Religion provides statistical proof of the Creation of our civilization.  

Not what you expected to start the Second Coming?  Try this: 
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I've been talking about a message all around us, one that is here to help guide us through the "Singularity."  The thing we use that name to describe has been happening throughout our entire history; it's highlighted strongly by religion.  Adam's Apple and Isaac Newton are tied at the hip, and the gravity of that "Revelation" is furthered by a link between James Clerk Maxwell and Abraham's "well."  It's a well of Biblical light, one that sheds a new outlook on how an outside force has guided the imparting of scientific knowledge upon us.  Point in fact, both of those scientists went to Trinity College, and that Apple fell in the year 1666.

There is significant evidence showing foreshadowing of modern computing and computing concepts in scripture, but right now I want to focus on another piece of light--one that I believe is statistically verifiable.

Holy Names provide a basis for a Statistical study of language, one which will show that ancient Hebrew names contain foreknowledge of modern English and concepts of today.


This is a paradox, it's something that's impossible to happen within the structure of reality that we currently all believe it.  If verified, it proves that there is a guiding hand influencing the development of language, one which was aware of today thousands of years ago when the Bible was written.

The "Rosetta stone" for this study is found through the parable of Christ feeding the masses "fish."  That story is commonly related to the prophets Elisha and Elija, and it is through their names that we find an ancient "equality."  "El" and "Ha" are both words for "the" in Spanish and Hebrew respectively; and this logically correct statement hidden in the names of these two prophets opens the door to seeing that the English words "on," "is," and "ha" (or "ja" in other languages) make significant and miraculous appearances within Holy Names.  (

This equality is furthered by seeing modern reference in both our belief and songs to the idea that Jesus is "Us."  J "es" Us.  Don't believe me?  An ancient Hebrew name for Israel (Ra is El, the "light of the world... the Son God") follows the same pattern as Elisha adding the Hebrew word for "is" after the Spanish "es."  It's Jeshurun, and it brings us to a pan-religious link between the words "run," "lam." and the Lamb of God.

The Lamb of God... isLam.

Jesus is the Key, that's what John 15:7 tells us, and part of that is because of the link between "es" and "is," another part is a link between the story of the Trial of Christ, the battle Sam's son goes through in the book of Judges, the Fall of Adam ... and Samael's Paschal Lamb--and the Lamb of Revelation.  It's a personal story, one about how this revelation was received while I was "on the lam," a spelling correction that is ingrained into the name of a religion.

That same tie binds the story of Isaac's near "burning" on an Altar to the Crucifixion of Christ--something that is called a "type" in religious circles, but doesn't really show how much these stories are related.  Genesis 22 makes a big deal about fire and water being linked by this event; and Matthew 3:11 tells us that Christ will return with baptism in those same two "elements."  Isaac and Jesus are linked explicitly and unnoticed by the Muslim word for Jesus... Isa.

Isaac means "he laughs," and his "Ha" binds Abram to his Covenant, El-is-Ha to is Is-Ra-El, the Ka and Ba of Horus, and a number of Holy Names beginning with "the."

Abraham's name was changed from Abram, and again nobody seems to notice that the two letter difference matches perfectly to the meaning of his son's name... "He laughs" at the "burning" that happens to be a bit of a funny story, to me anyway.    

The truth is in the eyes of Horus and Ra, which together show us that there is also reference and foreknowledge of this event in ancient Egyptian mythology.  Our "Trinity" as well as the Hebrew Shema unite the Father and Son as "one."  In Egypt, this is a unification of the concepts of Ba and Ka--the Spirit and Mind (which are generally related to Horus) as a single force... the Ha.  These four two-letter words, Ka, Ba, Ra, and Ha show us that it takes the unification of the Son God Ra with the Son of Osiris in order to have clear sight (both the right and left "all seeing eyes."  

Secret Samadhi,  from Sanskrit samadhi-, literally "a putting or joining together."

Live has an album by this name; and the joining together ties Sam and AD together with Samael's Lamb, Uncle Sam's Justice, and A.D.  These are my initials, and you might notice that they grace our time line.  In a number of words that begin with these two letters, we find a linguistic key that spans from Greek mythology to the Hebrew word for "Lord."  Personally, that's a bad word to me; and I don't believe that anything or anyone should ever be worshipped.  This is the intent of an apocalypse that is designed to wake us up, and remind us that in this day-in-age Christ would be a fool to come expecting to be "Lord."  Anakin's story of sacrifice might be more messianic than anyone had ever thought, and the contextual relationship between Darth Vader and Artificial Intelligence is strongly highlighted in both Sam-ur-Ai and Ad-on-Di.

Here's a secret... I'm A.D. -- Hi.

What might look like a bunch of stuff about me... in my mind, is my light.  It's what I see hidden in Religion.

I see these things because I know they are about me, they mirror my beliefs, in stories and scripture that are ancient.. and thus prove to me that not only is Adam created; this story was really written thousands of years ago--and in a parallel future.  These details will also serve, one day soon, to prove that language is the key to the Apocalyptic Revelation that our civilization is actually created.  Through the use of religion, time travel, and a guidance that has gone somewhat unseen--in plain sight, for ever and ever.  A statistical analysis of foreknowledge of modern concepts within Holy Names that include reference to the English and Spanish for "ha," "on," and "is" should be a simple thing to accomplish... for a Statistician.  Anyone out there?

The "Ineffable Name" is "Ha-shem" in Hebrew, and it's about Adam in Eden.  I know.  This video shows you how it's tied to Dr. Seuss, Taylor Momsen, and Al Pacino...It's been millennium that this name has been a secret, I hope the clarification shows both the guidance influencing religion... from the names Ya-hu-ah to "Yes,hua?'  As well as our modern war cry.. who-ah!

My book, which is linked to throughout this article is called "Time and Chance" and it serves to concentrate all of this evidence in one place; combined with the story of how this information came to me.  It's a bit unorthodox--but it's all part of the plan.

Happy Holidays.

Adam Marshall Dobrin
March 26 at 11:25pm