Dear friends,
I've had a long summer offline, which was really needed after a year of intense zooming!  And now I'm wrapping up a month of being in Germany.  It was my first plane trip in 1 1/2 years.  I had a fabulous weekend with the German ANAR DANA women.  We did a mamoth job of completing all the choreographies for the seven dances in our repertoire.  For those of you in Germany our recitals will be the first weekend of December in the Musa e.V. in Göttingen and it's sure to be a great show!
This week I'm headed back to California for the ANAR DANA San Francisco project.  You can look forward to their recital the first weekend of March next year.

In October I will be resuming my online classes as well. The ANAR DANA Community classes Awaken Your Dancing Body! will begin again Sundays at 10 am PT. We will start on the THIRD weekend of October (Oct 17th.)  People around the world join for this hour of deep exploration of the body.  This is a class for all levels of experience and capability.  Class is by donation and you can register on my webpage: Come and see what new things you can discover about how your body moves!  Here is what one student has to say:

 "I have been awakening my dancing body with Helene, ever since we moved our classes to zoom in March 2020. I was absolutely thrilled that she established it as a weekly practise for Saturdays and Sundays. Regardless of teaching an ANAR DANA workshop that weekend or not. I have gained strength and body awareness, which has a great impact on my dancing. Form and stability have definitely improved, giving me freedom to work on expression and other details. Love! love! love it!"
Cultural Talks: We have a new series of Cultural Talks coming up this year.  The next ANAR DANA talk is on The Roma People of Macedonia October 9th. If you are in Santa Rosa you can come live! 

On the Pomegranate Garden Dance platform I will resume teaching a  class series on Choreography and Music Mapping.  We will be working on Persian dance and will explore the music deeply with choreography and music mapping.  I will also be offering a Cultural Talk on Turkmenistan on October 17th. Other classes and lectures will continue later in the year.

In 2022 ANAR DANA Seattle is looking forward to starting a new season live and embodied!  We decided it was better to wait a little longer until the spring with the hopes that more people can join us at our dance home Deep Roots Dance in Greenwood.  Save the weekend of February 19-20, 2022 for the new Intro weekend where you can help choose our new repertoire!

I am so grateful for those of you who support our work on the ANAR DANA Patreon Page.  We have new material every month: performance videos of ANAR DANA and of me (including some vintage footage...), videos of Cultural Talks you may have missed or want to review and Seeds Interviews with ANAR DANA members.  This is a great way to support our work even if you can't attend events.
I look forward to dancing and exploring with you!
Time zones for your reference:
10:00 am PT (UTC-7) West Coast USA =
14:00 ART (UTC-3) in Argentina =
19:00 CEST/MESZ (UTC+2) in Western Europe
Every Sunday ongoing in 2021 starting Oct. 17th
10-11 PT (UTC-7)
Join the international ANAR DANA community class
Awaken Your Dancing Body!
Suggested donation is 5-15 Euros or dollars, we know it's difficult times so donate what you can and I will send you the link to join us! Please let me know which date/s you would like to join us. Men & children are welcome too!!! 
DONATE on my website to register
Thursdays, October 7, 14, 21 & 28, 2021
5-6pm PT (UST-7)
Persian Dance: Understanding the Music Structure through Choreography
Pomegranate Garden Dance 
You can visit the Face book page HERE to read about the whole project and see the incredible line-up of teachers. You can see the whole schedule and register for my classes here:
Sat, Oct. 9, 2021, Santa Rosa, CA & Online
8:00 PDT (UST-7) (live: potluck at 7pm)
ANAR DANA Cultural Talk:
Roma People of Macedonia
Suggested donation is $15 but donate what you can.
DONATE on my website to register 
Sat, Oct. 9, 2021, Santa Rosa, CA 
ANAR DANA SF Live 9.a&b

Sun, Oct. 10, 2021, San Jose, CA
ANAR DANA SF Live 9c&d
Sa/So Oct. 23/24, Göttingen, GERMANY

Sat, Nov. 13, Santa Rosa, CA & Online
ANAR DANA SF Live 10.a&b

Sun, Nov. 14, 2021, San Jose, CA & Online
ANAR DANA SF Live 10c&d
Sa/So Nov. 27-28, Göttingen, GERMANY

So& Sa Dec 4 (20 Uhr) & 5 (14 Uhr), Göttingen, GERMANY
ANAR DANA Projektschau!!!

Sa/So. Feb 5-6 Nürnberg, GERMANY
Wochende Seminar
Sat/Sun Feb 19-20, Seattle, WA/USA
ANAR DANA Seattle Intro Weekend 
Sat/Sun, Feb 26-27, SF Bay Area CA/USA
MARCH  2022

Sat/Sun, March 5-6, SF Bay Area CA/USA
ANAR DANA SF  Performances!!!

Sat/Sun March 12-13, Seattle, WA/USA
ANAR DANA Seattle Weekend I 
Fri-Sun May 6-8, Wasserkoog (Husum), GERMANY
Music and Dance Retreat  
Neue Schule Wasserkoog