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Pervert Loses his Job and we Aren’t
Talking about Senator Harry Coates
Digusting is the only work that comes to mind when we read this week’s rundown on Oklahoma Reporter Zeke Campfield’s ongoing soap opera.  The Red Dirt Report covered the story very well as usual and kept us up to date on what the Lost Ogle website was posting.
The latest twist to the Oklahoman reporter’s sordid tale is an investigation by the FBI that claims that Zeke Campfield propositioned an underage prostitute in early May.  And it is going to be tough wiggling out of that one because the sixteen year old prostitute had a picture of Campfield’s drivers license on her cell phone!  The alleged pimp for the underage girl was arrested in Edmond and charged along with Zeke Campfield’s investigation. 
  The Lost Ogle report has an excellent article including excerpts from the FBI search warrant used when they confiscated Zeke’s computers, cameras, cell phones, and other digital equipment.  One wonders if any of the Oklahoman equipment was seized and if the Oklahoman editors knew about the FBI search warrant.
Now old Zeke not only paid an underage girl for sex, $220.00 according to the FBI search warrant statement, but he asked if she knew any younger girls to procure for his “brother”. 
The Oklahoman continues to deny that Zeke Campfield was assigned to cover the May graduation ceremony where Campfield was accused of taking “up skirt” pictures of teen age girls.  No doubt the Oklahoman is trying to escape a major lawsuit for enabling a pervert to gain access to the event and to the girls.
But even a pervert is entitled to his day in court and the presumption of innocence so we will watch to see if Campfield is another recipient of Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater’s good will and escapes justice like so many before him.  And after all, he was just taking pictures up the dresses of underage girls who had lost their homes in the Moore tornado; it isn’t like he tried to influence legislation or threatened to expose a public official.  Had Zeke Campfield had pictures of Senator Cliff Brannon’s dirty drawers or Senator Brian Bingman’s skid marked skivies then perhaps justice would have been swift and merciless.
And yes I was being sarcastic in the paragraph above.   Don’t send me emails but we do accept senatorial dirty laundry.
Total Incompetence In The Form Of Bloated Bureaucracy
From None Other Than Our Own Government
By Ms PM
In this article, it can't be more clear that our own government has hopped into the loony bin. What type of breeding produces these types of lunatics pretending they are protecting U.S. soil when they hold a shipment at the Canadian border for tornado relief headed to Oklahoma?
They are called "American officials" and they would not allow the food, blankets and diapers into the country until every item was alphabetized and noted with the country of origin.
Dennis Sauve, the volunteer coordinator for Windsor Lifeline Outreach along with Windsor Christian Fellowship say it is a "physical impossibility" to track the donations for the shipment and process the paperwork before the perishable food spoils.
There were skids of food from Heinz Canada, along with a refrigerated truck from ADT Transportation with fresh fruits and vegetables from greenhouses in Ontario. The shipment was scheduled to leave on a Wednesday but instead it's parked. Originally the truck was over weight and volunteers had to remove skids to accommodate weight limits.
As of Friday the truck was still parked. The U.S, Food and Drug Administration wants paperwork before they will approve the shipment as "safe for consumption."
An email was sent to U.S. Congressman James Lankford asking for help. So we ask; did the food ever arrive? We don't know, this is where the news story ended.
If ever a time to question the unintended consequences of the United States government's meddling it is now. One question needs an answer; How is it that our government can sell guns to drug cartels used to kill our citizens and not be held accountable, only to turn around and hold food for tornado victims?
Something is terribly wrong. When you have a government so large and they lose site of the real issues, it is left to the people to rein in those that continue to indulge in a bowl full of breakfast loaded with two scoops of stupid.
Are there any of our readers that will take on the task of finding out what Congressman James Lankford has done to address this issue? Let us know.
High Policing Leads to the Demise of American Freedoms
What can You Do to Fight Back?
The Sooner Tea Party has been beating this drum since June of 2009 but the steady progressive loss of our privacy and constitutionally protected freedoms continues to continue.  The latest sign was the admission from the feds that they have a massive data mining operation in place, something that we started talking about along with the local connection of the Fusion Center ran by the OSBI.  WND has a good story on ways to minimize the effects of the data mining but isn’t that like advising women on how to minimize the effects of a rape?
