Portland Story Theater (pdxstorytheater.org)Dear Friend of PST,  
     More than ten years ago, we found ourselves at a crossroads in  life, wondering how to make a real difference in the world, in our home town, our community.
     The moment we accepted that we were deep-feelers who had a Lawrence Howard and Lynne Duddy, Portland Story Theaterlot of passion about living and loving and connecting, we were able to embrace this new art form of personal narrative, spoken straight from the heart.  The concept for Portland Story Theater was born. And we were hooked. The vision to create a new narrative, one story at a time, became a reality.
     Now we're deep into our 11th year. Portland Story Theater has touched thousands of lives with real, true stories. And you've been a part of it.  Thanks for helping us to make a difference.
     We're here to ask you to donate to this organization that believes in the power of story to change lives -- the lives of ordinary people with extraordinary stories. Your support helps us to teach people how to be present and vulnerable in ways that are crucial to the full expression of our shared humanity. Will you join us? Your contribution helps us to keep on delivering  the narrative we all need to hear.
     Portland Story Theater is a lean operation that has brought the gift of story to more than twenty thousand listeners and trained almost five hundred people in the fine art of storytelling, giving them a voice, showing them how to be open, building radical empathy and breaking down barriers to bring people together in a meaningful way.
     As a nonprofit arts organization, we survive because of your donations and a few grants. Thank you to everyone who has already donated, directly or with an add-on when buying tickets. ANY AMOUNT HELPS! Small donations add up -- in fact, if everyone reading this e-mail made even a small donation, it would make a real difference. Please consider making your donation today.

Spellbound, Portland Story Theater Mainstage

Thanks! We couldn't do this without you.
Happy New  Year! May The Narrative Be With You!®

Lawrence and Lynne

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Photographs by Scott Bump and Mike Bodine