If you are a frequent reader of The Philadelphia Jewish Voice, you have followed the daily updates on our website full of news and commentary on the tragic events that have unfolded in France.
Editori's Note: One reader objected to our display of a cartoon of the prophet Mohammed, but I believe that seeing the cartoon is critical to understanding what happened. The reader claimed these cartoons oppose the freedom of religion. In fact, we support the freedom of religion as did the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo. In a similar vein, while I keep kosher, I would strongly object to America passing a law making the sale or consumption of pork illegal. While islamic law forbids depictions of the prophet, this law should only be relevant to practicing muslims. 

Finally, please reflect on our community over this Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. Our community calendar lists many opportunities to serve others. 
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With the inevitability of executing innocent people and the cost of death penalty cases, this punishment must be eliminated.
Unless there is a clear and present threat to life or limb, freedom of speech will be protected in the United States.


2-3 million people took part in the Unity March against Islamist terror. French President François Hollande led the march and paid his respects at the Grand Synagogue with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and other world leaders.
The New York Times asked its readers to report anti-Muslim bias in Europe. A local doctor laments the lack of a similar interest in bias against non-Muslims in Arab countries.




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