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Rep Shumate married


Second Edition of the Oklahoma-Guardian

Goes to Press on Friday

Yeah, we are late.   Everyone was worn out putting out three different versions of the June edition but things are back on track and everyone is working hard to put the July edition into the final form.   The targeted areas will be eastern Oklahoma County, the Moore/Norman/Shawnee area, and the Ardmore area.    We are shooting for a goal of hitting tens of thousands of voters and their families with the August issue and with run off races having vastly smaller turnouts we can make a huge difference for little cost.

There is a story on the latest Sheriff Whetsel controversy involving inmates and county property/equipment and maybe even supplies being used for making campaign signs,  a good story on the Rep Charles Key run off race where he is facing a newly minted Republican court clerk insider,  the Ron Sharp/Ed Moore district story will be covered in more detail, along with a nice story on Representative Pat Ownbey’s horrible RINO voting record, Clark Jolley’s district will be hit once again to remind his voters of his support for Obama Care and his lack of support for the ALAC issue.  We have some really, really, good information on the Paula Sullivan/Mark McBride race down in Moore and boy does that man have skeletons in his closet!     It is going to be fun outing another State Chamber of Commerce candidate and educating his voters.

  And finally there will be a good feature story on the Rep. Lisa Billy/Steven Vines race.   In addition to the feature stories there is a new Preppers Corner article by Jerry Essary covering urban homesteading along with all the other regular columns and the Oklahoma Gardening section will cover the best varieties of plants for Oklahoma gardens.  The fall planting season is upon us so this will be some timely information.

But as always we need advertisers and people willing to help wrap and distribute the papers.   If you don’t have a business to advertise then please subscribe to the Oklahoma-Guardian as every paid subscription allows us to send out an additional 200 copies into a House or Senate district where it will make a real difference in how the legislature will vote.  Just remember that we don’t have to get rid of the rascals, we just have to hurt them with their voting records so that they think twice before they betray the public interest and their constituents.

Subscriptions are $35.00 for twelve once per month issues, advertising is dirt cheap and effective, and you can get information on both by emailing to  Or just send us a donation if you want to see a dozen really bad politicians exposed to their voters right before the runoff elections and the general elections.  Every penny goes into printing and delivery costs, zero over head or labor, all volunteer work.  You can send checks to The Oklahoma-Guardian, 358 North Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City, OK, 73127 or use Paypal using as the payment address.  Be sure and include your name and mailing address if you are subscribing.


Republican Party or Anarchy Party?


As a Republican it is hard not to cringe when I see the quality of the Republican candidates running for office.   I know that the filing for office is open to anyone and it should be but whatever happened to common sense and a fellow citizen taking someone aside and saying “This is a bad idea!”

The Konawa Tea Party had invited me down to one of their monthly meetings to go over some political training points and also scheduled to speak at the meeting were Senator Susan Paddack (D) and her opponent Fred Smith (R).   They were to debate for the better part of the meeting, one of the best methods of determining a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.  One problem though, Republican candidate Smith was sitting in the Pontotoc County jail and no one was putting up the bond money to get him out.

A surrogate had been sent and while I applaud the guy for standing in a tough situation I did have to ask him why?     It is great that the guy was involved and pitching in but I think I could find a better candidate to help.

Candidate Smith was picked up on two outstanding warrants the Saturday before over $2,921.46 in unpaid child support and for $1,850 in fines to the city of Ada, one for driving with an open container with a suspended drivers license and another where he was caught driving without a driver’s license, no liability insurance, and no vehicle tags!   I know that a lot of times these custody cases aren't always as they seem to be but you can't expain the rest.

