they should be able to rest knowing they are loved and honored. What has happened to us as a nation?
Is it clear that what happened in Louisiana would have never happened had it taken place in their era? How many would have been in line at Wal-Mart to use their food stamp card? How many would have loaded their carts with TV’s and emptied the shelves because they knew someone else would pick up the tab? The difference between our generation now and the generation of long time past show a picture dotted with feelings of shame and disgust that those growing up have aligned with.
What is it that these veterans know? Clearly, much more than parents or people able to work, and don’t, sucking off the teat of government, paid for by all those labeled as cold hearted bastards, Tea Party radicals and/or racists.
We are getting old and our memories are what we have left. We feel alone even when surrounded by people. We are still proud…with the hope that enough people have the capacity to figure it all out. We so dearly love our vets and our military…you are tucked into our hearts for safe keeping…and we will always salute you.
You Aren’t Going Anywhere Till We Say You Can Leave
By the Watchman
We recently were approached by a combat veteran of the Vietnam War who had spent right at a week at the Oklahoma City Veterans Administration Hospital against his will.
We waited for over a week until after his release from the hospital before we took the picture to obscure his true identity. The photo below is the result of handcuffs administered by the VA Police when the veteran made an attempt to leave
the VA. Those bruises are over two weeks old. How dare they treat a veteran this way?
In fairness, the veteran was there to undergo a series of examinations that involved radiation injections and full body scans. They were looking for a possible tumor that may have been causing excessive acid to be released into his stomach preventing his current course of medication from healing his ulcers. This patient has been trying to work with the VA for over four years on his ulcers. This was to be the final examinations before surgery was to be scheduled. The veteran had been placed on a liquid diet for over a month. At this point, they had him off his stomach medications for over three days. A perfect storm had been created.
Without releasing detailed information on the specific medications involved, which the veteran has chosen to remain private, it is obvious that what followed was a violent allergic reaction to either one of the preparatory medications for the procedure, or a combination of an horrific reaction of a interaction of medication used to treat the Veteran and the medications used to prepare the veteran and the radiation itself. He in effect lost it. He doesn’t remember exactly every detail of the events that followed, except that for the next seven (7) days he was prevented from having visitors and prevented from going home.
He does remember making two attempts to escape. He, being a combat veteran and not knowing the meaning of surrender, did his fair share of damage. He could have been charged with assault and destruction of government property. A VA cop is wearing a few more bruises for his trouble. A couple of hand rails had to be remounted to the wall because of the Veterans dogged determination not to return to his room. So be it. We suspect the reason he wasn’t charged is because they knew what they did to this man was illegal.
For three days the veteran was handcuffed to a bed on ward 6 east. He knew that they couldn’t legally hold him after that. Surprise here comes a shrink who commits him to the eighth floor lockdown ward of the mental health unit for four (4) days. All this was done in an effort to get the Veteran to submit to additional radiation and scan testing and surgery. For those seven total days the veteran refused. They had run out of time.
By this time the veteran’s attorney had been in touch with the director of the hospital and politely informed them that papers would be filed on Monday morning seeking his release if he wasn’t home that day. The veteran was out an hour later.
The veteran has other means to pay for the medical treatment he needs, and he plans on using it. He has lost trust in the surgical department, the gastroenterology department and the psychology department of the VA Hospital of the OKC VA Hospital.
There is an exception to this case. During the veterans stay on the mental health ward of the hospital, he witnessed an act of such kindness by the staff that they deserve to be recognized for their kindness. A Doctor is rarely seen on this floor. They were lucky to see one every third day while the veteran was there. The staff is primarily CAN’s, LPN’s and RN’s. Often they are understaffed for the work they do.
They had one patient that required 24 hour care. Someone needed to be by his side 24/7. The veteran never saw anything but the most caring and loving that one would expect of that of a mother giving to their child. According to the veteran, it wasn’t just a duty they did; these care givers had developed an emotional bond with this veteran.
The problem with institutions is their very size and scope eventually makes them inhumane.  Employees and administration gets caught up in rules and regulations instead of doing what common sense and common decency tells them to do.  Had it not been for a lawyer making a phone call who knows how this story would have ended.

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