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20-year-old cat adopted
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                        January 7, 2015
Much of the U.S. is under siege from a colder than usual winter this year. This frostbitten cat reminds us of the need to protect pets in bitter cold:

Years ago, a "friend" of mine declared that cats "don't freeze to death," because they are used to living outdoors and, being smaller than dogs, as a rule, can easily find warm cubbyholes to nestle into.

She was wrong. Not even a week later, I sent her a story of a cat that I had rescued the previous summer and the new owners did not keep him indoors. He froze to death on their back step....probably trying to get back inside.

It is wrong to consider animals living outdoors as "wild" and able to survive. Even IN the wild, many do not make it. Please give some thought to these outdoor animals and perhaps set up some small shelters for them. If you can't do that, call a local animal welfare group for help. Some cities have animal control departments that care, but don't count on it.
If this looks familiar, it is. I ran this photo in a recent issue but feel it's important to do so again.
Twenty-year-old cat adopted!
Senior cats don't often get the opportunity for a new home, as most people prefer to "start fresh" with a kitten, or a young cat. This story is especially heartwarming
because Dexter, a 20-year-old cat, got lucky when a family decided to love an old cat, and he loved them all right back. To everyone's surprise and delight, he fit right in with the family right away. Personally, I suspect that had a lot to do with their attitude toward the cat, not expecting specific things from him and letting him be his own cat. Also, older cats have learned the house rules somewhere else and generally will carry those with them to a new home. (Hooray - no litter box training!)
Cat Comforts Owner
Dogs get all the attention for being sensitive to their owners' needs, but cats are capable of showing the same concerns. Here is a story about a cat who helped comfort his owner after he'd been in an accident and just came home from the hospital.
Here are some entertaining sites to visit:   the CATalunia Boys' Choir  (Thanks to Barb for sharing this.)
Welcome to 2015 and a new year getting to know your cat and everything that makes you both happy!
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