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Rep Shumate married

The T.U.R.D of Cleveland County

There is little doubt that of all the faux Republicans in Oklahoma Cleveland County’s Bobby Cleveland is our poster boy for what ails the Republican Party.     As such, we have bestowed a nickname on old Bobby:  The T.U.R.D. of Cleveland County, which stands for “Tyrannical Ulcerous Republican Dictator”.


We have documented Bobby Cleveland’s antics as a board member of ACOG, the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments and as the Cleveland County GOP Chairman.   Bobby Cleveland believes in large government and corporate welfare while wearing his ACOG hat, only to rail against the very policies he is implementing at ACOG when anyone mentions Agenda 21.  As the GOP Chairman of Cleveland County he is renowned for his crude and brutal attempts to retain control of Republican Party politics in Cleveland County by any and all means.  We felt the “Ulcerous” part was especially warranted as Bobby Cleveland is no doubt a cancer growing  inside the GOP and will eventually lead to its doom.


Bobby’s latest antics is a continuation of his effort to maintain control over the Cleveland County Republicans by changing the party rules to make it impossible for democracy to work inside the party.  We obtained a copy of the proposed rules despite the  “rule” imposed by Bobby Cleveland and Lisa Shrieves that copies of the proposed rules were not allowed to leave the meeting.   What kind of “leaders” refused to give out advance copies of proposed rules changes before the meeting, attempt to limit discussion and questions on the rules, then have the audacity to refuse to allow people to take a copy home so they can study them?  The answer is the kind of leader that can’t lead by gaining other’s respect and has to resort to deceit to remain in power.


Contained within the proposed rules changes we found the following “floaters”.


 Article IV, subsection (b):

The County Chairman shall also represent the Cleveland County Executive Committee at all times or to designate a representative in the absence of the chairman.


In other words, elect Bobby Cleveland and then sit down and shut up.


This dovetails with the “opinion” generated by the State GOP counselor that once elected, GOP County Chairmen can rule with an iron fist with zero regard for their Executive Committee even though the Cleveland County Chairman and Vice Chair appoint the Executive Committee under their proposed rules.  One would think that their  friends and supporters would have input.  But this “appointing” of the  committee is in blatant violation of the State GOP rules which require that the County Committee be composed of the precinct chairman and  vice chairmen, the state committeemen and committeewomen, and the district committeemen and committeewomen.  This County Committee is the “Supreme Republican Party authority” according to the State GOP Rules.   In other words, the power is vested at the precinct level and the county chair and vice chair serve at their pleasure and under their control.  No doubt that State GOP Chairman Matt Pinnell had a hand in the “opinion” from the state counsel to try to keep those pesky conservative activists away from Party leadership positions.


The next proposed rule change that caught out attention is Article V, Section 3 states that if the precinct chair and vice chair refuse to hold precinct meetings that   15 Republican signatures from that precinct  are required to petition the county chair or vice chair to hold a meeting.    Fifteen registered Republican precinct members?  You are usually lucky to get one per precinct to show up at a meeting.  Past that, the same proposed rule makes it impossible to replace the precinct chair or vice chair at that meeting!   Even if you managed to get 15 people to sign the petition because the precinct leaders refuse to do their job you can’t replace them?   The proposed rules “allow” the precinct members to make another petition that can be “presented” to the county committee but then the same rule points to Article IV, Section 4 where they have to wait till the next annual County Convention!


In the State GOP Rules, precinct officials are the only party officials that can be removed at will by the precinct members.  No cause needed, just vote them out and new officials in.  The whole point is to provide ultimate control by the actual Republican voters, not the party hacks that want to drive the train and blow the whistle.   Up the food chain officials can’t be removed except for cause and those causes are listed to prevent a constant changing of County GOP officials as factions vie for control which makes sense to provide some continuity as long as the ultimate supreme authority of the party is the county committee which is composed of around 160 precinct chairs and vice chairs along with two state committee people and two district committee people.



Article VII section 5 says that chairman and vice chair appoint all executive board members.  But State GOP Rules require that the four district and state committee people are to be members automatically by virtue of their elected office.  How can Bobby Cleveland and Lisa Shrieves advocate rules that break State Party rules?