The Oklahoman quoted Smith’s campaign manager/fiancée Sunshine Fox as saying that the candidate will have to serve his time in jail till they can raise the funds to get him out as they are spending their campaign funds on campaigning.  Miss Fox claimed that all of Mr. Smith’s paycheck went to child support but that he had recently become unemployed and that the unpaid Ada fines were an oversight.  Right…

This isn’t a happy camper story folks.   Smith is an Iraq war veteran and normally we would be ecstatic that a veteran was challenging an incumbent but according to Senator Paddack’s campaign challenge Smith had been convicted of writing bad checks.   A news story quoted Smith as saying that his ex-wife wrote the bad checks while he was in Iraq but surely that would have been easily proven.   The election board permitted Smith to keep his name on the ballot but during the hearing it was revealed that Smith didn’t have a drivers license due to a previous drunken driving conviction.   Somewhere in all of this it was also alleged that Smith had violated a protective order given to his ex-wife in June of 2011, something that might have been actually serious or it could have been a case of a vindictive ex, who knows?  But there is so much else, why run for office dragging this sort of baggage along? Wait till you are a Senator before going to jail at least.


Senator Paddack did make a valid point in one of the news stories on the jailed candidate, perhaps Mr. Smith should get his life in order before running for a Senate seat.  And surely someone in the Republican Party could have stepped in and vetted this guy, and don't tell me that they didn't know about him!   Small town and all that...

But where does this leave the Republican party and the citizens of Senate District 13?   Has the failure of the Republican Party in Pontotoc, Hughes, portions of Garvin and Coal Counties disenfranchised eighty thousand Oklahomans by giving them no choice but the incumbent?  In a district covering two entire counties and portions of two more counties they couldn’t find a suitable candidate?

Strangely enough Senator Paddack is not that far from many of the “Republican” legislators at 23rd & Lincoln.   One of our writers/researchers, R.H., looked into her voting record:

HB 2171 Highway Bond Bill, Voted Yes twice, this is where 100 million dollars was outright stolen from the fuel tax trust fund that is intended for repairing roads and bridges and the Department of Transportation was forced to borrow 80 million dollars to replace the stolen money.  Why take money out of a trust fund and borrow money to replace it?  Because the bond companies get to make millions of dollars off that 80 million dollar bond issue and investors get to make millions more in fat interest payments.

HB 1953 Governors Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, Voted Yes 1 time and was excused from voting on the second vote.   This governor slush fund is to be used to bribe businesses that are “creating jobs” in Oklahoma but bribing businesses that are likely to move the businesses to Oklahoma anyway is never a good idea.  This is governmental interference in the free market, far better to eliminate burdensome regulations on businesses than to pick winners and losers with tax credits or bribes.  And Senator Paddack apparently is a fan of eliminating regulation, or so she said before an audience member challenged her.  More on that in a bit.



HB 1593 Municipal Employees Collective Bargaining Act, Voted No 1 time.  This vote is tougher to challenge.  The bill stripped the rights of municipal employee unions to force cities to the bargaining table on wages and that is a good thing to keep government job wages realistic and affordable.  And as a Democrat, Senator Paddack is expected to up hold union issues  but instead she voted to end the bargaining rights so we won’t find fault with this vote.  Another point on unions and voting, legislators that are former LEO (Law Enforcement Officers) tend to look at unions as protection from politicians in small towns, allowing the law to be enforced equitably and less encumbered by the political connections a criminal might have.



HB 1446 Illegal Immigration Bill, did not vote.   Where were you Senator Paddack?   If you can’t be there on critical votes like this why fight so hard to stay in office?  At the time that this vote was taken HB 1446 was a decent bill, why didn’t you support this issue?



HB 2131 Soft on Crime, Voted Yes 1 time.   Senator Paddack, in your speech to the Konawa Tea Party you let it be known that you were tough on crime.   Allowing sentences to be served concurrently means that criminals are out on the street quicker and you are discounting the victims of the several crimes by going soft on the criminal.  Votes like this make it “cheaper” for criminals to do crime, heck they ought to load up the offenses on each criminal incident, rob an entire crowd of people  at once instead of invading one home at a time.



