Magellan Professional GPS Latest Firmware/Software/AppNotes

Last Updated: November 26, 2008   

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Latest Changes:

GNSS Solutions: New version 3.10.04!

ProMark 500: New firmware/software/manuals, V3

FAST Survey: New version for Allegro, MMCX and MMCE (MMCE is major update!)

Don't forget to update the EBOOT in your MMCX!

Also, Mark Silver's PM3 Static and Stop-N-Go training videos are available online (in reduced size) [ here ].

You can always find the latest Magellan Professional GPS Software and Firmware at the official Magellan FTP site:

or at the HTTP Mirror (faster and does not require an FTP client):

Unlike other hardware manufactures Magellan provides firmware and software updates at no charge, there is no annual subscription required to keep your mapping and survey equipment up-to-date!

New Additions and Changes:

New: GNSS Solutions 3.10.04! (includes new RINEX convertor)
New: PM500 Firmware/Software 11/25/2008
New: FAST Survey for Allegro/MMCX/MMCE 11/25/2008

  Note: There is new FAST Survey for MMCE controllers!

New Eboot for MMCX (IMPORTANT!)

Most of the links below will display a folder, within the folder is a PDF which describes how to perform/install updates.

ProMark 500

[ New Manuals ]

Firmware: V3 [ info ] [ folder ] 7/7/2008

PacCrest Internal Firmware: PDL2P58 7/7/2008

Fast Survey: 2.3.3 11/25/2008 [ info ] [ folder ]


Be sure to download, print and follow the PM3 hints in:
  [ Achieving Reliable Results... ]

GPS Firmware: P010 4/7/2008

OS: 2.16 4/7/2008

Survey/Mapping: 2.14 7/16/2008

FAST Survey: 2.1.3 4/7/2008

GNSS Solutions

Software: 3.10.04 [ info ] 7/7/2008

MobileMapper Pro

Firmware: 6.57 3/4/2008

MobileMapper 6

MobileMapperToday: [link] 7/9/2008

MobileMapping: 2.00 10/3/2008
  note: 2.00 includes both receiver firmware and desktop/office software.

MobileMapper CX

Eboot: 2.50 [info] [firmware]  11/5/2008

OS: 5.22 3/3/2008

MobileMapping: 1.41 3/17/2008

GPS Differential: 12/13/2007

Fast Survey: 2.3.3 11/25/2008 [ info ] [ folder ]

MobileMapper Office

Software: 3.4a 4/27/2007