Dear friends,
Last weekend was bookended by great weather on Friday and Sunday but on Saturday May 20th, it rained all day for the 17th Annual Dance Parade and Festival.
But we are dancers--We channeled our inner Gene Kelly and showcased over 100 styles of dance. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU to the thousands who participated and supported this historic day!
Greg Miller
Dance Parade New York

Honoring 50 years of hip-hop dance. Rokafella, DJ KS*360 & Full Circle Souljahs performance at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at 17th Street & Sixth Avenue with
Dance Parade Emcee Greg Miller, NYC Councilwoman Carlina Rivera, Grand Marshals Ronald K. Brown, Elizabeth Streb & Natasha Diggs; Photo by Josef Pinlac
La Paz San Simon (Bolivian Caporales); Photo by Steven Yangen
Thai Vegan Maykaidee Restaurant Dancers; Photo by Josef Pinlac
Pujally NYW (Bolivian Pujally); Photo by Steven Yangen
5Rhythms Float; Photo by Steven Yangen

Freaky Deaky Krew (with physically integrated dancers); Photo by Steven Yangen

Los Andulleros de Santiago (Dominican); Photo by Steven Yangen

One of two covered Grand Stands in Astor Place; Photo by Dana Humphrey 
The Findyhoppers featuring Brooklyn Swings on the Main Stage at DanceFest; Photo by Josef Pinlac
Princess Lockerooo and the Fabulous Waack Dancers on Main Stage at DanceFest; Photo by Josef Pinlac
Dozens of media outlet covered the parade and festival. AMNY had lots of photos.
     Did you participate by dancing in the 17th Annual Dance Parade & Festival? To
    better serve the community, we'd like to know about your ideas and experiences:


       Hudson River Dance Festival Picnic!

Each year Dance Parade hosts a picnic following it's annual event. Join us as early at 5:30pm for drinks and nibbles as we reconvene the community that made the 17th Annual Dance Parade and Festival happen. W23rd & Hudson River: We will aim to sit adjacent (slightly north) of the VIP seating area.
Then sit down and relax for one of New York City's best kept secrets, the beautiful Hudson River Dance Festival. Staged before the scenic Hudson River, the sun has been known to offer extraordinary sundown performances to accompany the extradordinary dance companies curated by the Joyce Theater:

      Mayoral Proclamation, Beyond the Zone

Thank you Mayor Eric Adams for this wonderful proclamation making Saturday May 20, 2023 "Dance Parade Day"  -- This year's  theme Beyond The Zone was in support of your City of Yes Campaign which recognizes that it's still not possible to dance in over 80% of New York City. The campaign will adjust outdated zoning laws to allow dancing to flourish in all corners of the City, ending discriminatory and racist practices that have affected marginalized communities since the Cabaret Law was enacted in 1926. Sign the petition to legalize dance!

        Support Beyond the Zone Advocacy        

                         Support the campaign to legalize dance by getting something from our store. 
                                 Join our Dance Police Squad to ticket people for NOT dancing!


Photo Contest

Each year Dance Parade attracts hundreds of photographers, capturing the magic found when 100 unique styles of dance and cultures are all presented in the same place. They love the energy, movement and color found among ancient cultures and highly ambitious artists. For each category (Dance Parade and DanceFest), we will award 3 winners.

* First Prize is $250 and a commemorative tshirt or coffee mug.
* Second Prize is $150 and a commemorative tshirt or coffee mug.
* Third Prize is $75 and a commemorative tshirt or coffee mug.
Entries must be digital, color or black and white. We would like to use your images and videos for our promotional purposes, to present the parade as an art parade and as a participatory experience.
Therefore, we ask you to sign off on using your photos and videos, and will credit you whenever appropriate.

Dance Parade New York believes live dance performance
has the potential to awaken a communal human spirit
which can build a more equitable and vibrant society.


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Many thanks and much appreciation

Dance Parade is a 501(c) non-profit charity that relies on many trusted relationships with corporate and government agencies to sustain and advance its mission to serve and support the art of dance.