HB 2169 Obama Care Funding, voted Yes 1 time to fund the Oklahoma Health Care Authority, without which the Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchanges cannot be implemented.   During the question and answer period of your speech I specifically asked you if you would support the Obama Care/Fallin Care nullification bill and your answer was that you supported the state question in 2010.  Obviously you understand that the overwhelming support in the state to prevent Obama Care from being implemented is both long standing and intense yet your answer was that you would prefer that Oklahoma implement Obama Care/Fallin Care instead of allowing the federal government to implement Obama Care.   My retort was to ask if the federal government was going to take our guns would you react by asking the state to take our guns before the feds did?  Your reply was that that would never happen in this state but the logic that you are avoiding is the same, you can’t violate our God given rights and claim it is the lesser of evil.


Senator Paddack did say that the coming election and a new administration might stop Obama Care but the fact is Senator Paddack is that you signed an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States and the Oklahoma State Constitution.   Article One Section Eight lists nothing about health care and the 9th and 10th Amendments says that any unenumerated right remains with the people and that any unenumerated powers remain with the states or with the people.   Your job is to stand between the people of Oklahoma and unrestricted power grabs of the federal government regardless of what one Supreme Court Justice ruled.   All politicians need to understand that Obama Care and Obama Care/Fallin Care will be the third rail of Oklahoma politics.



SB 154 21st Century Quality Jobs Act Voted Yea twice.   More corporate welfare support instead of lowering regulation and protecting the ability of businesses to form and prosper to create jobs.


During Senator Paddack’s speech she spoke of the need to eliminate laws that were burdensome, she even pointed out to the group that I smiled as she said that, and spoke of how unneeded regulation harmed business and consumers alike.   But the reason I was smiling was that she had earlier spoken of the need to write new laws for “designer” drugs to keep ahead of armature chemists and drug dealers who were creating new drugs faster than the state could outlaw them.  One gentleman pointed out the dichotomy of her positions, that you could get high off inhaling whipped cream propellant and that surely it wouldn’t do to ban whipped cream?  If we have a single law that prevents the abuse of products, isn’t that enough?  Or is even that an intrusion of our individual liberty?


Earlier in his opening remarks Jerry Waddle pointed out that law had few legitimate uses and that individuality, liberty, and property were gifts from God that superseded any government “right” or control.   Our preceding right to protect our persons, our liberty, and our property allows a group of men, a government , to collectively make laws for protection as it is based upon our personal rights given by God.  In fact, government really can only have three purposes:  To protect me from you, protect you from me, and both of us from harm from others.  These points are made in a book by Frederic Bastiat written in the 1850’s.      Here is an audio version that you can download into your I Phone to listen to while driving.      Or if you are pressed for time, Wikipedia has an excellent summary.   


Senator Paddack is somewhat confused in her thinking, she realizes the harm done to society by unneeded regulation but she can’t help but ask for laws to protect us from ourselves.   Again, the law can only have one legitimate purpose, protect us from others, never from our selves.  When government strays away from this simple thesis it begins to trample on our individuality, our liberty, and our property.  You can have zoning laws that reasonably restrict new uses on property when they might harm your neighbors property values but taken too far and a rural property owner can’t use his land to raise pigs.  Allowing people to accept responsibility for their actions including the right to do stupid things is a better model for government than the nanny state that you are enabling.  Allow and encourage philanthropy to make whole those who harm themselves or are just dealt a bad hand in life but never take from me to give to others no matter how noble your goal might be.


Sadly Senator Paddack, you seem to be following the RINO path, perhaps even a DINO path, and supporting the State Chamber rather than supporting your own constituents.    From talking with you after the event I’d say you have honor and are genuine but your positions clash so much that several instances were pointed out by others in a short ten minute speech.    I don’t doubt your story on taking the heat from your own party to support tort reform, what I doubt is that you have thought your positions through to logical conclusions.   Perhaps your own party might have been as right as the tort reform was wrong on certain points.


But, you are far from irredeemable.   You come across as sincere and wanting feedback from your constituents so that alone puts you in another class from the arrogant Newberrys and Jolleys of this world.  We are going to work with you instead of attacking you as you are clearly the better candidate for this Senate seat.   You stated that you supported constitutional Open Carry, the right to bear arms without a permit, and said that you would consider co sponsoring a bill in the Senate as long as the language was proper.   We will make sure that the authors of the best Open Carry bills ask for your support and input and look forward to your active support to get the issue passed in the 2013 legislative session.   In the meantime, read Bastiat, you won’t vote the same way after doing so.


