One week to go!
It is now just one week until BNF Healthy Eating Week!
This email will direct you to where you can find all the resources.
Remember, we would really like to hear about the activities your nursery, primary or secondary school will be undertaking during the Week, so do let us know! 
You can get in touch in the following ways:
Tweet us:@Foodafactoflife #BNFHEW18
We will be streaming three live cook-a-longs during BNF Healthy Eating Week. Come and 'cook-a-long' with us!
Tuesday 12 June, 09.15 - 09.45
Target audience: primary school pupils.
Wednesday 13 June, 09.15 - 09.45
Target audience: secondary aged pupils, or upper primary with cooking experience. 
Thursday 14 June, 09.15 - 09.45 
Target audience: secondary aged pupils, or upper primary with cooking experience. 
Quick reference planning grids for schools
To help you navigate quickly around the BNF Healthy Eating Week resources for schools, we have created a one page planning grid for both primary and secondary teachers.
The one page planning grids are each on a PowerPoint presentation slide. Simply 'play' or 'show' the presentation (as you usually would), and then click on the hyperlinks to find the resources you need! 
 All the resources! 
To browse through all the resources for nurseries and schools, click on these links.
Fruit bowl and bath trackers!
Did you know that our fruit bowl and bath trackers can be edited?
These simple trackers can be completed by adding ticks or shapes with colouring pens, or using dot stickers.
The trackers were developed with nursery school pupils in mind but can also be a fun recording tool for older pupils and those with special/aditional needs.
The trackers are editable so can be tweaked to suit your setting and pupils!
Why not download your copies now?
5 A DAY tracker (fruit bowl)
Social media/daily messaging plan for schools
Our social media guide provides ideas for tweets and daily messages about BNF Healthy Eating Week for you to share with your school community via your social media platforms and websites. Why not take a look now?
We now have a press release template which schools can use to let their local press know what they will be doing for BNF Healthy Eating Week!
What will you be doing during BNF Healthy Eating Week?
Danielle at Heathland School has been in touch to share her plans.

We will run a healthy eating tuck shop during playtime as a summer treat for students. This will involve our catering staff helping to prepare and package the items with children.
We will also be choosing ambassadors to promote the challenges being run across the school.
Some classes will be cooking along to the cooking demos.
We will invite parents in for a healthy eating workshop geared at transforming lunchboxes.
We will be holding a ‘classroom fruit platter competition', where the students will enjoy a fruit feast on Friday afternoon!
 BNF Healthy Eating Week 2018 is developed and run by the British Nutrition Foundation and is supported by the Argicultural Horticultural Development Board (AHDB), Garfield Weaston Foundation, KP Snacks and Waitrose.