Dear Authors and Publishers:

The Eric Hoffer Award season has arrived. Here is the award announcement schedule for 2017:

March 2 – da Vinci Eye Finalists
March 3 – Montaigne Medal Finalists
April 5 – First Horizon Award Finalists
April 24 – First Horizon Award Winner
May 1 – da Vinci Eye Winners
May 8 – Montaigne Medal Winners
May 15 – Eric Hoffer Award Grand Prize Short List
May 22 (approx) – Eric Hoffer Award results, including the grand prize, press and category distinctions, and category finalists.

Please note: The First Horizon Award, da Vinci Eye, and Montaigne Medal are separate distinctions and do not influence the category or grand prize judging. If your book does not gain one of these honors or is not named in the grand prize short list, it is still being considered for a press and category award or perhaps a distinction as a category finalist.

This is the last time you’ll receive a general announcement until May when all of the awards have been posted. Award results are listed on our website, and after the grand prize announcement, full award coverage can be found in the US Review of Books. You may monitor the unfolding details of the award via our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We are intentionally not including these links, because many of your SPAM filters will capture this important message. You may find links to our social media outlets on our website front page.

If you have questions, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

Dawn Shows,
EHA Coordinator