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Mobitex is Eyal Markovich from the Sea of Galilee Israel. The love for psytrance found him in 1997 and after being deeply submerged in the electronic scene he embarked on his electronic music production journey, first starting out with production software like Rebirth and Fruity Loops 1.1. 

In 2003, he decided to undertake studies in sound engineering which was an exponential experience to continue to achieve a B.A in communication studies. 

Soon after in 2007, he found himself at a threshold of choosing careers between music or becoming a teacher. He did become a teacher. Nevertheless, life had additional plans for him in store. In 2015, he teamed up with Hudur Shrim and out of that revelation they skillfully produced two albums under the nickname “Profondita”:
'Ciel'  which was released on Altar Records May 2016. And the second album released in May 2017 as 'Dracarys'.  

Today, Eyal is well on the way in his successful musical career as he is producing his own project Mobitex with a ‘chillgressive’ style (a combination of chill out and progressive trance sounds) with elements that will sweep the listener away onto a exuberant hypnotic musical voyage...


►Track #3 Originally produced by Profondita with Hudur Shrim
►Track 4 with Michal Niecikowski
►Track 5 with Hesus (a.k.a Eyal Rubinstain)
Artwork manipulation by DJ Zen @ Altar Records
Mastering by Manifold Studio, Russia.

More tracks from Mobitex on Altar compilations:


Offered in 24Bits studio master quality. 

Available formats:
This will be a digital release only as the length of this album goes over 82mns. Therefore it is not possible to print a CD for this time...
Bandcamp 24Bits Digital

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"Alien Intelligent"
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a new SUDUAYA ep is in the works!
December 2017
Third AKSHAN album is in the works!
March-April 2018


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