AshGPS: Firmware, Software Update Notification
for Spectra Precision, Ashtech, Magellan Professional, Thales Navigation
Mon 13 November 2012
In This Issue:
  GNSS Solutions Version 3.80.8
  FAST Survey Demo PC Version
  Carlson Survey for FAST Survey Users
New Releases

GNSS Solutions Version 3.80.8

A new version of GNSS Solutions (which fixes some show-stoppers) has been released. In addition, this version contains the latest RINEX converter 4.2.5.

A description of changes can be found:

  [ Information 3.80.8 ]

The folder containing all of the components may be found here:

  [ GNSS Solutions 3.80.8 ]

If you are not familiar with downloading hundreds of files from an FTP server, I have placed a single ZIP file (223,371,377 bytes) at this location:

  [ Single ZIP File GNSS 3.80.8 Download ]

As always, you may need to run the installation twice. Once to uninstall a previous version and then again to install the latest version.

FAST Survey PC Demo Versions

PC Demo versions of FAST Survey V 3.03 are now available. I use the PC Demo/Emulator version daily to view raw files and support customers when they have FAST Survey questions.

You can download the appropriate language tool from:

  [ FAST Survey PC Demo ]

Carlson Survey for FAST Survey

If you own a copy of 'FAST Survey' or Carlson SurvC, you are eligible for a full copy of [ Carlson Survey ] at a greatly reduced price!

You may purchase one Carlson Survey IntelliCAD Engine for each SurvCE/FAST license that you own for $875! [ Details ] This offer expires at the end of the year!

The normal price for Carlson Survey is $1,595, this is a 44% discount! This offer is valid only until the end of 2013.

If you have been looking for the office software that best compliments your FAST Survey or SurvCE field data collection then this is the best deal we have ever offered. Please contact me for a written quotation, if you mention that you receive this mail list I promise to make it worth the call! ( or +1-801-412-0011 x16.)

In addition we are offering incredible deals on 'Carlson Survey Suite', 'Carlson Embedded ACAD' and 'Takeoff'!

This AshGPS Mail List
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