Article IX section 1, subsection (a )   says that you have to be registered five days before the precinct meetings…….  and who expressed an interest in representing the precinct at the county convention.  This section is a bald faced attempt to limit participation in the Cleveland County GOP.  Lots of people find out about the precinct meetings at the last minute or find the time to attend with little notice.   And there is no “registering” required for attending a GOP function, you can just show up and participate.  This rule harkens back to 2010 when Bobby Cleveland required Cleveland County Republicans to “register” with him before he would give out the precinct meeting date, time, and location in an attempt to weed out new conservative Republicans.  And expressing a prior interest in attending the county convention before attending the precinct meetings?  B.S.!   It is at the precinct meetings that the delegates for the county convention are elected!  There is no prior need to “express interest”.


Article IX, Section 2 Subsection (a):  Regular Biennial Precinct Meeting   says that you can’t fill precinct leader vacancies without approval of the chairman and that missing the meeting isn’t grounds for removal.    Again this is a bald faced attempt to keep handpicked precinct officials in place and is against State Party rules.  If the precinct officials can’t attend the most important meeting of the year then they should be replaced.  And as the ultimate authority of the Republican Party these precinct officials can be replaced at will.   Even in disputes within the precinct the county chair and vice chair have no power to intercede!  It has to be hashed out within the precinct itself by the precinct members.  How is it that Bobby Cleveland and Lisa Shrieves think they can control the precincts in violation of State GOP rules?


 Article X,  Section 5 is the biggest floater in the entire set of rules.   This proposed rule is allegedly to protect the confidentiality of GOP members but it gives Bobby Cleveland and Lisa Shrieves the ability to keep the list of precinct officials secret!    Their idea is to prevent people from talking and opposing them.   Precinct officials should be listed on the county website so that Republicans in that county can find out who their precinct officials are and get in touch.   If they don’t want to be bothered then they shouldn’t be elected as a precinct official.


And as icing on the cake, or icing on the T.U.R.D. in this case, believe it or not, Bobby Cleveland and Lisa Shrieves are selling Romney campaign signs.  No one sells campaign signs to Republicans wanting to post one in their yard, the campaigns usually have people ready to go plant one for you if your request one or you can usually go by the campaign headquarters and pick up some signs for free.








The Hypocrisy of Matt Pinnell



The Tea Party cannot stand hypocrisy in any shape or form but when it comes from someone who should know better and is attacking another party then it is double offensive.  Oklahoma State GOP Chairman Matt Pinnell put out an article last week that absolutely reeked of hypocrisy.


Pinnell prefaced his article with this blurb: This platform should be the final straw that breaks the donkey's back in Oklahoma.   Pinnell goes on to assail the Democratic Party for their new platform calling it out of step with the average Oklahoma voter and claiming that Republican Party registration is at an all time high in Oklahoma as a result.  Pinnell states “social issues” and the “economy” as major portions of the Democrats being out of touch.  Here is most of Pinnell’s screeching published in red type with our comments in green:


"This platform should be the final straw that breaks the donkey's back in Oklahoma,” said OKGOP Chairman Matt Pinnell. “Enough is enough. They aren't even trying anymore; they have chosen to double-down on extreme liberal policies that are completely out of touch with a majority of Oklahoma voters."  Yeah, right Matt.  Remember when over 70% of the voters rejected Obama Care in 2010?  Do you want to talk about the fifty plus Republicans that voted for the Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchanges in 2011?   Or that only seven Democrats voted for the Obama Care/Fallin Care bill?  Had it not been for the pressure the Sooner Tea Party put on the freshmen Republicans until ten of them turned against House leadership we would have Obama Care in Oklahoma.


Among the most striking instances of the growing alienation of the Democrat Party towards Oklahomans, Democrat State Representative Rebecca Hamilton noted the removal of the word “God” from the Platform. Said Representative Hamilton, “A one word change could mean anything, but when it is grouped alongside the HHS Mandate and party positions on abortion and marriage, it becomes part of a pattern. That pattern says a lot.”    Abortion?   Like the failed Personhood bill last legislative session?  The same legislative session where we Republicans had 70% control of the House and a 66% control of the Senate?   That kind of abortion?  And marriage?   Is that like the HB 1397 Transvestite Birth Certificate bill issue of 2011?  You know, the one where virtually all of Republican House Leadership voted for the right of transvestites and transsexuals to change their birth certificate after a sex change operation?  Wasn’t that 12 Republicans and 13 of the most liberal Democrats that voted yes on that bill opposed by 71 Republicans and Democrats?


