Friends & Neighbors,
We're about one month into Maryland's 2018 legislative session, and I have much to report on issues ranging from paid sick leave to terminating the parental rights of rapists. Read about these and other social & economic justice issues I'm working on below.
As always, let's stay in touch to discuss policy! 
Delegate David Moon

ENDORSEMENTS ARE ROLLING IN - As I gear up for re-election in the June 2018 Democratic Primary, I'm proud to have the support of numerous progressive organizations. So far I've been endorsed by:
  • Teachers (MSEA/MCEA)
  • Sierra Club
  • League of Conservation Voters
  • National Nurses United
  • CASA in Action

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EARLY ACTION IN MARYLAND'S 2018 LEGISLATIVE SESSION - Though the legislative session started just a few weeks ago, I'm pleased to report on some early actions we've already taken:
Overriding Larry Hogan's Veto of Paid Sick Days for Workers - I was proud to vote to successfully override Governor Hogan's veto of legislation I co-sponsored to guarantee paid sick days for workers at Maryland businesses with 15 or more employees. 
Terminating Parental Rights of Rapists - After 10 years of delay, we succeeded in passing a bill I co-sponsored allowing courts to terminate the parental rights of rapists over children conceived from the sex assault.
Ensuring Affordable Health Coverage - This year I'm cosponsoring several bills to reduce the damage from federal efforts to sabotage Obamacare, including bills to stabilize costs with an individual mandate, rein in prescription drug costs, expand access to contraceptives and more.
Making Transit Successful -  With residents of Silver Spring & Takoma Park increasingly relying on public transportation, I'm cosponsoring legislation to provide WMATA Metro with a dedicated funding source. I've also cosponsored legislation introduced by my District 20 colleagues to provide financial assistance to businesses disrupted by Purple Line construction.

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JOIN US FOR DISTRICT 20 NIGHT IN ANNAPOLIS - Please join me and my District 20 colleagues (Sheila Hixson, Will Smith & Jheanelle Wilkins) for District 20 Night in Annapolis! We'll provide tasty snacks and tell you about our legislative agenda this session:
Monday, February 19 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm
Maryland House Office Building, Room 170
6 Bladen Street, AnnapoliS
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BILLS I'M TAKING THE LEAD ON - During my first three years representing you in Annapolis, I've succeeded in passing a dozen bills (you can read about them here). This year I'm hoping to build on these successes with another batch of timely legislation. Here are a few highlights:
Expanding Maryland's Assault Weapons Ban (HB 888) - The Washington Post reported on a gun safety bill I'm working on: "Democrats said they are also pushing a bill that would ban bump stocks, a device used to accelerate the firing of semiautomatic weapons, including in last year’s Las Vegas mass shooting. Del. David Moon, who is sponsoring the bill, said the measure is the next step in strengthening the state’s automatic-weapons ban. 'I do not see this as a monumental change to gun laws in Maryland, but it is a simple statement that you cannot jerryrig around our assault-weapons ban using technology,' Moon said."
Prohibiting Public Funding for Dan Snyder's New NFL Stadium (HB 229) - The Washington Examiner, a conservative newspaper, has endorsed my bill to create a treaty between Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia to have all three governments agree NOT to use public dollars to build a new NFL football stadium: "The result is rare bipartisan agreement that government subsidies and incentives to pay for mammoth sports stadiums and arenas do little to stimulate a local economy.... The Beltway area isn't usually the source of great ideas, but this compact could set the standard for how other cities and municipalities can cooperate in handling negotiations with sports franchises in the future."
Banning Convicted Animal Abusers From Owning Animals (HB 212) - Last week I presented a bill to allow judges to ban convicted animal abusers from owning animals. HB 212 allows judges to impose a lifetime ban on those convicted of aggravated animal abuse (torture, mutilation, cruel killing, dogfighting, etc). Animal cruelty investigators from Montgomery County came to Annapolis to tell us about repeat animal abusers, including domestic abusers who tortured their girlfriends' pets, and hosts of dogfights who repeatedly held contests where dogs tore each other's bodies apart.
Bringing Transparency To Police Use of Military Equipment (HB 240) - I introduced a bill to require police to disclose any military equipment they receive from the federal government. This is one of the issues caught up in the national Trump vs Obama battle, as Obama previously put restrictions on this practice, and Trump later reversed course. I'm pleased to see that the state police are not opposing my efforts to bring greater transparency on this issue.
Giving Voters More Say for Maryland House & Senate Vacancies (HB 307) - This week I presented a bipartisan bill to reform how we fill vacant House & Senate seats in Maryland. Currently, party leaders from the county of the departing legislator appoint a new lawmaker & voters have no say in who represents them. My bill is a compromise that keeps all of this the same, BUT if a vacancy occurs in the first year of a four year term, the appointee must run in a special election held during the next regularly scheduled election. This guarantees we have a high turnout special election, with no added costs to taxpayers. In short, I'm hoping that in Maryland you cannot get appointed to a full four year term in office without facing voters, especially when we are already paying to conduct a Presidential election during that period.
Letting Maryland Voters Decide on Marijuana Legalization - For the third year in a row, I've introduced a bill to allow Marylanders to vote on whether to legalize recreational cannabis in our state. NBC 4 ran a TV segment on my legislation (click image below to watch)
More To Come - This is just a handful of the bills I'm introducing this year. I've also got legislation to protect children from convicted child abusers, eliminate special tax breaks for country clubs, expand funding for Maryland foster youths, and much more. Stay tuned!

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