Volume 14 ,February 2013 edition 

Theme: CAPE TOWN(Revised Issue)                                                                                                                                  
The Red Disa
esCape Town
Angela, a slave woman from Bengal India, landed in Cape Town by sea, way back in 1658 ( approx. 200 years before Indian indentured labourers arrived in Durban). She had been bought by the Cape Magistrate and then like a commodity was sold a few times from one person to another, as usually happened in the slave trade of those days. What’s unusual about Angela’s story is that she got “liberated”within 4 years of her arrival “out of pure goodwill” by her new owners. Angela started making a living by selling vegetables mainly to passing ships. So many ships stopped at Cape Town port looking for water and fresh vegetables that her business grew. Soon she became wealthy, started speaking Dutch, attended church and got integrated into the Afrikaans community. She went on to marry a wealthy Dutch and had sons. After her husband died, she took over business and doubled the joint estate! She even bought her own slave! An amazing story? Well that is Cape Town for you! A city that’s not just incredibly beautiful, but packed with intrigues and fascinating stuff...Read More
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Indian Expatriate in Cape Town
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I4a Discussion that brought readers together
In this this first i4a discussion, inspired by an article an engaging conversation ensues about the Indian word JUGAAD that has been credited with India’s economic success
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DYING TO BE ME is reviewed by Sarita Mathur
A miracle took place when Anita Moorjani, a cancer
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Ananya Mukerjee
It is impossible that you could miss him in a crowd
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Two of the Indian Navy Ships recently docked in Cape Town. Listen to ship captains explain life in a navy vessel, war games, Cape Town etc.
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Official Biography of the President of India
We look up leaders to become our role models. Shri Pranab Mukerjee, President of India, sure fits this bill...Read More
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20 Pain Killers in Your Kitchen
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Surya Namaskar
Is one of the most powerful yoga asana accompanied with a Video clip to show how to do it...Read More
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February 2013 has not necessarily been a very bright month. Much of the month
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Religious Site In Cape Town
The Cape has many Old Religious sites this is the oldest mosque which dates back to 1798,there is also a Church that dates back to 1652...Read More
The history of Cape Town prior to European settlement is somewhat unclear. The region's earliest archaeological artefacts, discovered in Fish Hoek's Read More
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