If you want to look into what Senator Paddack stands for here is her campaign website.  Reading her weekly column is interesting, it reveals a mix of good intentions and poor policy but you are left with no doubt that Senator Paddack is enthusiastic about her position.


If you live in the Shawnee/Ada area you might want to join the Konawa Tea Party.  They are a salt of the earth group, as country as can be and boy is that refreshing after living in Oklahoma City since 1992.  I brought a box of left over Oklahoma-Guardian newspapers only to find that they were passing out copies already!  Great bunch of patriots and with folks like that it is going to be hard for the politicians to keep them in the dark like they manage to do in most of the state.

The Konawa Tea Party meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month 7-9 p.m. at the American Legion Hall in Konawa.  Call before attending as the American Legion Hall venue might change For more information on the Konawa Tea Party, phone Jerry Waddle at 580-925-2688 or Billie Riggle at 580-925-2410.




“Pray That Your Mother Repents of her Evil Ways”


Last week the Oklahoman editorial page went after Ed Moore, one of the candidates in the Senate District 17 race, claiming an enormous number of votes missed.   Moore did get frustrated over the refusal of his right to read legislation before voting on it, rebelling at Nancy Pelosi style politics long before we all ever heard of Nancy Pelosi, and we have been told that the majority of the missed votes were at the end of the last session of his four year term.  But one always should look at is what is not said as well as what is said and the Oklahoman editorial article said little of Republican candidate Ron Sharp’s personal integrity and character.   So we did some digging.

Ron Sharp is a teacher running on a platform of increasing education funding and teacher salaries.    What little there is on his campaign website was obviously thrown up quickly as it repeats itself nearly word for word in two and sometimes three instances.   He gives the standard vanilla lines and mouths praise for the founding fathers but comes through as dead set on raising taxes for education even though over half of our taxes are spent on education already.

On a personal level candidate Ron Sharp has a lot of skeletons in his closet.  Allegations are swarming around Sharp including his behavior during his duties as the coach of the Shawnee High boys and girls tennis teams.  One allegation was a practice of kicking team  members off the team bus in retaliation for losing a game for the team, no doubt a powerful motivator but no doubt questionable in its fairness and safety of the losing team members.

In interviews Sharp’s family and acquaintances laid out a sordid history of alleged failure to pay child support since October of 2001, allegations of physical abuse of his seven year old daughter, alleged attempts to get ex-family members fired by sending letters to employers, allegedly digging into personal records of an ex-wife, even a charge that Sharp attempted to sign away parental rights to his daughter Kara as part of the divorce in an attempt to escape child support payments.  We were told by multiple sources that the parental rights deal fell through after the family realized that it wasn’t in her best interests to do so.   One story told was of Ron Sharp allegedly forcing his pre teen daughter down on her knees while forcing her to pray that her mother “saw her wicked and evil ways” and remarried Sharp.  One daycare caregiver spoke of the need to always watch the clock and have Ron Sharp’s young daughter ready to go when he arrived as he would get angry if his daughter needed to use the restroom or get a drink before they left.   Allegedly he would yank the young girl by her arm if she wasn’t ready to go the second Sharp arrived.

From our interviews a picture was painted by those that knew him best that showed Ron Sharp to be a vindictive control freak that alienated his only child rather than pay state ordered child support.    We all know that divorces can cause people to do terrible things but this one was made especially bitter by the ex-wife allegedly refusing to stay with Ron Sharp so that he could run for office sooner.

A check of Ron Sharp’s political contributions show the usual suspects, the State Chamber of Commerce, local Chambers of commerce, public employee labor unions, and trial lawyers.  A check of his opponent, Ed Moore’s contributions shows retired people, small businessmen, and truck drivers, a very broad and diverse political base unmarred by big business contributions.  There is no doubt that Ron Sharp is the State Chamber candidate for this race based upon the fact that they contributed only to his campaign and that they expect Ron Sharp to toe the line for big business interests once elected.

