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Oh the stream of broken promises left behind by the public education lobbyists, Liquor by the drink, horse racing, casinos, House Bill 1017 and the lottery were all supposed to end forever the school funding “shortfall”.  This week were treated to another poor mouthed appeal to drain further money out of our pockets by David Boren, OU President and chief scoundrel of the day.  Boren and friends filed a petition to put a state question on the 2016 ballot boosting the state sales tax by 22% all to “save the children” and to “avert the crisis”.
In the next 90 days the boosters of the tax hike have to gather 123,000 signatures in order to get the tax hike on the ballot in November of 2016.  My guess is that there are that many teachers, spouses, politicians and educational lobbyists in Oklahoma.  The tax is earmarked for 69.5% going to common education, 25% going to higher education, and the balance going to vo tech.
Superintendent pay is off limits were told but as money is fungible the superintendents will get their pay raises from local property taxes or existing tax streams.   $5,000 is intended as a bribe to the teachers, the rest of the money ‘could be used for third grade reading programs, to increase graduation rates, or to address college and career readiness”.    Really?   “could” be used?
One of the talking heads made the comment that the massive need for college remedial courses pointed out the need for more money.   Or you could figure out that the fact that high schools are cranking out morons that are unable to read, write, or do arithmetic as evidence of the public schools failing to do their job despite the massive amount of money already spent.  What is really needed is to track college students that are not ready and deduct the cost of remedial courses out of those schools next budget year instead of the student and family paying to educate the student in a basic requirement for attending college.
We are told that Oklahoma employers can’t find trained workers to hire and that a thriving economy needs massive educational spending.  Really?   Most companies would hire the most qualified person for the job and then train them in the needed skills.  Of course if you can get the state of Oklahoma to train your grocery store clerks at state expense then that adds to the bottom line for the company at the end of the year. 
And look at the unemployment rate for college graduates, it is higher than ever before in our history.  One study in 2010 found that 48% of the college graduates were working jobs that did not require a college degree and that 38% of those jobs did not require a high school diploma!  They found that 15% of taxi drivers had a bachelor’s degree or higher in 2010 compared to the 1970’s data that found that only 1% of taxi drivers had college degrees.  And the latest unemployment numbers show that 40% of those unemployed are college graduates.  This year around 2.8 million citizens will graduate but only 5 million jobs are open at this time and most of those jobs do not require a college degree.   However the job market is so tight right now that employers can jack up the requirements for a job because so many are out of work.   A current executive assistant has a college degree 19% of the time but new job listings for executive assistants are requiring a degree 65% of the time.
Then we have to question if education spending boosts the economy.  No we are told by this one excellent resource on government spending.
And the "new money" raised by the new 22%  increase in the state sales tax is to replace "lost" money after the legislature cut the budget.   But looking at the chart below shows that education spending INCREASED after the2011 through 2013 down turn because of the recession and is now higher than it ever was.
Other studies exist that show very little societal return on increased public school spending.  At the individual level getting a degree as a doctor or lawyer or engineer will certainly pay big dividends, if there is a job opening.  Then there is the “signaling” value of a degree which is the effect attaining a degree has on employers, signaling that the person is dedicated and resourceful and will make a good employee.   That value has shrunk to about 5% instead of the once 30% value in he 70’s.
Throwing money at education simply does not work.  The greedy members of the educational system will always beg for more while resisting all changes to hold them accountable for the students they turn loose in the world.  The chart below says it all.
White Wash Coming UpHow Many Coats will be Needed?
Tulsa County Commissioners to Vote on indicted Sheriff’s Retirement
White wash is a cheap paint made from slaked lime and white clay, literally dirt cheap but of poor quality and durability.   The lime component has some anti bacterial qualities and it does lock down dust and debris and make rough surfaces smoother and easier to clean but the hallmark of a white wash job is that it covers up filth and corruption but doesn't last very long and must be re done constantly..
Late last week the word leaked out that the Tulsa County Commissioners had set a meeting to vote on allowing indicted Sheriff Stanley Glanz to retain peace officer status upon retirement.  Glanz is facing trial on two misdemeanors for refusing to provide documents that showed that reserve deputy Robert Bates had not met training requirements and for accepting $600 per month for the use of his personal car while using mostly county owned vehicles.
A third indictment remains sealed and if that indictment is a felony then Sheriff Glanz will lose his pension and his position as an Oklahoma peace officer if convicted.  And why is it taking so long for that judge to unseal the felony grand jury indictment of Glanz?
The meetings are usually held at room 315,  Ray Jordan Tulsa County Admin Bldg, 500 S. Denver Tulsa, OK.  We do not know the date or time of this meeting but you can contact the Commissioners here:
District #1 John Smaligo at 918-596-5020918-596-5020  
Commissioner District #2  Karen Keith at 918-596-5018918-596-5018 
Commissioner Ron Peters at  918-596-5010918-596-5010  

Tulsa County Republican Mens Club Hosts Sheriff Debate
The debate will be on Friday, October 30th between 6pm and 8 pm at Brookside Baptist Church at 3615 South Peoria, Tulsa, Ok.   TCRMC is a solid conservative Republican club although they have a lot of attendees from the RINO side of the party show up.   If you want more information please contact Bille @ billiej86@cox.net
Surely Not…..

