Courage to Resist

end draft regBill to repeal selective service needs support: HR 5492

Urge your congressional representative to co-sponsor HR 5492, introduced by Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) and Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL). The bill would repeal the Military Selective Service Act, terminating the Selective Service registration requirement for all, as well as overturn penalties currently imposed on millions of non-registrants. Learn more

Press Release: US Teens will be impacted by changes in military draft laws

Courage to Resist is part of a network of feminist, anti-war, and anti-draft organizations that have been working together to support HR 5492 and to oppose any draft, or draft registration, for men or women. Here's our press release covering what we've been doing and why. Learn more

dennis stout podcastPodcast: “We killed every animal, every person” – Dennis Stout

Dennis Stout served in the 101st Airborne in Vietnam. For months in the spring of 1967, he observed systematic and coordinated atrocities committed by U.S. combat troops. Finally, Dennis risked his own life to report these war crimes, making him the first American soldier to do so. "We killed every animal, every person, burned all the houses, chopped down the fruit trees, and put a box of poison down the wells. And so we came in sweeping through the valley killing absolutely everyone, no matter what age." Listen now

This Courage to Resist podcast was produced in collaboration with the Vietnam Full Disclosure effort of Veterans For Peace — “Towards an honest commemoration of the American war in Vietnam.” This year marks 50 years of GI resistance, in and out of uniform, for many of the courageous individuals featured. If you believe this history is important, please ...

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