Ed Moore’s campaign website is here if you want to learn more about him.  We believe that he will do an outstanding job representing his constituents rather than paying off special interests.


B.L. Cozad’s Rural Association Meeting August 11th in Whitefield

B.L. Cozad is a retired Army Sergeant that has been organizing rural interests against Agenda 21 and against animal rights groups for several years now.  His next meeting will be held in Whitefield, Oklahoma on 11 August 2012 at the Senior Citizen's Center at 1200pm (noon).

B.L. recently ran against Rep. Don Armes in the Republican primary, ensuring that Armes paid a price for his voting for special interests including the gay agenda with his infamous vote for HB 1397, the Transvestite Birth Certificate bill.     B.L. understands the value of dealing political pain to stop the erosion of our liberties and property rights and has lots of information to help wake citizens up to the dangers.

You can contact B.L. at



Porker of the Month Award Goes To Congressman Frank Lucas

By R. H.


There is an organization out there that is dedicated to exposing the waste in federal government spending. The name of this group is The Citizens Against Government Waste. Each month they put out a newsletter where they award a “Porker of the Month” award to the congressional representative who manages to waste the most money. We got our copy yesterday and guess who won this month. Frank Lucas is the proud winner of the Porker of the Month Award. You can read the report here. CAGW Names Reps. Lucas & Peterson Porkers of the Month


Granted there was one program that was eliminated in the proposed farm bill indicated in this report. It was a minor program which cost little to the government to enforce, but it was replaced with a program called the Price Loss Coverage Program. This program would insure farmers that they would get a certain price for their crops even if, and undoubtedly when, commodity prices fell. This program will cost the tax payers billions.


Also left unchanged was the Market Access Program, which could more accurately be described as the Corporate Welfare Program. This program gives tax payer dollars, in the form of advertising subsidies, to successful Agriculture firms like Butterball, Tyson, Monsanto and Sunkist Growers to help sell their products abroad. Why are we the tax payers doing this? Don’t these companies make enough money on their own? Isn’t that what the Import/Export Bank is for?


Recent arguments have been made that this bill should be passed immediately due to the drought. There are actually better arguments against it. These farmers will not be hurt by the drought as bad as people claim. Most are already covered by tax payer funded crop insurance. They will not lose more than 15 percent of their expected revenue if they are enrolled. It should be noted also that 79 percent of the farm bill actually goes to food stamps. That is an unhealthy amount of burden on the system.


What this report doesn’t say is that most U. S. farmers face this drought with the strongest financial strength in history, buoyed by less debt, record-high grain and land prices plus greater production and exports.


Before Congress rushes through the farm bill, it’s worth reflecting on all the ways existing policies worsen the drought’s impact. More corn would be available for animals if not for federal ethanol mandates. Surely they could make ethanol out of something other than corn.


Another reason for drought and flood related crop losses is that federally subsidized crop insurance encourages farmers to take risk by cultivating marginally productive lands they would not normally use. This only adds to the cost of the insurance payouts by the government.


It goes without saying that everyone from the farmer to the consumer suffers during a severe drought. There is simply no way around that. However, commodity prices are at an all-time high. Wheat and cotton are not expected to suffer from the drought.  The biggest distortion to the commodity market is the government mandate on using corn to make ethanol.


Over the past decade, ethanol has become the poster child of the worst aspects of crony capitalism. Currently 44% of our nations corn crop is diverted to the making of ethanol.


So why did Frank Lucas write this bill?   According to the budget passed by the House, he was tasked with cutting 180 billion dollars from the Agriculture Department. His total savings over a ten year period was 35.1 billion over ten years. That’s a meager savings of 3.5%.


This just goes to show the Representative Frank Lucas is a RINO Republican who is really not up to doing the job he was assigned to do. This doesn’t come close to the Republican platform of smaller government and spending less, much less trying to balance the budget. Being awarded the Porker of the Month Award by the Citizens Against Government Waste is a dishonor that no Oklahoman should earn.