"It was Ronald Reagan who said he didn't leave the Democrat Party, but that the Democrat Party left him,” continued Chairman Pinnell. “The modern Democrat Party has made a hard left hand turn, it's not coming back, and it's time for conservative Democrats across Oklahoma to say enough is enough."    Conservative?   Like supporting the Constitution, supporting states rights, opposing abortion, opposing illegal immigration, and supporting the 2nd Amendment?    Weren’t you guys calling those “social” issues in 2011 and hammering Republicans like Sally Kern, Mike Reynolds, and Randy Terrill?   I recall that your biggest concern that year was Al Gerhart but you told the Republican Caucus in a meeting at the Capitol that you had him “contained” in early 2011 when you helped tear down the Oklahoma Constitutional Alliance.


The Democrat Platform stakes positions wholly at odds with Oklahoma voters: the removal of the word "God" when referring to our God-given potential, the removal of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, support for broader access to abortions including taxpayer-funded abortions, support of gay marriage, further gun restrictions, attacks on the energy sector, and support for raising taxes in the midst of an economic crisis.   Wow, where do we start?    I don’t recall Matt Pinnell making a peep last spring when Speaker Steele refused to hear the Personhood bill, when HR 2171 stole 100 million dollars out of the state road tax fund and replaced it with 80 million borrowed dollars, when HB 1446 was corrupted from a decent step forward on controlling illegal immigration into a illegal alien sanctuary bill, or when HB 1647 Open Carry was shot down by Republicans.   I don’t remember Matt Pinnell making a peep when Governor Fallin was pushing for billions in bonds for corporate welfare and to replace tax monies given away as “job creating” incentives nor do I recall Matt Pinnell sticking his head up when Governor Fallin, House and Senate leaders tried to ram through a tax increase on veterans and middle class Oklahomans at the end of session this year.   Was I hiding under a wash tub or something Matt and didn’t hear you asking the Republican elected officials to abide by the GOP party platform and Oklahoma values?


"Our message to Oklahoma Democrats is simple: If you believe in lower taxes, less government intervention and traditional values, then welcome to the Republican Party...we have voter registration forms waiting for you and your family,” concluded Pinnell.     Let’s see, transvestite birth certificate changes, over one billion dollars in tax increases in 2010 authored by then Representative Ken Miller, 160 million given away this year to higher education to put in a bank somewhere for “endowments”, repeated attempts to force Obama Care on Oklahoma though the Health Insurance Exchanges, the implementation of Real I.D., and an attempt to implement highway spy cameras, those kind of government interventions Matt?


Campaigns are about contrasts: please click here to view the Democrat Platform and click here to view the Republican Platform.



Pinnell, let’s face it.   You are an absolute hypocrite to take on the Democrats when you are too much of a coward to do anything about Oklahoma legislators not following the GOP party platform.   To make matters worse you have betrayed the conservatives that are trying to force the party to live up to the platform and protect corrupt GOP officials like Bobby Cleveland.  You sir should have the decency to resign after your failure to act instead of taking to task other political leaders.  Yes the Democratic party leadership is out of touch and out of control but you aren’t any better than they are.




Partial Audit of the Federal Reserve

Reveals Trillions in Unpaid Loans


Last year a watered down bill made it through the Senate to do a partial audit of the Federal Reserve Bank.


For all you naysayers out there who thought the FED could do no wrong and conservatives were barking up the wrong tree, this report, though only a partial audit should open your eyes. During the most recent financial crisis you are all aware of the TARP program that loaned billions of dollars to banks and financial institutions around the country. Most, if not all, of the TARP money has been repaid. What the partial audit revealed was the $16 trillion dollars in loans made by the FED that have not been repaid. You can read the entire report here. 


Now if you want to talk about corporate welfare, no one does it better than the Federal Reserve Bank. Banks like Bank of America, Citigroup, HSBC, AIG, Ford Credit, GMAC, Merrill Lynch and others all received loans from the Federal Reserve Bank totaling billions that have not been repaid. That doesn’t include foreign banks. All told it adds up to 16 trillion dollars the Ben Bernacke loaned to banking corporations around the world while this country was in a financial crisis of its own.


This partial audit only proves that conservatives were on the right track. It is now time to demand a full audit of the Federal Reserve Bank. It is now time to demand more accountability to the public and to congress of the Federal Reserve Bank. In fact it is now time to do away with the Federal Reserve Bank.  There is no place in American society for a secretive bank making loans to foreign countries and organizations it deems too big to fail.




