Plasmid-Safe™ ATP-Dependent DNase 
Removal of contaminating bacterial chromosomal DNA in large-scale plasmid, cosmid, fosmid, and BAC clone or vector preparations
What makes it "Safe" and how does it work ?
Plasmid-Safe™ ATP-Dependent DNase selectively removes contaminating bacterial chromosomal DNA from plasmid, cosmid, fosmid, and BAC clones or vector preparations.Perhaps you are finding that your preparations are frequently contaminated with fragments of bacterial genomic DNA generated during alkaline lysis. Maybe your other purification options, such as spin-columns or even CsCl centrifugation, are not  effectively removing these contaminants and require further purification steps? Then Plasmid-Safe™ could be the answer.
Contaminating DNA fragments left behind by these methods ultimately can become ligated into a cloning vector, resulting in false positives and high backgrounds, or erroneous sequence data. Plasmid-Safe ATP-Dependent DNase digests linear dsDNA to deoxynucleotides at slightly alkaline pH and, with lower efficiency, closed-circular and linear ssDNA. The enzyme has no activity on nicked or closed-circular dsDNA or supercoiled DNA. Therefore, Plasmid-Safe DNase is ideal as the final purification step for plasmid, cosmid, fosmid, and BAC vector and clone preparations.
So how can this benefit you?
  • It minimizes the possibility of cloning or sequencing contaminating chromosomal DNA from plasmid, cosmid, fosmid, or BAC preparations.
  • The protocol is Fast and easy with minimal handling time.
  • You are provided with protocols for using Plasmid-Safe™ DNase with miniprep, midiprep, and maxiprep plasmid, cosmid, fosmid, and BAC DNA purifications.
  • Above all it saves you time and money  and a alot of hassle.
Still not convinced?
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