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Margins of Victory: There’s No Silver in Sales
by Peter Vidmar

Sport has always served as a great allegory for human aspirations. There’s something about scoreboards and stopwatches and yardsticks, and about concrete, identifiable objectives they measure, that make it possible to better quantify the human experience; to distinguish what works from what doesn’t. Right now, we are witnessing the personification of these aspirations play out in Vancouver, Canada.  While every Olympic athlete is giving their best effort in the moment of the competition, it is likely the athlete who gave his best efforts during the weeks, months, and years before the Olympics who will taste the sweet joy of victory. And the difference is often so slight.

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The Amazing Service Guy’s Top 10 Customer Service Books
featuring Lisa Ford

Lisa Ford is honored to have her book, Exceptional Customer Service: Going Beyond Your Good Service to Exceed the Customers Expectations, listed on the Amazing Service Guys' Top 10 Customer Service Books.

In this insightful book, you will learn what customers not only expect...but really want; tackle the steps for dealing with challenging customers, and receive self-guided exercises which let you structure your own training program, plus much more.

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Click here for more information about Lisa’s book or to place an order.


Create an Environment Fostering Your Success
by Tony Alessandra

Although many of us may not realize it, our environment has a significant influence on our success. How do the things and people around you affect your emotional well-being? In this brief article featured in Success Magazine, Tony provides a few tips to help you create a more productive environment.

Read the article, Create an Environment Fostering Your Success, by Tony Alessandra featured in the January 2010 issue of Success Magazine



A TouchPoint Exercise to Help Retain Customers
featuring Rick Barrera

TouchPoints are points of contact between your organization and your customers. I divide these TouchPoints into three categories: Product TouchPoints, Systems TouchPoints and Human TouchPoints. I do this because most businesses put too much focus on one type of TouchPoint, which causes the customer experience to be "unbalanced" and therefore inconsistent.

We have all experienced a restaurant with great food but poor service, or great service but poor food, or even great food and service in a poor location with dirty or old infrastructure. Each of these restaurants is at risk of failure for differing reasons. By understanding the different types of TouchPoints and ensuring a consistently extraordinary experience across all three types, each restaurant could dramatically improve their odds of success.

Read Rick Barrera’s entire article, A TouchPoint Exercise to Help Retain Customers



Color Test Shows CEOs are Different
featuring Howard Putnam

Can a “favorite colors” test determine job aptitude? When USA Today tested 877 CEOs, they found that they often select colors very different than what most people would pick. For example, they were three times more likely to favor magenta than the general public. If you’re partially color-blind, such as former Southwest Airlines CEO, Howard Putnam, how does that affect the test results?

Read the USA Today article quoting Howard Putnam, Favorite Colors Test Shows CEOs are Different

Or take the 60 second aptitude test to find out if you are CEO material


Video: Let’s Talk Live on ABC News Channel 8
interview with Steve Farber

On a recent trip to Washington DC, Steve Farber chatted with the co-hosts of Let’s Talk Live, about the challenges and opportunities of Greater Than Yourself in the workplace.

Click here to view the video of Steve Farber’s interview on Let’s Talk Live




Helpful Resource

Using Google Wave for Events

Google Wave is an emerging real-time online collaboration software tool that will have very significant applications for meetings. Learn about this new tool and its potential for meetings and events.

Read the article: The Next Social Media Wave: Using Google Wave for Events from Corbin Ball's January/February 2010 TechTalk Newsletter


Rave Reviews

Desi Williamson
“Desi was outstanding. His amount of research and subsequent inclusion of the information he learned into his presentation was most impressive. He provided a message that reinforced our meeting objectives in a very memorable way. He received a jump-up standing ovation when he finished -- something that most of our speakers do not get. He is by far one of our all time great speakers. All in all, Desi was effective, articulate, spellbinding, and wonderful. He's a fun, positive person to be around -- very easy-going and low maintenance. We more than got our money's worth to be sure. All of us agree there just aren't enough compliments and big fancy complimentary words to go around for Desi!

Peter Vidmar
“Peter exceeded our expectations. His presentation was informative, motivating and relevant. He did an amazing job intertwining his life lessons and how they related and contributed to his success. He is a very modest and humble presenter, especially for one who has achieved such great success. Peter’s theme of ROV was relevant and applicable; however, he did not make it ‘hokey’ by trying to tell our franchisees how to apply his learning’s to their business. Many franchisees made this comment to me. Everything went great – from the pre-meeting correspondence and logistics to the event itself. Thanks for a great event; you guys made it easy!!”
FASTSIGNS International, Inc.
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