 A Hobson's choice


Don’t you just love the American habit of confusing history until you get to the point that to use a quote accurately is to be misunderstood?  The phrase “Hobson’s choice” is usually mixed up with "Hobbesian choice" that is usually attributed to the better known philosopher Thomas Hobbes and even then it is still off base as it is the phrase  “Hobbesian Trap” that is associated with Thomas Hobbes.


A Hobson’s choice is the choice between something or nothing at all.  The phrase originated from a 15th century livery stable where the customer had the choice of taking the horse from the nearest stall to the door way or taking no horse at all.   The proprietor, Thomas Hobson, did this to prevent the best horses from being overused.  But in our example, Republicans in House District 23 might think they have no choice but to vote for the Republican even if he has taken money from Tulsa Obama money bundler George Kaiser and the State Chamber of Commerce.


Have you ever noticed all the campaign signs that don’t indicate which political party they are affiliated with?   I’ve found it to be prevalent in Democratic candidates and is likely an attempt to fool the public or shame in what their party stands for.  But sometimes a conservative Democrat is a much better choice rather than sending a liberal/progressive Republican back to 23rd & Lincoln to represent us.


Enough has been said about the Republican candidate for House District 23 Terry O’Donnell that a conservative voter would have to be mindless to vote for him but is there an alternative?  There is a Democratic challenger to the seat, Shawna Keller, a school teacher that teaches in an alternative school which speaks well of her.


Keller’s web site can be found here.   Her campaign finances  are unusual for the absence of contributions in the education sector. We would have expected support from the teachers union for her candidacy but it is good that they haven’t supported her.


We did, however, find contributions from, one educator and two unions. Those Unions are the Tulsa Firefighters PAC and the Oklahoma State AFL-CIO Political Action Fund. As Mrs. Keller is a Democrat, we would expect donations from unions


It goes without saying that if elected; Mrs. Keller will do what she can to promote a union work force in Oklahoma. That is what Democrats do. But there is a strong indication that she will also do more for the people of Oklahoma than her Republican challenger.


So Republicans might think they have a Hobson's choice in November.   Do you want to put a liberal with an R after his name in the House of Representative, or do you want to put a moderate with union ties into that seat? You must remember your fight is not with private sector unions, it’s with the public sector unions that are bankrupting our cities, counties, states and federal government. 


In the end adding one more Democrat to the one third already in the House makes no difference at all but adding another State Chamber slave makes a huge difference.   Democrats can’t get their bills heard and can only come to the right to help the conservative Republicans in order to have a say in things.  If you doubt this, remember that only seven Democrats voted for Obama Care in 2011 while 56 Republicans initially supported Obama Care.  Had it not been for ten freshmen Republicans breaking ranks with House leadership we would have Obama Care in Oklahoma.




Gotta Make Ends Meet

The Sooner Tea Party Starts Accepting Controversial Advertising


We all have to make our overhead in life be it at work or at home, those basic expenses that just have to be paid to keep the lights on and the doors open.  But it was with some regret that we found our organization needing to take on some of the more controversial advertising accounts but we have a newspaper to feed.    To show that we haven’t completely sold out we are going to check the companies out carefully and offer any warnings or advisories that might be warranted when we run these ads.


The first ad is the worst, Viagra.  Just as well get it over with and exhaust those that like to send us hate mail.  But we had concerns with the product.  Did it actually work?  Is it socially responsible?  To find out we interviewed the eminent Oklahoma amature urologist and proctologist  Dr. Kris Steele.


STP:   Dr. Steele, have there been any studies that prove this Little Man Viagra product actually works?  Can you give us any references so that we can verify the claims?


Dr. Steele:   Absolutely!   Several studies have been conducted on Little Man Viagra here in central Oklahoma although I am not at liberty to disclose the subjects of the study due to privacy concerns.   Little Man Viagra has shown to increases of up to 15% in some cases although it has considerable side effects.

STP:  When you say “increases” what are you refereeing to?   And what are the side effects?


Dr. Steele:   Well, political courage for one thing was measured in test subjects.   And believe it or not, some subjects actually became taller after using the product.


STP:   Men gained height after using Little Man Viagra?  Sounds impossible.


Dr. Steele:  Ah, a skeptic, eh?   Well one test subject named Stewart Jolley actually measured a full six inches taller after ingesting Little Man Viagra  although we later found that he had filled his shoes with the little blue pills and cheated a bit.   But that accounted only for about half of the increase in height.  Oh crap, I wasn’t supposed to name names, was I?  Forget I said that.


