Refirement Network :: November 2018


Dear Refirement members,

It is now mid-November and you have not heard from me for a few months. We have been busy building and focusing on ensuring the success of the 50Plus-Skill platform. This platform is there for you. The 50+ generation who now have a place where you belong and can engage to learn, serve and earn. This brings the vision of Refirement Network to life and gives you the opportunity to take responsibility for becoming an engaged member. Please make the time to look at the website and invest in yourself. Go to the website to register.

I am always looking for new technology and ways to work more effectively. In many ways by using Zoom as a communication platform I am now connected to friends, customers and a global network via my computer or smartphone without ever leaving my home. Data is the new fuel and with the price of petrol that is sky rocketing this saves me money and keeps me safe and off the roads. I have discovered a new application that I am using with my grandchildren. Read the article in this newsletter. It is called Marco Polo.

I continue to offer my Passion, Purpose and Pay Cheque 50+ course online. Make sure you go through the overview and what it offers. A great way to start off 2019 with a new vision and to dream about your future.

I am off to visit my family in Thailand at the end of November. I hope that you will be able to spend some time making memories with family and friends over the holiday period and come back rested and full of energy, ready for an exciting adventure in 2019. Think about sponsoring someone with 50plus-skills membership or paying for their online course. Gifts that can make a difference in the life of someone you care about.

Warm Regards

Lynda Smith
Founder of Refirement Network.
Wisdom Preserver and Connection Specialist.


A social enterprise for individuals in the longevity economy

I encourage you to read this article and invest in your future as well as helping us to build a strong base of skills and people who can impact South Africa.


Marco Polo- Marco Polo

We all remember the game Marco Polo. Now there is an app that you can download that will help you engage with your children and grandchildren. Please read the article I have shared on how I am using this with my grandchildren. Read more here.


Online coaching courses on
Second Careers

I have now run more than 8 online coaching courses on Second Careers. This is a great course to help one understand the changing landscape of work and how you can design a personal framework for your own future. We all need to earn but want to do so on our terms using the skills we love and in a timeframe that suits us personally. All of this is covered in the course. I invite you to read further and join us in January. Places are limited so book soon to take advantage of the early-bird special.



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