Frank. Bless your heart, you need to shape up. You do not share the values of your constituents. We try to stay out of national politics, but your recent award is an embarrassment not only to you, but to the state of Oklahoma and to the people you represent. There will be a follow on story on Representative Lucas himself in next week’s newsletter. It’s time to expose the inept and corrupt politicians we send to Washington to represent us.






Master Of Deception

By Ms PM


Editors note*  There is a story coming out of Tulsa claiming that Tom Cole is behind the Bridenstine election and that Bridenstine will sign with SAGAC (a DC political consulting firm operated by Cole cronies) and turn against the grassroots that got him elected.    Parts of the story that was told have been confirmed by events the last few days, a shakeup in Bridenstine’s campaign staff including Chris Medlock being fired for allegedly creeping out one of the women on staff.    At this time the grassroots has been reassured that Bridenstine hasn’t forgotten who got him elected and we hope that is the case or there will be hell to pay.

Tom Cole replied by letter to a phone call I had made after our President decided to use executive fiat to enact illegal immigrants not be deported. My phone call consisted of many statements and one question. I asked "what is he going to do about it?"


I knew one thing; Tom Cole would not do anything other than instruct his minions to blow smoke up his constituents butts when they telephoned his Washington office.  I was next in line and not let down.  I asked for a reply to the very clear question I had asked.   I received the response letter the other day and Representative Cole had the audacity to explain to me exactly what I had stated to the person answering his phone and the reason for making the call to him.


In his letter he states; "The appropriate way to deal with this issue is to propose legislation." Who is the idiot here, I thought the United States already had immigration laws. Could it be that Congressman Cole does not acknowledge that our Founders set up a system that will not allow any part of our government the ability of too much power? Still the question, what are you going to do about it?


His letter also states that the President has chosen to act "inappropriately and his actions are transparently political." Well, Tommy, everything that squirts out of your brain is "transparently political." Unfortunately you are one of those who have been around far too long, you know exactly how not to answer questions and as of your response in your letter, you have yet to answer my questions from any previous phone calls or letters including this one. If you were to take a stand for America and our Constitution it would follow along with the oath of office you took when you were elected.


Here are four of your unconstitutional votes:


HR 2055-Omnibus Appropriations. This bill provides $915 billion for a catch all spending program. Your vote is grossly fiscally irresponsible.


HR 2523-Cyber Intelligence Sharing. This bill permits government access to private information of citizens. This is in violation of the 4th Amendment.


HR 2072-Export/Import Bank. This bill puts taxpayers at risk when government loans money to foreign governments or companies for purchasing US products. These loans are too risky for the private sector. An example of what you voted for is what happened to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the taxpayers will get stuck holding the bag of government tricks.


HR 4310-Indefinite Detention. American citizens accused of being terrorists can be detained by the U.S. military indefinitely without habeas corpus and without being tried and found guilty in a court of law. This violates the 4th and 6th amendments.


These garbage responses you send out on the taxpayer dime is another bloated function of the almighty federal government that you have great admiration for. Save the postage, letterhead, printing and envelope. Learn to pay attention and spell my name correctly.


As always you thank me for contacting you. You always appreciate hearing from Oklahomans on issues about which they are concerned. You say my input helps you do a better job representing people of the Forth District of Oklahoma. You say if I ever need assistance for myself or family do not hesitate to contact you.


Bite me! Your actions will always ring true if and when the people of Oklahoma wake up to the fact that you are not on their side. Your gift of gab among those that rah-rah for your re-election is a clear indication that they are ignorant of your intent to destroy liberty and freedom. They are among the pitiful, clueless whiners that continue to vote for you.


Your response to letters along with your voting record drives home the fact that Oklahomans must work on local representatives, if not, you are what we get in Washington.




Marine Corp Police Battalions?


There is never a shortage of stories zinging around the internet on the coming American dictatorship but mostly they are hard to pin down with any hard facts.   But there is a story going around about the Marine Corps beginning to train troops for house to house searches and this time the story was based upon an Associated Press story by Julie Watson.

Each battalion is composed of 500 Marines and dozens of police dogs and police battalions have been a fixture in American forces but they were usually regulated to policing troops on and off base, security on convoys, prisoners of war, and other military uses.  Where it gets scary is when they mention that the troops could be used in civil disturbances.