As the U.S. government has direct access to everything coming through Google, Face book, Apple, or any other internet company and given that they have access to your phone records including who you called, now long you talked, even where you and the other person were located when the call was made perhaps it is a good idea to begin being proactive at limiting the data available.   Some might say that they are doing nothing wrong so they have no problem with the invasion of privacy.  I would say that we have locks on doors and curtains on windows for a reason.  Pull all the bathroom toilet partitions down and take the bathroom entry door off and tell me how you feel about privacy.
The product called Seecrypt is purportedly able to block the connections that otherwise would allow the NSA to look at your phone records and find out the details of your calls.
Seecrypt is an app that you download to your phone that allows you to talk or text with another mobile phone that has the app embedded without anyone being able to eavesdrop.  A unique one time code encrypts the data or sound before it is transmitted.  It is basically a VoIP program like Skype and you must have a smart phone to use the system.  Users get a free three month plan at no charge then it costs $3.00 per month but you get a free month each time you refer a new customer to Seecrypt up to 12 free months.   You are given a free phone number that starts with 281 and to call someone you must know their Seecrypt number.   Or you can call their email address if that person’s profile in your phone has an email address on file.  There is also a system in place that acknowledges a incoming or outgoing phone call as from a trusted source, someone one that you know and have added to the list.
The system currently works with IPhones and Android based smart phones, a Windows and Blackberry version is in the works and will be out later this year.  Signing up is very simple, go to their website and register, follow the registration email link back and verify your email address.  When it asks for a referral code use h4mmqg  or just follow this link. You can even make international calls for free anywhere in the world as long as you have a smart phone and a data plan.  You will have to pay data charges if you exceed your data plan.
Keeping the feds out of your online life is a bit harder.  The FBI, the NSA, and the TSA all have access to your online life including what you search for on Google, what you post privately on Face Book, what videos you watch, what documents you send and receive including your personal and business email.  Your best bet is to limit communication online and purchase a throwaway phone to use when you would prefer not to be traced.  Most of us go about our lives day to day with little concern if anyone knows where we are or what we are going but what if you were talking on a phone and had an accident?  Or perhaps you are driving a company truck with one of those “call to report unsafe driving” phone numbers slapped on the bumper?   Someone calls in because of an imagined slight and claims that you were swerving all over the road, the supervisor gets hold of your phone records and you are out of a job.  Or maybe you are looking for another job quietly and your employer finds out that you have been calling one of their competitors?  Or you have an ex spouse stalking you…or your kids have a perverted state senator stalking them?  Or an Oklahoman reporter…. tell me that is crazy talk, I dare you.  Of course your kids will also need a throwaway phone, no use covering your tracks only to reveal your throwaway phone number by calling someone else.
To make it harder for the OSBI or the feds to track you online will be a bit harder.  There are proxy servers, online accounts that you can pay for that allow you to log in and surf the web a bit safer but most websites can detect the use of a proxy server and deny service.  There is Tor, a software system developed by the U.S. Navy to protect their communications by creating virtual tunnels that Internet Service Providers (ISP) and spying governments can’t track.  There are limitations, don’t open documents, enable any Flash or Quicktime files or install any browser plug ins when using Tor.  As long as you follow the rules you can browse online, use instant messaging, log onto remote computers and more without revealing your location or browsing habits.
And again, why would you want to keep your online life private?  Let’s use a hypothetical case to illustrate.  Let’s say there is a senator named Brandon Cliff that has a unique fetish of liking to watch other men have sex with his wife and he likes to post videos of the encounters online.  Brandon could engage in his perverted pastime without the Sooner Tea Party being able to track him by using Tor to cover his tracks.  Even if we managed to get hold of the website administrators and found his IP address that uploaded the videos it would tell us nothing useful.  Or perhaps you are a whistle blower and have info on a terrible scandal involving an Oklahoma state senator but are afraid you will lose your Executive Assistant job at the Senate if you get caught divulging the info.
Proxy servers are easier to use but they have a single fail point; the proxy server knows who you are and where you are located and they have access to the info you are sending.  Logging onto your online bank account?  They can watch and store the info needed to log on later on or sell the info. The Tor system works with a network of volunteer servers scattered around the world and the information goes through three separate servers with three separate encryptions.  If the first server was compromised, say the feds joined the Tor system to spy on people, then they would know your IP address but they couldn’t un encrypt your data.  If they were the last server before your information landed on a website they would know what website you were accessing but not your IP address or your location and the data would still be encrypted.