STP:  Amazing results Dr. Steele.  Was the anything unusual about Jolley that made the treatment unusually effective?


Dr. Steele:  Uh, er, yeah.   It seems that test subjects that were also above average in being irritating, selfish, mean, obnoxious, annoying, or uppity showed the most increase in height.


STP:  But Stuart Jolley also gained in political courage, right?  And what about the side effects you mentioned earlier?


Dr. Steele:   Well… no actually.   The test subject didn’t gain political courage in the Joll…, uh, in that particular case.   We stuffed him to the gills with Little Man Viagra right before the National GOP Convention but he wussed out on all of us.  Now the little crap might have put some of the pills in his shoes again but we are sure he ingested plenty.  He has this thing about being one inch shorter than me and is always hating on me… and if it wasn’t for my leg…  Oh, strike that comment please.

 STP:   Dr. Steele?   What about the side effects of Little Man Viagra?  Our readers deserve to know.

Dr. Steele:  Okay, okay!  Stewa…, uh the test subject went stiff as a board once we got him full of Little Man Viagra.    He could hardly walk, had a huge grin on his face the entire time, kept mumbling something about finally reaching his real potential, and started chasing the plus sized women at the convention.   He kept moaning about a “largey dresser" which was quite bizarre.  We figured that out later when he cornered Margie Drescher of the Oklahoma City Tea Party on the convention floor.  We thought for a second that we would have trouble prying the two of them apart but interestingly enough the second he found her he tripped, vomited, fell to the floor limp as Jabar Shumate’s wrist, and fell asleep.   The Drescher woman started screaming “You’d better call me in the morning” until convention security staff dragged her and .. the test subject away.


STP:  Dr. Steele?  You aren’t quite being honest with us on who all were test subjects in that study are you?


Dr. Steele:  Uh.. Urk…Ack… How dare you infer that I was one of the test subjects!  This interview is over with!




We Are Watching Them Too

We decided to take a look at some of the other legislators that were not running during this election cycle just to let the people to know how well they were being represented and how well they were being protected from big government by these politicians. Those we are looking at are all Senators eligible for re-election in 2014.


We’ll begin with Senator Sean Burrage who represents District 2 in Northeastern Oklahoma which covers Mayes and Rogers counties.


One of those public statements on his page at the Senate website caught our eye. It dealt with the Grand River Damn Authority and its plan to purchase a building in Tulsa. You can read the press release here. Oklahoma State Senate - News. What was disturbing about their plans is the fact that Tulsa is not served by the GRDA. This raises the question of whether or not placing former Representative Dan Sullivan in charge of the GRDA as a political inducement to get him to resign was a smart move or not? This gives the impression that Mr. Sullivan is just trying to elevate his appearance of importance rather than serving the customers of the GRDA. Senator Burrage and his colleagues are right in opposing this purchase.


We next looked at his voting record. Burrage voted against the open carry bill, the budget, the repeal of State Income tax and Reducing State Tax Rates. As both tax cut bills started by eliminating taxes on the upper income earners first, we too opposed these bills. We do disagree with him on the open carry bill. We tend to agree with him on the budget. You don’t balance a budget with borrowed money.


We then took a look at his interest group ratings. There we were pleasantly surprised to find that his Consumer and Patient Advocacy ratings were in the 90% or better range. His business group ratings were in the 60% to 70% rating is with the highest mark being 71%. This indicates a pro-business stance, but not at the expense of the consumer. He cares more about his constituents than he does the business community.


We next went to the  Ethics Commission web site to look at his campaign finances. Here we went back to 2008 when he started his last campaign for office. The most surprising item we found here was a donation from the Koch Brothers PAC. As you may know, the Koch brothers are perhaps the largest donors to conservative candidates in the country today. Conspicuously absent from his donor list were a lot of the major donors to the State Chamber of Commerce and George Kaiser.  He actually raised more money from individual donors than he did from PACs. He had a lot of PACs contribute, but none as big as the Koch Brothers.


It is clear that we don’t always agree with Senator Burrage.  What is also clear is that Senator Burrage is what is commonly known as a “Blue Dog Democrat”. He does a good job representing his district and more importantly, representing the interest of the people of his district. That is a commodity you seldom find in legislators of any party these days.

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