My God, what has happened to our society if we are at the point where self proclaimed drug addicts are hired as radio hosts?   Chad Alexander was arrested last year on possession of 3.35 grams of cocaine, possession of pain killers without a prescription, and for obstructing when he flashed a badge at the arresting officer and claimed to be a District Attorney.
Police said that Alexander had 3.35 grams of cocaine, shy of the normal packaged amount of 3.5 grams, an eight ball in the trade’s jargon, an eighth of an ounce of cocaine.   However, the stories also claim that Alexander admitted to purchasing around $200.00 worth of cocaine and one webs site lists the going rate for Oklahoma City cocaine at $80.00 to $95.00 per eight ball of cocaine.  That would put the drug buy at over double of what the police found.
The other issue is that 3.5 grams is he normal amount sold but 3.35 is what the police recovered from Alexander, meaning there were  150 mg missing or six key bumps @ 25 mg per key bump (oh the things you have to research to write such asstory).   According to online information, the average user will use one key bump every twenty minutes to maintain their heigh.  A key bump is a little bit on the end of a car key or house lock key.  Alexander must have been snorting a lot of coke prior to being pulled over and arrested.  And 3.5 grams of cocaine would be enough to snort nonstop for 46 hours as the effects of a key bump are supposed to wear off in about twenty minutes.  If Alexander did indeed purchase $200.00 worth of cocaine then he was sharing with someone that day or was buying a week's worth of cocaine.
But despite the guilty plean, the conviction, and five year’s probation Tyler Media Group announced this week that former GOP chairman, political consultant, and lobbyist Chad Alexander was hired to host his own political talk show on KOKC 1520 AM starting November 9th.     Among his accomplishments listed on the PR notice was the fact that Alexander is on the board of the Oklahoma City Metro Alliance which assists individuals that are recovering from substance abuse.  The PR piece also mentioned the cocaine bust last year, or kind of sorta mentioned  it:
“Alexander checked himself into rehab last year after police arrested him on suspicion of cocaine possession; they found cocaine in his vehicle after a traffic stop in northwest Oklahoma City.”
Uh,…. Suspicion of cocaine possession?  How about plead guilty to two felonies and one misdemeanor?
Seriously, everyone deserves a chance to clean up their life and start over but putting an admitted drug addict and a self admitted felon on the radio doesn’t send a positive message to the kiddies out there.  And putting a self admitted recent drug addict on the Board of an abuse treatment center?  Maybe in a few years of clean living but it is a slap in the face for the families suffering from the effects of drug addiction of others.
Americans for Limited Government
Konawa Tea Party
(4th) Tuesday October 27, 2015 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Kennedy Library - The Dougan Room
Konawa School, 701 W South Street
This is the last Konawa Tea Party meeting for this year and features Sooner Tea Party Co Founder Al Gerhart and the Former Ada Tea Party leader Catherine White who will speak about the One World Government movement.

Another Candidate Steps Up
By the Watchman
Today we bring to you another candidate for a House seat that is term limited. He is an enigma, a very thorough search through every search engine we could think has come up with very little information on the candidate to replace Speaker Jeff Hickman. The man seeking the position is Dr.O. Carl Newton.
We first found out about Dr. Newton in this article The Okie » Woodward Optometrist Seeks Hickman’s Term-Limited Seat.   The fact that Congressman Tom Cole’s website supports the man is enough to give pause and he is riding on Speaker Hickman’s coattails:  I’ve had the opportunity to see the positive difference that Speaker Hickman has made in just 12 years,” said Newton, a key member of the campaign steering committee for Hickman’s first campaign in 2004, and chairman of the committee for Hickman’s re-election campaign. “I want to continue the tradition of excellence in leadership we’ve seen from Speaker Hickman. I have a heart to serve the people of Northwest Oklahoma. I grew up here, and then raised my family and built my career here.”
We were completely unable to find a campaign web site for the Doctor, but if you are having eye trouble, you can look here Carl W. Newton, O.D., Cherokee Oklahoma 73728 | (580) 596-3573 | Eye Doctor, Contact Lenses, Designer Glasses, Optometrist.
We next went to www.votesmart.org to see if they had any information on him. They had nothing. As we said earlier, the man is an enigma. There doesn’t seem to be any organization to his campaign. He seems to be running by riding on Hickman’s coat tails.
We next went to www.ok.gov/ethicscommission to see if they had any information on his campaign finances. Once again we found absolutely nothing. He has not opened a campaign account yet so he isn’t raising money or he isn’t reporting that he is raising money. We would hope that the Doctor is smart enough not to accept a campaign donation prior to opening an ethics account.
We did find information on the McCarville Report and although the guy claims he is a “Constitutional Christian” the fact that he has a history with the Chamber of Commerce and that the McCarville Report would back him means that he is probably not a conservative. 
