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Hello RxEconsult Community, 
We hope you had a wonderful week and weekend. Last week we officially launched the RxEconsult affiliate network program. The affiliate program is one way to benefit financially from the growth of RxEconsult. As independent advertising sales consultants you can earn 20% commission on advertising sales. Invite potential advertisers to visit RxEconsult. When they purchase advertising you receive 20% commission for your referral. It is that simple. Our advertising packages range from $500 to $1750 and the different packages are listed in the advertising page. You can register for the program by sending a request to and we will send you the official contract. 
We have a lot planned for 2013 and in the next few weeks we will announce more initiatives. With your support we hope that 2013 will be an even more successful year than 2012.  
Thank you for your spending time with us. 
O. Ogbru, PharmD
CEO | Founder
How to Invite Your Colleagues
We have come along way since we first launched RxEconsult late 2011. We now have over 1000 members. To reach the next level and for the community to reach its potential we need to increase our ranks. The RxEconsult team is working hard and expending resources to increase the visibility of our community and attract new members. We need your help to accelerate growth of the community. In the latest upgrade we included features for you to easily invite your colleagues from other social networks (Facebook or Linkedin) or via email.
  • From the main navigation menu
    • Select My Network
    • Select Invite Contacts
    • Choose 'No Import' to enter email addresses
    • Choose 'Import Contacts' to import addresses from your Gmail or Yahoo mail accounts (We do not store emails of your contacts and it is secure)
    • Choose 'Invite Contacts' to invite contacts form Facebook and Linkedin
  • Select Add Connections (Orange button, from home page or next to your avatar at top right corner of each page)
    • This will open the invite Contact page. Follow the same process above. 
Once your friends join the network connect with them so you can easily share new information and your activities via your home page communication wall.  
If we all invite 10 friends we can significantly increase the size of the community. Thank you for contributing to growth of the community. 
---RxEconsult Team

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