La Catalina Educational Foundation
Spring 2012 
Entertainment at 'A Night Under the Stars' Auction
Kids enjoying the show
Valentin and Gerardo pouring drinks
Jacqueline and Darryl were two of our amazing volunteers!
Donating to the Kinder
Donating to the Middle School
2012 auction proceeds will go towards finishing the bricks, floor and plaster of the second classroom this spring
Kids having fun at art class with Angie, Marilyn, and Paula
Middle School students looking forward to receiving the new laptop computers
In this issue:
***Keep your eyes open for our next newsletter profiling  our     scholarship candidates for the 2012-13 academic year!***
8th Annual Auction Fundraiser a Success
Our online auction ran February 1-15th and the ‘Night Under the Stars Silent Auction and Party” was held February 25th. Both were successful and in total over $80,000 pesos were raised!
Proceeds from the auction are distributed to the community in three ways:
  • 25% donated to the public schools of La Manzanilla
  • 25% supports our free community educational programs
  • 50% invested in the continued construction of the computer lab at the Costa Alegre Educational Center which will provide much needed computer classes to the community. 

For more information on our programs please click here.

Here is a quick look at some of the auction details:
-Total Items Auctioned: 180
-Item with Highest Bid: $625 - 1 week stay at Jr. Suite in Careyes Condominums donated by G. Lasater
-Item with Most Bids: Infinity Mountain Bike donated by Jacqueline Walters
-Total Revenue from Online Auction: $39,912 pesos
-Total Revenue from“A Night under the Stars” Silent Auction & Party: $57,415 pesos
-Total Combined Net Auction Proceeds: $80,005 pesos
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La Manzanilla Schools Happy to
Receive Donations
The La Manzanilla public schools were happy to receive a total of $20,000 pesos in cash donations from La Catalina Foundation. Every year we donate 25% of the proceeds from the Online Auction and ‘A Night Under the Stars’ Auction and Party to the Kinder, elementary school and middle school in La Manzanilla.   

The principal at the elementary school is very happy to receive the cheque!

These funds are used to support projects and renovations as well as to purchase materials that the schools require. For example, in 2011 the donations supported the completion of the Kinder playground, improvements in the washrooms at the elementary school and kitchen renovations at the middle school. The decision for how to use the funds is made by the parent's committee at each school.
Over the next couple weeks all schools will have their parent's committee meetings and let us know how this year's funds will be used. At LCEF we are very grateful for your support which allows us to give these much needed funds to the public schools!
Annual Report and Accomplishments
Finishing the 2011 Annual Report has been a great opportunity to reflect on the growth and changes LCEF has seen. Here's a sampling of some recent accomplishments we are proud of:
  • Increasing English classes in the public schools to reach every grade (Kinder to grade 9).
  • Expanding our adult evening English classes to two levels (beginner and intermediate) where we had previously had all levels in one class.
  • Adding a guitar class which Myranda O’Byrne and Michael Price made possible through their donations of time, expertise and guitars.  Stephanie Fernandez also helped continue these classes.
  • Enjoying another successful summer camp with 29 kids and teacher interns Kelly and Stephanie.
  • Donating to the La Manzanilla public schools.
  • Delivering teacher appreciation bags and school supplies after another successful school supply drive in partnership with June Nery of .
  • Completing the foundation and the walls of the second classroom which will be a computer lab.
For further details please see the full  2011 annual report.
'Digital Abilities for All' Update
Last December the middle school successfully raised enough money to complete the necessary preparations to receive the 'Digital Abilities for All' program.  The extra security and electrical systems were then installed in the classrooms and now the students and teachers are looking forward to the arrival of the 30 laptops! The delay in delivery of the computers is due to elections happening in July.  Everyone is really excited to come back in September to a new and improved method of learning in the middle school!
Middle School teachers beside the new security and electrical systems
Thank you to the donors who helped make this program possible!
  Thanks to Our Volunteers
We would also like to extend a special thanks to our teachers in the fall and winter of this school year: Angie O., Deborah D., Isaura M., Jordan R., Judy R., Karin C., Lacey R., Marilyn S., Michael P., Myranda O., Nancy W., Norma R., Paula D., Sandra S. and Traver R.
La Catalina Educational Foundation, the schools and the children of La Manzanilla say, “Gracias!”