In closing we cannot recommend this candidate at this time. There are too many unanswered questions about him. His primary campaign promise is to follow is the current Speaker he seeks to replace.   We will be watching his campaign financing and we trust that the Ethics Commission will be watching.
Party Till you Drop at the
State Narcotics Training Event at Camp Gruber!
Good Lord, how the media likes to distract us with scandal when lower level public officials are caught thinking with the little head.   But the big boys get away with just about anything including public corruption.  But hey, the story was just too salacious not to post.
The Oklahoman story covered debauchery and drinking at a narcotics assault training program at Camp Gruger around the first to middle of May of this year.  It seems the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics training included wild partying, hard drinking, extramarital sex, and the suspension and firing of several state troopers and one female game warden by the name of Emily Long.
The troopers were technically on call, subject to being sent out into the field if needed, although none were actually on duty at the time.   The female game warden, the only female student at the class, was also the wife of another state trooper who was not present at the training event. Eight members of the state police tactical team were disciplined or resigned following a four month long investigation.  The other two were goody two shoes apparently and chose not to partake in the extracurricular activities.
The female game warden was accused of “flashing” a group of men, then having sex in bathrooms, shower areas, or barracks of the facilty.  One trooper called his fornication an “accident”, kind of like bumping into another car in the parking lot I guess we are supposed to believe.  “Yeah honey, it was an accident.  She was just walking by and we both stumbled, wouldn’t you know it little trooper got lodged in her bear cave and it took several minutes of gymnastics to get clear.”
Some of the troopers admitted to drinking to the point of intoxication nearly every night of the training event, resulting in memory loss, the inability to operate a vehicle, but not so drunk they couldn’t video the married female game warden flashing the other troopers. And not so drunk that one of them couldn’t send the video to other troopers.
These weren’t green recruits, these were six and eight year veterans of the state police tactical team.  Emily Long, the female trainee that was married to another state trooper received two weeks suspension without pay and six months probation for unprofessional conduct, negligence of duty, and conduct unbecoming a public official.  Emiily has been a game warden for over five years.   What a party animal she turned out to be.
After about a month the news must have leaked out as Emily and her husband had a domestic confrontation at their Stillwater home, resulting in the husband calling for fellow troopers to show up and assist him.  Oh dear, he probably had good intentions of protecting himself and all but calling your buddies to help out with a slut wife… isn’t that a common porno movie plot?  Not that I would personally know or anything but there are a few state senators that would certainly know.  
Emily Long was in the national news about a year ago after a local article about the female game warden was picked up by the Washington Times.  Both her and her husband were also featured in a story about them walking for miles to raise money for a Green Beret Program.   OSCN.net isn’t showing any divorce records so the couple with the very interesting life must have worked past the "bumps" in their relationship.
The single trooper that was fired is of course appealing the decision, backed by Gary James, the trooper lawyer, same one that backed up the rapist trooper last year.
The training program is said to be physically demanding and teaches how to rappel out of helicopters into marijuana fields, tracking criminals in the wilderness, treating injuries, identifying explosives found near pot fields, and disarming the explosives.   Not to mention binge drinking, girls gone wild flashing, and banging in public toilets.  Something tells me that the applications flooded into the agency after this story leaked out.
We told you So Last Week

Our story last week on Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel misusing his budget and saddling County taxpayers with millions of dollars of medical bills for inmates was backed up this week by a Fox 25 story that investigated the issue.
The new story verified that Whetsel had around 400 state inmates at the jail, double what he had told other County officials.  The story also verified that Whetsel had 47 million dollars for the jail, not counting millions more from things like inmate phone calls, process serving, and other off budget slush fund accounts and of course he money he was raking in from the state for keeping 400 extra prisoners.
County Commissioner Maughan said that Whetsel moved the money that was earmarked for paying the medical treatment contract, forcing the company to sue the County once again.  The Fox 25 story quoted Maughan on the issue:
"The problem with what this amount is it wasn't a matter of that the money wasn't there for the sheriff to use to pay for it he just chose to spend it on other things in the last fiscal year, but it's unconstitutional to create debt that's a violation of our oath of office and so it's not just a notion I have, it's the constitution," Maughan said.
Maughan also verified what we wrote about  the jail problems being manufactured by Whetsel and he pointed out that there are more alternative sentencing programs in place that are relieving the pressure off the jail.   Of course Whetsel denied holding more inmates than the state contract called for but DOC officials confirmed that they removed 200 prisoners from the “pre reception program”.
Why should you worry about mismanagement at the jail?  Because when Whetsel loses the lawsuit over the unpaid medical bills our property taxes increase to pay the outstanding medical bills and the attorney fees needed to recover the money.  Interestingly enough there is some thought that the eight county officials might be on the hook for the misappropriated money and be held personally liable.
One thing is clear and that is that Whetsel’s corruption has earned him vocal enemies within County government.  The only unanswered question is when the jail will erupt in violence and how many detention officers and OKC police officers lose their lives before the state or the feds are forced to take over.