Some veterans have pointed out that the law of war allows deadly force to be used as a first resort but that police are trained to use deadly force as a last resort.   Is it possible to turn this training off and on?  Or is a military force trained to work in foreign populations where terrorism is rife going to bring that same mindset if they are turned against the civilian population here in the U.S.?

If this is just three battalions then there is little to worry about as it would take hundreds of thousands if not millions of troops to suppress Americans if someone like Obama  got wacky and decided he wanted to be president for life.   What is troublesome is that after the NDAA passes they are this quick to let this cat out of the bag.  Not to mention that organizations that build systems tend to use those systems to justify the investment, does this mean that we are going to continue to be the world’s police force and continue to bring hatred upon our nation?




Oh My God, the Tea Party is

Arming Their Members!


Actually I hope that most of us were armed long ago as an armed population has always been our best defense against tyranny.    Let Obama and anyone else considering acts of treason consider the words attributed to  Admiral Yamamoto when he was asked if Japan would invade the United States: 

 "You cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass."

For years now the Tea Party has worked to bring constitutionally minded patriots that work in law enforcement closer to the movement.   Back in February of 2010 we brought in Sheriff Mack for a weekend conference at the Metro Tech Spring Lake Campus and held a sheriff breakfast where the county sheriffs could discuss things in private with Sheriff Mack.  With the establishment politicians and the media constantly demonizing the Tea Party it was good that they got to know us and we got to know them.

A lot of LEO (Law Enforcement Officers) are patriots and they know just how thin their lines would be in any sort of emergency and most welcome responsible citizens to both arm themselves and take training on how to be effective with a weapon.   As part of a discussion that started with Tulsa LEO over the upcoming open carry law that will become effective in November we were introduced to a well respected former Chief Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor for the State of Oklahoma who in turn arranged for Sheriff Jim Bauman of Logan County to set up a Concealed Carry Class for Tea Party members.

Anyone is welcome to attend the class.   Here are the details:

When:                                August 11th starting at 7:45 am. 

Where:                             4301 NW 192nd in Edmond.  

How long is the class:    Eight hours long,

What does it cost:           $50 fee per person

What do you need to bring:   Ear and eye protection, a pistol, and 50 rounds of ammo for your gun, state drivers license or other ID.

How to reserve a space:  Email Sheriff Bauman at and tell him you want a slot at the August 11th Tea Party Concealed Carry Class.

To apply for an Oklahoma Concealed Carry permit you need to be a U.S. citizen, reside in Oklahoma as proven by a valid Oklahoma drivers license or state ID card, or have permanent military orders with a valid drivers license from another state.   You have to be 21 years of age, complete the firearm safety and training course (that would be this class!), pay the state their required fee along with the SDA application (Self Defense Act),  comply with the SDA provisions,  and pass an OSBI background check that will be looking for no acts of violence, no drugs, and non stalking.

The class will be mostly classroom work except for the range time at the end of the course.  You don’t have to be a crack shot to pass the course, just demonstrate safe handling of your weapon and follow the range instructor’s directions and range safety guidelines.    The targets are usually placed at fifty feet and you will be graded on safe handling of your weapon and the ability to follow directions. 

After passing the Concealed Carry Course you will send in your certificate of completion and SDA application to your local sheriff’s office with the state licensing fee of $100 for the OSBI background check for a 5 year permit, a fee of $25 for the finger printing at the sheriff’s office, and you will need two passport photos from Kinkos, Walgreens, or other photographer service.

The location is a half mile west of the intersection of Portland Ave (highway 74) and 192nd (turns into  Danforth Road if you turn east instead of west).



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Money is always needed for printing costs, postage, sign materials, and robo call costs.  We are tightfisted; we will spend your hard earned money wisely and frugally as we do our very best to clean up Oklahoma politicians so we can begin to clean up our country.
You can donate by sending a check to Sooner Tea party, 358 North Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City, OK, 73127  or visit and use the Paypal donation button.