Summer Greetings, Cat Friend,

Hope you had a fun, yet meaningful, 4th of July.
Every year, I also hope that no pets were harmed
by people who think it's fun to terrorize our little
innocent friends with fireworks or other mean-spirited

A couple of years ago, we rescued a little black
kitten that had been chased up a tree by some children
who were throwing firecrackers at him. We named him
Firecracker, and he actually rehabilitated quite well.

Today's subjects include:

Cat Lover demonstrates for dogs, too...
Raising kittens...
History of the cat...
Cat survives long journey...


Cats may be my favorite pet, but I love dogs also.
As a rescuer, I find many dogs in need of some
intervention and often find myself involved in
some sad situations.

I am opposed to the 24-hours-a-day chaining of
dogs, which is usually accompanied by 24 hours
a day of neglect. I have personally watched,
helplessly, several dogs die of starvation, heat
stroke, and freezing. When local authorities force
me to stay away from these problems, I can either
do something anyway and get arrested (I've come
close), or I can try to educate the community.

In the spirit of July 4th freedom, I joined up
with a national event, called Chain Off 2007, in
which volunteers all over the U.S. "chained up"
for the dogs. (

Many people tethered themselves to dog houses
in almost every state, for a minimum of 8 hours,
to show people in their communities how they feel
about chaining dogs. Those who had the time and
the support chained up for up to 30 hours, or more.

I chained up in front of my own house, which is
on a busy street, and a lot of people saw what
I was doing. I hope those who need it... got it.

I realize this is "preaching to the choir," but
demonstrations eventually reach some folks. It's
better than doing nothing and allowing things to go
on as always.

Now, what can we do for the cats?


Raising kittens to become healthy and well adjusted
mature cats, it turns out, is not an automatic process.

If left alone, kittens will become the cats their
mothers teach them to be. For some, this may include no social
interaction with humans and they will be feral, or wild.

Kittens learn by observation... preferably by their own
mothers... IF mom knows the ropes and was raised sensibly

It has recently been found that if you miss the windows
of opportunity during kittenhood, to teach them the
skills they need as adults, they may never learn them.
This happens most often when kittens are taken away
from their mothers too soon.

For more information on raising kittens, visit my latest
article at Ezine Articles:


If you'd like to learn more about the history of cats, see these:


Everyone was happy to see that Spice survived this very long journey!


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