Bag Making is FUN!
March 15th, 2023
 a bi-monthly publication of StudioKat Designs
 Issue #242
So... I'm SO excited to tell you that our new pattern, the "Double Take" is at the printers and the pattern cover is with our graphic arts gal and that means the the release date for our 1st pattern of 2023 is FINALLY in sight! For a closer look at the six samples we've created in support of this design click HERE

Im looking forward to releasing the "Double Take" in our next edition of "Bag Making is Fun" and as usual we'll be including a time-sensitive discount code toward the purchase of that pattern in that issue which should publish sometime during the last week in March so mark your calendar so you don't miss out? 
In the meantime, let's get started on this issue, OK?

What Was I Blogging About Back Then?
I have such a large archive of writing on our website that sometimes I like to go back and see what I was writing about during a particular week in the past. And guess what? Turns out that this is the week EVERY year (since 2018) that I post about the MAQF. It's interesting to watch how this Festival has progressed for us.

3 Years Ago: 3/21/20- Seen at Show- MAQF '20
4 Years Ago: 3/11/19- Our Take on the MAQF '19
9 years Ago: 3/18/14- Life without Jeter
Click HERE (or the image at left) to watch this cute video about that ONE employee who is ALWAYS the bosses favorite!  Tongue out

Today's Chuckle
So there's absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a pasttime for pure enjoyment alone, right?  {Click image or HERE for a larger view}

How She Built Her Fabric Stash
So does this sound like anyone you know? She decided that she needed to have a stash to draw from especially as she got more into pattern writing but she still struggled with keep extra fabric because she had trained herself to think of a stash as quilts that needed to be made. Her husband, however, helped her to re-frame that mindset and not see the fabric as a task list but instead as a resource. It would be a place of inspiration to draw from. 

Click HERE for one woman's advice for HOW  & WHY to build a fabric stash!
Pets Do Weird Things!
Bella the beagle loves boxes from Amazon. She tears into them, while ignoring other deliveries where as Little Bit, a tortoiseshell cat, was similarly obsessed — but with socks. She would raid the laundry basket in the middle of the night and paw through the open suitcases of houseguests, who invariably found themselves one sock short in the morning.
The point is... pets do quirky things. Click HERE to read more. 
This Issue's Special Offer- the Everyday Attache
This month we're featuring our Everyday Attache with a great discount offer!
If organization is high on YOUR list of priorities then you are sure to love the design and the freedom of going "wallet-free" while enjoying the security of a zip-around closure.  And why hunt all over town (and the Internet) for beautiful zippers & hardware when you can pick up a complete Hardware Kit for the Everyday Attache by clicking HERE
And check this out--- from now thru midnight on Sunday night, April 2nd you can use this code - 7UBPEVER - to get $3.99 off either our Everyday Attache pattern OR our Everyday Attache Notions Kit.
This coupon code cannot be used for previous purchases, or in combination w/other discount offers & will expire at 11:59pm on Sunday night, 4/2/23. 
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In closing- 
Thanks for reading this month's edition of Bag Making is FUN. I hope you enjoyed it and that brightened your day if only for a short while! So that's it until later this month when we'll write to you again!
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