Downsides to using Tor?  Slow connections because there aren’t enough volunteers contributing processer time but it works if you are patient.  There is no “backdoor” so even if the OSBI knew you were using the software and tried to subpoena the company they couldn’t compromise your data.  Currently the Tor system is limited to Firefox browsers but you can download a complete package that will handle much of the installation for you.
Instant messaging services can’t stop the NSA or the OSBI from tapping into your communication if they are served with a warrant but there are off the record messaging websites that can be used if you are an expert in computers.  Here is one site that has the information needed to get started. 
Like it or not, deny it if you wish, but the government is watching everything you do online and offline to some degree.   While we can try to stop the relentless attack on privacy or at least slow it down, it pays to get up to speed on what you can do to throw a monkey wrench into the works.
Grading the Legislative Session
By the Watchman
Today, while reading the latest edition of CapitalBeatOk, we got the biggest laugh we have had all legislative session. It’s a shame that it had to occur after the session was over. It concerned both articles in the edition. Don’t get us wrong, both articles were well written, and undoubtedly reported the facts
The first story dealt directly with the big three at the capital, Governor Fallin, Speaker Shannon and Senate President Pro-Tem Bingman, who differed on particulars, but were all agreed in praising themselves on the outcome of the session. You can read the story here, State leaders laud their performance at end of 2013 legislative session -- and give themselves an “A” Of course, there are plenty of reasons to give themselves an illusions of having accomplished something this session. The only thing they really accomplished that will have an immediate effect is the workers compensation law. They did pass a tax cut; unfortunately it won’t take effect for two years.
Let’s talk about some of their failures this session. They failed to reduce the over two billion tax dollars they give each year to their friends in the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. That could fix a lot of roads and bridges in this state that are in desperate need of it, but no they’ve got to pay tribute to their slave masters.
They failed to pass a bill to protect the citizens of Oklahoma from the NDAA again this year. That leaves us open to indefinite detention. In addition to that, at the request of the Governor, they tabled a bill to protect the privacy of the citizens of Oklahoma from the Drone program that the Governor is pushing in the state.
The Senate failed to advance a single bill to expand our 2nd Amendment rights in the state. How can they allow this to happen? Apparently they don’t believe in the 2nd Amendment. Hopefully this will reflect in the NRA’s ratings during the next election cycle.
Perhaps the most appalling failure of the year lies directly on the shoulders of Senate President Pro-Tem Bingman. He actually stood there with his head up his ass and allowed two of his Senators put a recommendation in on a bill that would remove an effective date from it. That bill dealt with the treatment of our disabled veterans. It passed the House with only 4 votes missing, because they were unavailable that day. We know it passed the Senate because the bill made it to a conference committee. The House, rightfully, would not budge from their position of the effective date, nor would the Senate and the bill died in Committee. The disabled veterans, who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury, must now suffer without treatment. How in their right mind can they give themselves a score of an A after such a blatant slap in the face to those that have suffered and sacrificed for their freedom?
This just goes to show how out of touch these people who try to think they are capable of leading the citizens of Oklahoma are. The Governor has allowed herself to be infected with the ways of the corrupt Washington politicians, and she is spreading it throughout the Capitol.
The second story was a commentary again written by Mr. McGuigan, COMMENTARY: OK Grading the 2013 State Legislature and Gov. Fallin. What makes this article so powerful is that it points out that the people in power now, are not small government Republicans. It, rightfully so, points out that even with a recession going on, Governor Fallin and the legislature managed to grow the size of spending in Government by an average of two hundred million dollars a year since she became Governor.
As hard as they tried, Insure Oklahoma looks like it will be gone by the end of the year. It didn’t have to happen that way. We’re sure some of that two billion plus dollars they give to their friends at the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce could have been better spent with this program, but no, the Senate tried a few times this session to push different forms of Obamacare through. All because their slave masters want Obama Care so the State Chamber member businesses can dump their employees into the system.
While researching this article, we came across this OCPA - Spend-O-Meter. It shows you how fast the state is spending your money. I wonder if it would slow down a little if we didn’t waste thirty seven cents of every tax dollars by giving it to the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce’s friends. We’ll never know with this bunch in office.
We, however, feel that because of the inaction on reducing the amount given to the cronies of the legislature in paybacks that amounts to over two billion dollars a year, and the Senates down right cruel action on the bill dealing with treatment for our disabled veterans that this session deserves an F.
