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Don't miss out on the extremely popular Made in the USA Choice Alpaca Socks! Order now for guaranteed delivery!  Large orders ($750 or more) can be also be purchased over 6-months (see below).

New Items Arriving:
wooden alpaca ornaments

Popular Wooden Alpaca Ornaments should arrive in the next couple of weeks, but are now available for pre-purchase.
These sold out last year in 3 days! Order yours now so you don't miss out.

New Cute PacaBuddies are on their way! Currently at the docks, we expect them to be delivered any day. 

New PacaBuddies include Snowflake, Coco, Slate and more.
Prior favorites also returning.
Pre-order now for early delivery.

Also for Your Store...
Top quality fashion alpaca scarves

alpaca jigsaw puzzle
Just $6 each, a fun gift for young farm visitors.

alpaca figurine

Alpaca Figurines 
A Great Take Home Momento, j
ust $2 each.

Beat the 2015 Price Increase on Socks: 
Our production costs have increased each year since the first release of the Choice Alpaca Socks in 2006. We have held tight each year, earning less as our costs increased on these products each year. This fall we need to increase the cost per pair by $1. 
LOCK IN the 2014 rates and guarantee your products BEFORE the fall rush! Guarantee your supply of these top selling socks at the best prices. 6-month financing available.

2015 Plans
 - with you in mind!

Thank you for a best ever 2014!

We will continue to grow along with you in 2015!

Currently in the works:
* Year round sock production cycle
* New USA made sock designs:
   casual, sport, office, fun, leg warmers
* Large order incentives and 6-month financing
* Lock in 2014 prices with early purchase!

 A number of stores are already doing it. 

We want to grow with you in 2015!
Multiple retailers have asked about a financing program that would allow a large purchase ($750+) to be spread over time

This program is only available to existing customers making at least 1 prior purchase (aka, "credit established"). 

The "financing" is based 6 even automated monthly charges against a credit card on file.

There is a small fee to setup the financing arrangement. Contact Brian for details. 

"Go Large" with your next order!
* Get free shipping ($750+ orders)
* Be listed on our SEO marketed

* Get enough super popular Choice socks by ordering early!
* Return whatever does not sell by april 2016
* Lock in 2014 prices 

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