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                        March 7, 2019
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
If you celebrate this holiday, have a great day! Tell us how you and your cats spent the day! Here, it's same old same old....
With this many cats, there isn't much opportunity to do anything crazy. The cats take care of that anyway. Every day is different, but the same. If you have more than one cat, you know what I mean.
Since we're having some extreme weather, with blustery snowstorms, high winds and below zero temperatures, the internet isn't always working, either. So this issue is a little bit late and a little bit slim.
Notes From Home
My cat Orange Ade is declining in his old age and may not last much longer. Rescued in 2004 as the "big daddy" on a farm, he was already an adult at the time, so we've had to estimate his age at approximately 17. 
He's a little old man now, but still a loving companion. He's one of those that didn't get adopted initially, but we love him and will miss him when he's gone.


This photo is from two years ago, before he lost so much weight.
In-Home Vet Care
If we lived in Los Angeles or New York, we could take advantage of this service in case Orange Ade needs to be helped at the end time. It's so much nicer to receive care at home, in familiar surroundings, than to go to the vet's office.
So if you live out west or east, check out this company. They are "...the leading provider of in-home veterinary services in the country, (and are) offering .. a voucher for a free in-home wellness exam. All you need to do to redeem this voucher and join our community is add a pet, join a group, & complete registration."

If you'd like more information regarding Vetted PetCare, please check out their website:

Note: Offer is only valid in Los Angeles and New York
Additionally, please note that we do not receive any
commissions or perks of any kind from this company.
Also, if you would like to find something similar in your area, search online for "in home vet care."
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