There is no reason to celebrate this legislative year. The tax cut that takes effect in 2 years will most likely be taken away by the imposition of the forced Obama Care that the Senate seems bound and determined to ram down our throats. The Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce will still get its two billion plus dollars a year in tax money this year courtesy of the legislature, the drones will still have free reign to invade your privacy and you are still subject to indefinite detention courtesy of the NDAA. Our 2nd Amendment rights have not been advanced one bit either. In effect all our legislature has done is lined their campaign coffers.
 It’s time for a major shakeup in the state senate.
Tulsa Mayor Race set for Next Week
Tulsa goes to the polls next Tuesday to elect a new mayor.  Running are incumbent Kathy Taylor, Dewey Bartlett, and conservative Bill Christiansen along with two fringe candidates.  News 6 had a debate scheduled last week between the three top candidates but both incumbent Taylor and challenger Bartlett refused to attend the debate leaving the stage to Bill Christiansen. 
Christiansen is a favorite among Tulsa conservatives and he did well in the News 6 video.  As a small businessman who runs an aviation company he understands what government can and can not do well.  We would encourage all Tulsa residents to get out to vote on Tuesday and elect Bill Christiansen.    Here is a link to the News 6 video
If You Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse, Think Again.
By Ms PM
In the aftermath of the devastation from recent tornados and those suffering from the destruction, leave it to scam artists popping up and preying on those that have lost their normal existence. Grasping at an attempt to understand how anyone could make a bad situation worse goes beyond any reasoning a normal person might have.
This article touches on what reputable companies say to look out for. While David Fonzi from A-List Construction was covering a client’s roof, a neighbor asked how much it would cost to do the same with their home. Fonzi notes that homeowners should never make advance payment to contractors after a storm where emergency services are required. Any reputable contractor will wait to get paid from their insurance.
Other valuable information was given out from the Oklahoma attorney general. Emergency packets were distributed to affected counties once law enforcement had spotted what they call “travelers” in the Moore area. Look for out of state license plates and be aware of door to door solicitations that pressure residents with immediate decisions requiring cash only deals. The packets also gave the law regarding price gouging.
The AG warned of a new scam involving legitimate home sale information being posted online as rental property. When interested tenants wire money up front they later find out the property was never for rent and their money is long gone.
Hiring local isn’t a guarantee either. Donn Lipscomb of Moore’s Roofing and Insulation has been in business for 38 years and has watched local businesses being bought out. The hope from those purchasers by having a local business name, phone and address they would be able to get your money, perform very low quality work and be out of town before anyone finds out the roof leaks and shingles blow off. Scammers prey on devastated customers but the homeowner must confirm credentials. Oklahoma contractors are required to register with the Oklahoma Department of Health, Occupational Licensing Department and provide proof of insurance. You can check for licensing on Oklahoma’s Construction Industries Board website. Take the time to check references.
Randy Jansinski of Randy’s Roofing cautions any homeowner about signing a blank contract. This is a scam and popped up in the past. Regardless of the reasons the contractor gives, don’t do it, and consider this tactic as a warning that something isn’t right. Any contract should be completely filled out along with the cost, start and completion dates and a warranty.
Valerie Kelley fell victim from the May 1999 tornado as well as the recent one. She is a member of Oklahoma City Angie’s List. Her advice is to “not rush the process.” Watch for “deals too good to be true.”
Being displaced is difficult to deal with; we are creatures of habit and change is something many have a hard time accepting. It is one thing to voluntarily go through change but to be thrown into a new life in a matter of minutes is something no one would want to face. Adding a spouse, children, or pets to the mix would make this situation even more stressful. Once you compound that with no vehicle and literally the clothes on your back it would be enough to make anyone go into a tail spin.
If there are any who can offer someone a safe place to land please contact us with what you have. For those needing a temporary stay please let us know what you need. We will do our best to connect these people. If you are so overwhelmed and need assistance with phone calls or a ride to help prioritize what you need to do sometimes a neutral eye on the situation is all that is required to get you moving in the right direction. Our heartfelt sympathy’s go out to all of those affected and we will do all we can to help ease your transition into a new life.
Use Patriotic Republican picture
Tulsa County Men’s Republican Club Meets on Wednesday
June 12th at 11:30 am at the Hibachi Grill at 8110 East 74th Place is the location for the monthly Republican club meeting.   The guest speaker will be Representative Mike Ritze of Tulsa who will go over what went on at the legislature this year.
Everyone is invited and please bring a friend.   You can order your own lunch and catch up on the latest shenanigans at the Capital.  Ritze is one of our conservative heroes at the Capitol.

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