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May, 2014

Editor - Bethany Thompson
Asst. Editor - Trini Rios


  • IEFLA Common Core Workshop
  • IEFLA Honors Reception
  • Study Abroad Grants: IE Teachers go to Quebec and France
  • Tech Corner: Google Translate
  • World Language Binder
  • YouTube clip of the month: How to order in a French restaurant
  • Job Opportunity: Need a French teacher
  • Animal sounds in different languages
  • Get them talking!
  • Spanish MA Program at CSUSB
  • Learn to teach art... at the Louvre!
  • Dear Poly: What do you do after the AP exam?





IEFLA Common Core Workshop was a Big Hit

Cindy Leathers share a wealth of ideas that teachers were able to put into practice to add a spark to the last weeks of school. Here are a few of the comments from the participants:

"I really liked the connections to the Common Core State Standards."

"This whole workshop was filled with resources and ideas that I'm going to use in my classroom."

"Fun, engaging. The day went by fast!"

"I really appreciated how dynamic the workshop was."

"I really liked the food."



IEFLA/CASLA 14th Annual Honors Reception

Two hundred students were honored for their outstanding achievements in world languages. A reception in their honor was held at Cal State University, San Bernardino, on April 23. Watch for next year's reception to nominate your students.


Two Inland Empire Teachers Receive CLTA Study Abroad Grants




Annette Baine to Study in France

Annette Baine of French at Rim of the World High School received CLTA's Study Abroad Grant to study in France.

She was awarded the grant at the CLTA Conference in San Diego. The grant will provide Annette the ability to enhance the experience of her students through the French language. The grant covers her tuition and room and board. In addition, she received a LangAbroad Grant from CLTA which will help with her airfare.

Will you apply for the grant for next summer?





Susan Kratofil to Study in Quebec

Susan Kratofil a teacher of French at Oak Hills High School will study in Quebec during the summer. The grant covers her tuition and room and board. In addition, she received a LangAbroad Grant from CLTA which will help with her airfare.


Tech Corner 

Each month we will explore a different aspect of technology that can help you in your classroom.  This month may just be the only link you’ll ever need:  Edshelf is a free website that allows you to search for the perfect web tool.  Click on “Search for the perfect tool” and choose your parameters.  Search by operating system or themes or just check out the collections others have made like “Classroom management.”   Make one of your first stops when shopping for new apps and programs.



World Language Binder

IEFLA’s World Language Binder – for general information that applies to all language teachers including tabs for all of the links to websites featured in the Tech Corner, Common Core, participation and much, much more! 

YouTube Clip of the Month

Google Translate

What happens when you Google Translate the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song?


How do you order in a French restaurant?

Ordering in a French Restaurant



Job Opportunity

Beaumont High School is looking for a French teacher (native speaker, preferably) or some one who is credentialed to teach both French and Spanish. Contact  Jesse Amaya, French/Spanish teacher, Beaumont High School 951-845-3171

Need a teacher? Need a job?

Go to LA STARS Jobs Bulletin Board. See job openings in Southern California. List your name as a candidate.

Go to


Animal Sounds in Different Languages

Buzzfeed slide show (use as posters!)


Get them talking!


Have students start out by doing a quickwrite on technology in their life.  How do they use it?  Their family? How often? 

First show students the top half of the image and answer them questions: Where is the owner?  What is s/he doing?  How long will the dog be waiting? 

Then show students the bottom half of the image.   Ask them to compare and contrast the two images. 

Continue the discussion with the following image.  (To use the second image by itself, ask students to talk about a family time and what that means to them.)



Spanish MA Program at CSUSB to Offer New Track and Teaching Opportunities

The Spanish MA program at California State University, San Bernardino, is a 2-year program which offers recent graduates and professionals the possibility to continue their study and deepen their knowledge of the Spanish language and Hispanic literatures and cultures. The program is particularly well suited for high school teachers and others who wish to pursue a career in college/university teaching or who intend to enter a doctoral program.

In response to many requests, the Spanish MA program now features a Hispanic Applied Linguistics track, in addition to its Hispanic Literature, Linguistics, & Civilization track. Designed for Spanish teachers, translators, and bilingual professionals, the Hispanic Applied Linguistics track includes new courses, such as Translation Techniques, Spanish for the Professions, Spanish and Media, and Applied Spanish Grammar. The Spanish MA program on either track requires 45 units (29 units in core courses and 16 units in electives).

Students on either track are eligible to apply for our Teaching Associate positions, whereby they have the opportunity to teach first-year Spanish language university-level courses under the mentorship of a full-time professor. Teaching Associates also enroll in a professional development course, in which they prepare a teaching portfolio documenting their experiences and receive career guidance, if they wish to pursue a doctoral program or other options.

California State University, San Bernardino now also offers graduate-level certificate programs in Hispanic Literatures and Spanish Applied Linguistics. These certificates are designed for those students who wish to enroll in a credential or other graduate program at the university, but would also like to continue their Spanish studies. Certificates require 28 units (16 units of core courses and 12 units of electives).

Applications for the Spanish MA program are currently being accepted for Fall 2014. To apply you need an undergraduate degree in Spanish from an accredited institution, a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, and a minimum GPA of 3.0 in all Spanish classes.

Contact information: For more information about the Spanish MA program at CSUSB, please contact Prof. Jany at or (909) 537-7386.

Learn to Teach Art at the Louvre

Learn how to use art in your classroom and immerse yourself into the riches of the Louvre Museum. Join the Teachers at the Louvre program this summer in Paris (July, 21 -- Aug, 4 2014).


Dear Poly

Each month Poly responds to your questions.  Do you have a question for Poly?  Submit your question by filling in the form here.

Dear Poly,

I’m teaching AP and the students have been working so hard getting ready.  But once the test is over, what do I do with them?  We don’t need to work at the same intensity as before the exam, but I still want them to be engaged and learning.

AP in Ontario

Dear AP,

Every AP teacher has asked themselves this question.  There are tons of engaging and “less intense” activities students can do after the AP test.  Click here to see directions in Spanish for some of these projects:

  • Have a group of students plan out a perfect island
  • Ask students to tell and put together a story
  • Have students create a classroom yearbook based on things that have happened in class that year
  • Have students create a "last will and testament" leaving things to the level 3 students.
  • Have students create instructional videos for next year’s students giving them advice about how to be successful and giving them recommendations.

Wishing you a great end of the school year,


Do you have an After AP activity that you can share?  Send it to

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