NEWS & ADVENTURES of a philosophical folk songstress mama                          ~ Summer 2014
Dearest Fans, Friends & Family,
Hello! I have missed you! Have you missed me? It's been a while. I hope you're having a fantastic summer. I just wanted to say "hi" really, and let you know I'm still here, and share a little about things in my world....
How could it not be? We have informally dubbed it, "The Playground Tour" due to all the time we spent in playgrounds everywhere we went, thanks to our not-quite-two-year-old tour manager. Highlights of the trip included:
- Meeting & singing with Maya Waldman, the original creator of Womb Song in the UK (Womb Song is the Prenatal Singing Circles project I have been working on)
- Playing to a sold-out crowd in Beverley, UK with "Mean Mary" & Edwina Hayes
- Busking on the streets of Freiburg, Germany, with Solas on Pete's back, singing along
- Staying with friends in Basel, Switzerland, a city which impressed us immensely - it is so safe, no one locks their bicycles!
.... we have been taking some time to organize and assess, celebrate all our birthdays, and continue to seek the place in life where dreams & reality meet.
Our time in Europe & the UK was so inspiring, we felt many musical doors opening, and are plotting our return next year. Do you have friends across the pond you forgot to tell us about? Or them about us? Let's talk! Send me a message.
Womb Song, the prenatal singing circles project I have been working on, is finding its wings. We've just got a website up and running, so if you know any pregnant ladies, do send them our way! (
Meanwhile, I am itching to get back into the studio to the many unrecorded songs, and as this beautiful challenging life unfolds within and around me, new songs continue to come through...
It is true I haven't been performing much since our tour in May, and I miss it dearly. AND I am very much enjoying a break from the work of promoting of all those shows! After the past two insanely sleep deprived years (thanks to an adorable little human being who is by now speaking in full English sentences and starting to work on Spanish), it feels we are finally beginning to find our sanity once again (if we ever had any). But taking a step back from the public sphere has been much needed.
I am SO appreciative of your ongoing support. I promise, more music is coming - live, recorded, and online. Thank you for your patience & love, I think about you more than you know.
Wishing you a most beautiful and blessed rest of your summer.
Next newsletter: Fall 2014.
love & blessings in abundance,
~ Amanda
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U P C O M I N G  E V E N T S :

Ongoing Mondays @ 7pm 
WOMB SONG | Pacific Cultural Center, Santa Cruz
A community based singing circle for pregnant women, led by Amanda West & Megan Jacobsmeyer. Learn more:
Saturday July 26th @ 6pm
Golden Bum Cafe | Bonny Doon, CA
Private gathering with some of Santa Cruz's finest musicians.

Sunday July 27th @ 10am
Shambhala Center | 920 4st Ave, Suite F, Capitola, CA
Offering music for morning services for Heart Circle Community, led by the amazing Rev. Angela Geary. Ancient wisdom, new thought.

Sunday August 24th @ 9am
Center for Spiritual Living | 1146 University Ave, San Jose, CA
Musical inspiration for morning services.

Saturday August 30th
Nor Cal Women's Herbal Symposium | Black Oak Ranch, Laytonville, CA
I love this annual gathering of women, plants, and wisdom. And, I love sharing music with this amazing community!



{Some photos from the trip: 1. me with Maya  2. Pete playing his sax on the street
3. the lovely crowd in Beverley, Yorkshire}

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