Lawrence Howard, The Adventures of Huckleberry Howard - Singlehandedly
Hey friends,

I'm very excited (and a little bit nervous) about my new solo show opening next Friday! I'm stitching together three of my favorite personal stories into a a feature-length show called The Adventures of Huckleberry Howard. Yes, it's true: I am the secret love child of Mark Twain and Huckleberry Hound. Oh my darlin', oh my darlin'...........! The first story in the trilogy is called In The Belly Of The Beast, and it's about a time (one of many!) I was getting beat up by the ninth graders in the junior high school locker room. The second one is a story called Night Blues, about the summer my brother worked as the second mate on a fishing boat and used to let me tag along sometimes. The last story, Into The West, is about my life-long best friend, and how he and I decided to come out here to Oregon together, and about a very interesting thing that happened to us on the very first day of our westward journey. In between the three main stories I might tell some other stories, or a couple of jokes, or I might recite some dirty limericks, or play my harmonica, or who knows what else I might do??? I love the whole narrative arc of this show: it starts out with me as a helpless little nerd, goes into my first adolescent yearnings for adult identity and manly comaraderie, and ends with me as the young man leaving home to seek his fortune in the world, like the hero in my very own folktale. As Lynne so brilliantly said, it's
about "bullies and brothers and breaking away." Love that alliteration!

I'm doing the Huckleberry Howard show twice. First time is next Friday, April 24th, the opening night of the Singlehandedly solo performance festival. That night, the second act will be Antonio Sacre, a nationally-known storyteller who is coming up to Portland from LA just to perform in Singlehandedly with Portland Story Theater. He is going to do a show called Burning Feathers, a personal tale about his romance and marriage to a beautiful aspiring actress, and how things fell apart: the course of true love never runs smooth. Lynne and I saw him tell this story a few years ago as a special performance at the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tennessee, and it was just brilliant. Hip, edgy, funny, sexy, heartbreaking --- all in one. This will be your only chance to see Antonio in Singlehandedly, so come on down to Hipbone if you can.

The second time I'm telling Huckleberry Howard, on Friday, May 1st, I'll be sharing the bill with the amazingly talented Penny Walter!! Penny is cooking up a very cool show called With My Own Two Hands. It's the story of her life --- as a musical --- with puppets! Yay!!! I can hardly tell you how much fun this show is. You're gonna love it --- I guarantee it.

Operators are standing by to take your reservations now! Give us a call and come on down to the show(s). Every night is different and every night is a double header. Two full-length solo shows for a single admission price -- like the double-feature at the movies when we were kids! You just can't beat it. Hope to see you at Hipbone........




Portland Story Theater